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Fitted kitchens

There is a lot of information to be found in the field of kitchens and everything that comes with it. Not surprising, of course, because there is such a huge variation in that area. And if you consider that the kitchen is the heart of your home, the story becomes even more logical. In this case, we want to focus on fitted kitchens. Especially if installing a separate kitchen unit is not an option for you, then you can certainly do something with fitted kitchens. So take all the information in and take it easy and who knows what you will eventually do with it!

What is a fitted kitchen and how can I install one?

A fitted kitchen is a type of kitchen that is supplied as a complete construction. Often it is a construction that is not completely anchored and suspended from the walls. In fact, it is simply a large construction kit that is built in a room and that is connected to the existing pipes. This is an ideal solution, especially in smaller spaces, and you can quite easily combine a small fitted kitchen with a dining room.

  • Measure the space carefully, think about the style and order a kitchen.


  • Check if the package is complete after delivery.


  • Install the package according to any instructions supplied.


  • Look up a good manual or instructional film online


  • Follow all necessary steps.


  • Think carefully about safety during the work!


The pros and cons of fitted kitchens


Fitted kitchens have many advantages. But it would also be a bit bland not to mention the drawbacks. That is why we have made an overview for that purpose.



  • Simple to install and relatively easy to adapt in the future.


  • It is a beautiful visually integrated whole.


  • You can choose a combination of a hob and oven. These can be two separate parts, so you don’t need a complete stove with oven.


  • It is a beautiful complete whole, both practical and aesthetic.


  • Available in many designs, colors and styles.


  • Built-in appliances save a lot of space!



  • The production costs are somewhat higher than with a composite kitchen.


  • Due to the complete nature of the unit, repairs may be somewhat more difficult to perform in the future.


  • Changing the built-in appliances is more difficult.


Adjusting and expanding is less easy than with a composite kitchen


What materials can you think of with fitted kitchens and how much do they cost?


With fitted kitchens you can think of different materials from which the whole is built. This applies to the kitchen cabinets and the frame, but also, for example, to the countertop. You can of course make it as expensive as you want. It is in any case very important that you have a good idea of ​​your budget before you start on such a project.

Always take that generously so that you do not get into financial problems too quickly if it will cost just a little more money. But to go back to the materials: let’s see roughly what you pay for something like this. Melamine is a relatively cheap form of plastic that can be used for cupboards. Do you want to keep that a bit simple and combine it with a metal counter top?

Kitchen and dining room

Are you planning to turn your new kitchen into a dining room right away? Then think about beautiful combinations that you can make with a fitted kitchen. Take a look at that as well, because there are very nice variants where the dining area is part of the kitchen construction. And how about a kitchen island that is also a bar and dining table? That’s not a bad idea to think about! But also looking for loose furniture in your fitted kitchen is of course not a bad idea. If you are going to stick to the same theme then that should certainly not be a problem.

Think about the cabinets!

Before you make the choice for a fitted kitchen, it is also wise to think about the amount of cabinets you want. A larger refrigerator or other built-in appliances comes at the expense of cupboard space. So take a good look at this too! And besides, it should probably be fine with that kitchen of yours.


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