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  • Interior design ideas for home entrance | Gurgaon | Gurugram


Simple or luxurious, classic or modern, Scandinavian or Minimalist. There are many styles and design methods to give the entrance to your home a distinctive look that suits your personal taste and preferences.

Just like the versatility of styles, there are also many pieces of furniture that can decorate the entrance to your home, so in this article today we focus on some suggestions for creating a wonderful entryway that is more organized and elegant.

  • Interior design ideas for home entrance

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Multi functional systems

Multi functional furniture systems are one of the most strategic resources available in our home. Even in the hallway, especially the small one, the presence of an item that contains not only shoes, accessories and clothes, but also ideal to enrich them with some decorative details, will make everyday life much easier.

Interior design ideas for home entrance

Creative mirror

Even the mirror will do its job without many extra benefits. Choose a creative one, with graffiti, embellishments, 3D effects on the surface or funky shapes, will make your hallway adorable, with little!

Hanging cabinets

Ready wall not only in the living room! With some coordinating wall cabinets installed on the wall behind the hallway, we can have a modern and eye-catching environment, but also practical and practical to keep accessories, things, clothes, etc.

Interior design ideas for home entrance | Gurgaon

Classic entrance

There is a well-established way to furnish the hallway with ease without doubt adding to a console table, to be chosen in materials, shape and size depending on the size and style of the house, and what you want to lean on, and then perfection with vases of flowers, mirrors and paintings. Essential ingredient? Small space to search for keys and other small items faster.

Talking walls

Colorful walls as well as written graphics and small prints will save energy and enhance the image of the hallway with its extreme simplicity. Thanks to the wall stickers that set in place and take off as you want; you can actually customize every angle (even the smallest) to ensure a unique visual effect. Another low-cost but still valid tool with which to denote a hallway is the panel, which dress one or more walls for a great contrast.