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Swimming pool design ideas and tips | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Swimming pools designs for contemporary homes

The idea of getting a swimming bath inside your house is an excellent idea for all members of the house young and old, because it is that the outlet that the family resort to within the summer to enjoy the fresh air and spend fun times or eat meals at the table overlooking that wonderful water pool, also as receive friends to enjoy Having tea and occasional within the fresh air, or relaxing after an extended and hard day and getting an excellent deal of comfort and pleasure besides it’s a gorgeous and stylish search for the house .

1- Designed for outdoors

This image appears as an adaptation of a Hollywood movie; this is often due to the sweetness and splendor of that style, because the swimming bath within the picture was designed to be within the outdoors within the courtyard of the house as an extension to the remainder of the inside corners of the house, so nearby there’s an open kitchen filled with lights that cast their light on the swimming bath to form it more beautiful and stylish.

2- Natural and warm appearance

The bathroom appeared warm and really beautiful because of the natural green plants also because the warm yellow lighting that was distributed within the corners surrounding the swimming bath to form these elements show the swimming bath a natural and integrated look.

3- Mediterranean style design

This swimming bath design was called the Mediterranean style design thanks to its reliance on white because the overall background of the toilet through the front of the house also because the floor surrounding the toilet itself, and therefore the pool floor was allocated in navy to reflect on the water pool water, all of which are colors derived from nature, and therefore the swimming bath was designed To be completely irregular and unconventional, adding tons of splendor and wonder thereto.

4- Swimming bath overlooking the balconies

There is little question that this bathroom won your admiration from the primary look, it’s adore a gorgeous painting, where the oblong bathroom appears within the backyard of the house to overlook the balconies of the house, and therefore the floor surrounding the swimming bath is meant to be made from dark brown wood to offer a sense of heat Distribute some chairs over the toilet to urge adequate relaxation if needed.

5- Fantasy swimming bath

When you see that picture, you are feeling that you simply are during a place that appears like paradise, as that place combined water, its charm, green views and its beauty, also because the elements of comfort and relaxation, for instance , we discover that a green grass belt was designed round the swimming bath with the utilization of the wooden floor for more warmth and wonder also because the use of some sun loungers All this wraps around a simple-looking pool where it appears as a transparent sheet of soda water when the sun’s rays fall thereon during the day.

6- a country swimming bath

The swimming bath within the picture isn’t widespread or common in those days, apart from a couple of that prefer the agricultural design, this water pool extends in terms of its shape and style to the country design that existed decades ago, thanks to the brilliant colors also because the natural rocks utilized in it and wood Surrounding.

7- A classic swimming bath

The design of this water pool is in line with the traditional homes of recent classic design thanks to the posh of design also because the used decorations and accessories, and this closed water swimming bath located inside one among the elegant homes features a simple appearance in terms of the oblong shape and therefore the reform the distribution of interior and exterior lights round the pool and the use of the ground and glossy marble walls.

Swimming pool design ideas and tips | Top interior designer firm


Small swimming bath models in your home

In the summer and with the temperatures warm, it’s an honest time to enjoy swimming and swimming. Many folks aren’t inclined to the thought of getting to public swimming pools, so fixing a swimming bath reception may be a wonderful and useful thing, because it gives you tons of options and freedom with tons of fun additionally to being a cheap solution also.

If the matter is within the small space, don’t worry, in today’s article, we’ll share with you a variety of small swimming pools and ponds, suitable for any patio, garden or maybe terrace which will offer you an equivalent enjoyment of huge pools. Does one doubt that? You’ll answer this question after watching those designs!

  1. Spa bathtub style white swimming bath

A small outdoor style pool that nearly looks between the spa bathtub and therefore the poolside look. Great and practical design to be near the dining area!

  1. Swimming bath with high edges!

An excellent idea to avoid large digging within the garden , you’ll simply install the pond directly on the garden floor.

  1. a soothing swimming bath

To relax within the summer, what does one consider a massage and obtain obviate the consequences of fatigue? This swimming bath can provide you with this refill, because of the cool area equipped with suitable furniture to relax after each day of labor.

  1. Metal swimming bath with waterfall, modern design

Notice the divisions and gradations inside the swimming bath with internal water sprays that help with massage and relaxation. Give your family a fantastic space for the wonderful summer days!

  1. A stone pool on the ground!

This design is suitable for a rustic house. a simple and economical design that required little or no digging into the bottom to repair the high ledges that made it an ideal pool. The classic blue mosaic within the interior makes it look even cooler!

  1. The inflatable pool !!

A very fun and economical idea, a pool that you simply can inflate with its own micro climate, and carry it anywhere. this concept could also be the most cost effective and easiest, and it’s also safe for your children!

  1. Modern swimming bath with fountains

The pool itself may be a great space, but have you ever imagined what it might appear as if with the fountains, as if it were a shower? A fun and beloved idea, because the sound of the water falling on the pool deck gives a sense of comfort and serenity!

  1. Pool on the corner with great lighting

The idea of investing in pool lighting is additionally some extent to think about. Notice how he gained new life through lighting!

  1. The pool combined with the terrace is on uneven ground

If the terrain is uneven and uneven, you’ll simply create a balcony with a structure as a deck, and cash in of the asymmetry to put in a pool or spa bath.

  1. The Greek Dream!

A Greek-style swimming bath with the ocean as a backdrop for a year-round dream vacation, which will amaze anyone. Enjoy the ocean view and make your home your very own resort!

Learn about different pool designs

  • Rectangular design: this is often the foremost popular design for pool designs, and it’s practical, and its shape is distinguished by that it’s 4 defined angles and sparkles with straight lines.
  • Curved design: Unlike the previous design, this design is predicated on curved lines that make the swimming bath unique, and this sort is suitable for little spaces.
  • Roman Design: This design is predicated on the features of Roman architecture in its design, and features a very attractive appearance.
  • Oval design: this sort requires tons of space to line up, so it’s less popular to use.
  • L-letter design: a bit like its name, it’s an L-shape and is additionally suitable for limited corners and spaces.

Swimming pool or pool? | | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Swimming pools are now a requirement of every modern home, especially if the house has a large garden that accommodates a swimming pool and a home garden. Often times we find a swimming pool or a large swimming pool attached to the house and is an important part of the design of the house in general, the swimming pool is It serves as an outlet for the whole family, as well as family and friends may gather around the pool for dinner or to have a barbecue party around it.

Do you want to create your own pool in your garden, but think that it will be expensive and needs a lot of space? Not necessarily, the possibility of creating it is not difficult; As for the cost, space and shape, these are all things that can be changed according to the available location and the desired design. So let’s take a look at how to implement it from start to finish.

What are the forms of swimming pools?

Swimming pools are diverse and of various designs and shapes, and differ in terms of construction style and equipment, only reinforced concrete was available in the design world in different forms, and with the development of the world of decoration new designs appeared. And different forms of swimming pools that you may want to have one of them in your home. What are the steps of swimming pool design?

First step: design

This is the first step of implementation, which is the engineering drawing according to the required spaces and final shape, so you should seek help from specialists for the design  . The pre-design is of particular importance in imagining the landscape and making adjustments to it before starting work, and the electronic software greatly facilitated this step. As we mentioned earlier, one of the most important factors for the success of the pool is that the structure has a strong structure, but before establishing the infrastructure, you must determine the location of the pool and its ideal dimensions in relation to the garden area, and then define the frame on the ground with wooden planks.

After determining the location and area of ​​the swimming pool, we start with the stage of establishing the structure, with the help of a study by a specialized civil engineer. Rebar must be signed in the necessary quantities, whose role is to strengthen the concrete structure.

The second step: water pipes and concrete pouring

In the second step, you must make sure of all the connections necessary to pump water into the pool and discharge it from it. And all these connections are inserted under the ground during the drilling step, they do not usually appear in this way, but only at the beginning. The foundation stage is followed by a very important step, which is pouring concrete, which is a critical stage and the most dangerous of them is if it is done inaccurately, as there is no return after it without huge losses. And the method of pouring is professional, and then we must not forget the importance of putting an insulating material to protect the concrete from the pool water.

Step Three: Preview

Then comes the third step, which is to inspect the place on the ground, raise the dimensions and determine the desired location for the swimming pool. Then we start digging at the required height, so that the pool is deep, medium or low depth to suit children. And after drilling, we start installing the ceramic pieces in the preferred color.

Step Four: Decorate

After completing the basic construction steps, we decorate the swimming pool as we like. In this model we note the following: First, choose where the swimming pool was in the corner due to the small park area, but this is also the place gave the privacy of enjoying the water because Many wall, if encounter high outside of the building wall of the garden will not be able to stand on it to see the swim easily. Secondly, all these little trees will grow up in a short time to complete the joyful view and add shade to the garden. Third, the choice of these simple stones fits with the idea of ​​an easy pool. And this motor, which pumps water and moves it, gave a beautiful and easy-to-implement end result.

What are the pool design ideas?

Wooden floor

Recently, the wooden floor of the front porch spread in the garden and around the pool, it gives a more natural, comfortable and elegant view. We note that the water pumps are vertical and not horizontal, as it is a small fountain and gave a beautiful effect on the general view.

Tiles or ceramics

Choosing tiles and cladding for walls and floors of the pool is the first and most important stage of aesthetic touches, and it is possible to reach your favorite character through the appropriate color and material until you reach, and the diversity between the items is endless.


This is an additional idea that is also simple to implement, which is the implementation of some steps in the pool, it may take this shape or it can be semi-circular as desired. It gives a different shape and is suitable for family homes and children.


Lighting is an important factor for the pool, especially for a fun evening! And to add aesthetic touches to the garden or the pool. As the swimming pool lights give beautiful effects by reflecting from under the water and overlapping with the color of the pool paint, which is often blue. Also, modern technology now provides a lot of LED lights that can be changed colors very easily and through remote control.

Pay attention to the different levels

There is no doubt that finding a swimming pool in the garden will cause some changes by the levels of the garden relative to the house and the surroundings of the pool, you do not need to worry about this, and all you have to do is treat these different levels with some simple degrees, and we assure you that the result will be great.

Design a shaded area

Enjoying all the elements of nature through the garden of your home is undoubtedly wonderful, but we must not forget the climate variables and not let such changes hinder your ability to enjoy such beautiful scenes of swimming pool and plants, so allocate a covered part in your garden to protect you from the scorching sun rays in summer It is heavy rain in winter.

Swimming pool construction | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Questions to help you prepare thoroughly for swimming pool construction

Here are some suggested questions so that you can plan in detail for the construction of your dream swimming pool:

What are the shape, location, area, and structure of the pool to match the scene of the house?

Want to build a traditional pool or have a smart design included?

What are your concerns and priorities when choosing pool construction equipment: performance, price, quality, or brand…?

When is the right time to build a swimming pool? This should be the time when the weather is nice and you have quite a bit of time to supervise the construction.

Want to decorate the pool like? What type of tile is right for your liking?

Water supply, water treatment and swimming pool care?

Is the swimming pool safe enough?

If you still have doubts, the design and construction experts will always be there to assist you.

1. What are the shape, location, area, and structure of the pool to match the scene of the house?

Swimming pools have many shapes today such as round, oval, oval… Some pools are square and polygonal. Usually pools with sharp edges are not recommended because they look like an arrow pointing towards your home which is not good. If your pool design must be polygonal, then place the potted plants in the corners of the pool to reduce the sharpness of the edges.

If the pool is too big for the house, it can squeeze the air and bring bad energy to the house. Therefore, build a pool with a small area suitable for the area of ​​​​the house.

At the same time, to welcome luck from the pool, which is a symbol of fortune, you should open a door from the pool to the house. The swimming pool is best placed in the garden area. However, they should not be placed too close to the house because it can affect the health or luck of family members, the best distance is 3m.

The swimming pool should be built in the East or Southeast direction. You should also not put the swimming pool on the terrace because this is the position that makes you feel weighed down when living in the house.

2. Want to build a traditional pool or have a smart design included?

There are 3 common pool materials and depending on your own conditions, you can choose the right one:

Lake made of fiberglass (fiberglass)

Fiberglass pools prevent algae growth and reduce the amount of chemical disinfectants for the aquarium. Quick installation in only about 5 weeks and less maintenance or repair. However, their cost is quite high and the design shape is quite limited.

Specialized plastic liner (vinyl liner)

Low cost, easy to design, limit algae growth, safe for health, but conversely, this type of lake is more easily damaged.

Concrete swimming pool

This is the most popular, the most durable, and the most comfortable design variety. However, with this pool, you should regularly clean them. If you design a swimming pool with water that is too calm like stagnant water, it is not good. This can mean stagnation in your life. So create the effect of crashing waves to look like the water is moving towards you or add a small stream of water that always pours into the lake is best. Accordingly, you design so that the water seems to be flowing towards the house.

  1. What are your concerns and priorities when choosing pool construction equipment: performance, price, quality, or brand…?

It will be difficult for you to know how much you will spend for a swimming pool like that. You will know relatively when you have discussed with the contractor.

4. When is the right time to build a swimming pool?

This should be the time when the weather is nice and you have quite a bit of time to supervise the construction. Some people think that swimming pools will be expensive in the summer and in winter they will be cheaper because people no longer need them to cool off. However, we forget that the cost of materials, transportation, electricity and water do not depend on the weather and they tend to increase as time goes by. Don’t build seasonal swimming pools.

5. Water supply, water treatment and swimming pool care?

Pool overflow gutter: Water escaping into the overflow ditch will flow to the balance pool. From this balance pool when the water reaches a predetermined low level, a control valve will be activated allowing the water to flow to the pump to be pumped back through the sand filter back up into the pool. This is a circulating filtration system that will maintain the water level in the pool, compensating for the water escaping from the pool.

Pool with water inlet: Water exits the water inlet when the water reaches a predetermined level, a control valve will be activated allowing water to flow to the pump to be pumped back through the sand filter and up into the pool. This is a circulating filtration system that will maintain the water level in the pool, compensating for the water escaping from the pool.

Pools without pipes: Simple installation (only one power source is needed to form the pool) the water filtration feature is not good, only applicable to small electric pools, no corners, no winding. The water level is lower than the lake wall, easy to choke due to wave reflection, unsightly and noisy due to the water purifier on the lake wall Electrically unsafe because the water purifier is placed right on the lake wall Water will overflow on the floor when jumping into the lake swimming, or heavy rain Can’t install more equipment such as lights, hot water … when you need it

6. Is the swimming pool safe enough?

You should design barriers around the pool to prevent children from falling into the pool and should build different water levels so that children have a suitable “playground”. If necessary, you should also build partitions at depths that are dangerous for children.

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