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Wall interior filling the empty wall

What are some ways to decorate an empty wall beautifully? You can fill the wall with pictures to fill the surplus large wall, picture frames, or point wallpaper, or you can decorate it by matching large-sized furniture. So, various accessories for walls such as paintings and picture frames are essential for wall interiors. However, in the case of a painting, the meaning of the artwork changes depending on how it is hung, and it can create a different atmosphere in the house, so it is important to choose carefully.

There are many different ways to decorate a wall with photos and drawings to give points. Depending on the basic wall interior, it can be matched in a variety of ways, from painting works to graphic design, illustration, and typography. Also, if the wallpaper is selected in a colorful color or pattern, it is better to refrain from using accessories or to give a sense of unity with the same tone or color. First of all, it can be freely matched in a variety of ways because it goes well with any accessories in the basic white interior.

If you want to know what kinds of wall interiors fill empty walls, pay attention to today’s article.

Fill the living room wall with cabinets

With the styling, it was directed as a book cafe-like house. It is a living room that has been reborn as a space where you can read books, drink tea, and have many conversations at home. Referring to the styling of the study or book cafe, which is often used in living rooms these days, I made long storage cabinets on both sides of the wall, and put shelves between the cabinets to create space to store various accessories on the empty wall. The interior of the cabinet, which can sometimes look stuffy and heavy, is changed a little differently to give coolness and fill the empty wall to create a rich living room interior.

Wall interior with simple lighting and point mural wallpaper

There are various types of wallpaper, from a soft and soft feeling to a strong style, so if you give a point to each space with the selected wallpaper, you can make the wall interior as sensuous as any other accessory. There are two types of wallpaper: silk wallpaper (PVC wallpaper), which is generally used the most, and laminated wallpaper, which has been embossed and printed with two sheets of paper. . Finally, there is a mural wallpaper that looks like a large picture is printed, which is effective for the interior.

The interior using mural wallpaper in the dining room that balances the modern black and white in the photo  . This mural wallpaper, which naturally draws the appearance of a cafe with a black pen, goes well with simple lighting, making it an attractive point in a minimalist space. Illustrated wallpaper with natural lines in the interior, which may seem monotonous and boring, creates a sensual space and enriches the space unlike ordinary colorful wallpaper.

Simple point wallpaper sticker

I chose a clean white color for the entire wall and painted a picture with black points on it. In the place where small leaves bloom on the branches, small birds are playing, and this wallpaper is made as a bedroom space with a story. On the wall, an abstract painting depicting the feeling of nature was hung on the wall to create a naturally unified interior. The combination of black and white creates a modern look, while using point colors and wallpaper to create a lovely bedroom.

Framed wall interior

A wall interior with a variety of colors and frames that stand out as if you were looking at a collection of frames. On the brown wall, which is the point color, various picture frames containing the owner’s taste were mixed and matched to fill the empty wall. Various sizes and frames are available to create a colorful space, and a dark brown color matching the frame was applied to the wall to harmonize with the frame. Rather, the interior, which would have been boring if it was matched with white color, was newly created by changing the wallpaper.

Wall interior decorated with colorful wallpaper and accessories

A unique interior decorated with colorful wallpaper for the study. In a hard and heavy space called the study room, colorful flower point wallpaper was widely painted on the wall and accessories were hung to create a harmonious and stylish look. The dark-colored furniture used to fit the space of the study and the wallpaper that harmonizes with it are not excessive at all, making it a stylish study. With just one wallpaper point, it becomes a point on a boring wall, so it is not boring or plain at all on the wall. A storage cabinet was installed on one wall to accommodate a wide variety of books.

A wall decorated with interesting point wallpaper

A sensuous interior was completed by using a fun point wallpaper that gives the illusion that various books are stored on the white wallA black chalkboard that goes well with the unique point wallpaper was hung between them to create a space where you can take notes freely, and a fireplace was built below it to create a wall full of space without being bored. In a modern and simple interior, furniture and accessories were matched as little as possible, and instead, the space was enriched with the point wallpaper used on the wall.

Dining room & kitchen decorated with props that match the wall filled with bricks

The dining room and kitchen are finished with red brick finish to create a natural and unique space. The wall was filled with storage space with a storage method that seemed to match the unique finishing materials. Kitchen furniture was neatly organized and stored in a row by simply attaching shelves or storage cabinets. In various colors and sizes, kitchen utensils also played a role as props to decorate the boring wall, and beside the window, unique lighting and illustration frames were attached to create a unique space. 

Wall decorated with unique storage cabinets

A unique storage cabinet stands out against the pale blue-tone wall. Unlike general cabinets, choose products that have a sense of formative beauty and add fun to the wall. Because the size of the cabinet is different, it can be matched not only with books, but also with small items and pictures, so it is fun to store. Even if you choose one cabinet like this, if you choose a product with a unique design, you can get a decorative effect as well as storage.

A wall with two charms

The interior of the dining area has a unique atmosphere with walls decorated with two charms. On one wall, black mural wallpaper is used, giving the impression of being freely sketched on a black chalkboard with white chalk. The rough sketchy feel creates a natural atmosphere. On the other wall facing the other side, white wallpaper that contrasts with black is used, and cute flowerpots are freely hanging on it. The wall, which boasts two different charms, matches the whole interior in a natural and harmonious way because the interior material is mostly wood.

Wall finished with point tiles

The walls are finished with unique tiles used to accentuate the dining room. If you look closely, each has a different pattern and color, but if you choose a pattern and color with a sense of unity, it gives the impression of a painting from a distance. It goes well with the whole white interior, and a white shelf is placed on the tile wall to display picture frames of various sizes. Exotic and individualistic feeling is well expressed with one tile, making it a good point on the empty wall.

How to choose the best lighting for your bedroom | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Lighting in the bedroom can set the mood for the entire bedroom, so choosing the right kind of lighting is essential. The best bedroom lamp for you depends on your taste. You may want a lamp to match your bedroom furniture, or you may need a light that will provide plenty of light for reading . Go through this article and get some ideas before deciding which lights to buy.

Different bedroom lights

Bedside lights come in many types and styles. A metal lamp with a narrow floor is perfect for a small bedside table or when you need more surface area for books, cups, watches, and magnifying glasses. A wider lamp with multiple bulbs provides more overall lighting. The material that goes into the lamp indicates the robustness of the lamp. Consider several designs and choose the one that suits your taste.

Harmony with the bedroom

The color of the bedroom lighting should match the rest of the bedroom. If your bedroom set has darker or stained wood, consider dark colored lamps. If the bedroom set is white, you can match the lamp and the bedding in contrast to the color of the night table. Materials of the same color can also be matched.

Light shade design

Different lamp shades form different lighting effects. A glass lampshade glows with a brighter light from underneath the lamp, while a lampshade with a wide opening at the top brightens the area above the bedside table and reduces shadows. A directional shade suitable for reading lights narrows the light to a specific area.

The material and color of the shade will affect the lighting effect. Darker lamp shades mute the light coming from the side of the lamp, but focus the light up and down. Metal lampshades are completely opaque, and if they have one side, either under or above the lamp will brighten, but not both. A creamy sheer shade softens the light around the table for a romantic feel.

Illuminance selection

The brightness of the light from a lamp or other type of light source helps determine the lighting effect. In addition to the right kind of lampshade, you can use a variety of bulbs to get a brighter light. Compact fluorescent bulbs are brighter than traditional incandescent bulbs, but soft white bulbs are more muted because the outer glass reduces the intensity of the bulb’s interior. Check the lumen rating in the bulb specifications and do not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended wattage for the lamp.

Perfect style

The style of your bedroom plays an important role in deciding what type of bedside lamp you want, whether you want a Victorian, Baroque, Rustic, Country or Art Deco lamp. Country and rustic furniture is usually made of wood, while Victorian and Baroque furniture is made of metal. The modern style comes from the latest trends in interior decoration. Interior designers advise that the lighting should match and harmonize with the decor of the rest of the room.


Dream wall | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Although the wall occupies a large part of the house, it is also the part that does not pay much attention to the interior when compared to the furniture and other accessories throughout the house. However , it can be seen that the air and atmosphere of the house change 180 degrees when the wallpaper is changed according to the season or mood than when one piece of furniture is changed.

It is good to give points to the wall with various accessories such as picture frames, shelves, vases or lamps, but how about trying a different change of space with wallpaper itself? It is also nice to create a space with an identity by making changes to the wall, but it would be great if it was pleasant and comfortable to breathe in the space surrounded by wallpaper made of eco-friendly materials. When the existing interior becomes boring, it is easy to change the mood by using the point wallpaper that can be easily decorated by itself, or to create a new interior in consideration of the taste of the time in the children’s room where they grow physically and mentally quickly.

If you prefer photography to illustration or patterns, it would be good to use a wallpaper with a real image to create the atmosphere of the actual place. The material is not limited to paper, and wallpaper can be selected from tiles, linen, wool, and plaster. A single piece of sensual wallpaper can complete the interior full of personality.

An attempt to create an imaginary space where one can dream of meeting another reality through a unique identity and story, beyond the concept of just wallpaper covering a gray wall, breaks the common sense of the various senses and materials of wallpaper makers. , starting from the patterns. Then, through, let’s meet different walls that are unique and full of unique charm.

A visit that became one with the wall

COLE AND SON , based in England, is a wallpaper company with a long history that started as a publishing business in 1875, so it maintains a classic design that is reliable and introduces various and quirky designs. This product, covered not only the walls but also the entire door with a pattern with a complex image of nature, but without feeling stuffy, like a wonderland into which another jumped when the door knob was turned and opened, a world that could not have been imagined.

Even the mystery that seems to come out makes you hear it. The idea of ​​reinterpreting the space by using it on the door beyond the stereotype of applying wallpaper to the wall is also impressive. The door handle also has a unique shape that matches the candlestick decoration on the wall, and becomes a point of the wall space extended by the door. In addition, the contrast between the turquoise in the room and the vermilion in the hallway is excellent, creating an attractive tone that is lively and elegant and not boring.

Eco-friendly wall made in 3D

The three-dimensionally protruding images are of one monotonous color, but they also provide visual diversity that looks different depending on the effect of shading of light, making the room diverse and comfortable. Depending on the direction of light entering the room in the morning and evening, the effect of making the wall look new every time is obtained as an added bonus. Since it is made of 100% eco-friendly organic gypsum with no added chemicals, it is placed in the children’s room so that children can feel safe even when they touch and play like a toy, adding a playful function.

It can be used with confidence and peace of mind, not only in children’s rooms, but also in any space in the home. It has the advantage of being able to create an indoor atmosphere not only at home, but also in offices, restaurants, hotels, and other places with a unique and highly useful design.

Tiled vintage wall

This time it’s tiles. However, it is not just a tile, but the turquoise color that has been peeled off in every corner is a particularly eye-catching tile, which was inspired by a chess game that started as a royal game, emphasized time and realism by mixing stripped tiles in the middle of an ensemble of white, turquoise, and black tiles. . With the philosophy that wallpaper has always existed for walls, regardless of age and design, Above all, the biggest advantage of this product is that it can be cleaned shiny with a towel dampened with water at any time. It would be interesting to imagine the glamorous days of Spain while cleaning the walls.

Repetitive but soft wall

The pattern, which is modeled after a four-leaf clover, a symbol of heaven and good luck, is repetitive, but the classic molding adds a three-dimensional effect and protrudes without being boring, creating the beauty of the subtle wall. The materials baked with earth have a rough texture, but also evoke an emotion that evokes a sense of comfort. White columns were placed between the tiled walls, one by one, as a point that was not boring.

Wall with old maps made of natural materials

Even in today’s era where smartphones and GPS lead people’s hands and feet, old maps still make the heart pound. These maps attract the viewer’s attention with the houses, roads, bridges and borders drawn one by one by hand rather than topographical accuracy. made this product modeled after a map drawn by hand in the 1600s, and you can feel the vintage, yet hand-drawn taste of every detail.

Natural materials such as linen, wool and leather meet the faded map, adding to the vintage and serene style. It is also a good idea to arrange the lines of light coming down from the ceiling to blend together on the wall like a drawing. A white bed and a vintage suitcase placed on the wall are reminiscent of a time traveler’s room.

Wall with photorealistic images

Why not decorate the wall with photorealistic images? Two-tone wood gives a sense of depth, and a wall fills one side of the living room, giving you the feeling that you are actually sitting in a forest. The natural color that gives psychological stability and the image of the forest provide comfort, making it a wall decoration suitable for residential and commercial facilities. The natural wood texture that occupies the top and bottom of the wall blends with the smooth plane of the photorealistic image to bring life to the interior that might otherwise look plain. The effect of creating the illusion that there is a forest when looking out through the window is impressive.

Point wallpaper

The interior of a space that has been used for a long time can sometimes become boring. In that case, it is a good idea to use point wallpaper that is easy to attach and detach and can be self-decorated. In particular, in the case of a children’s room, it is good to decorate the interior in consideration of the taste and age of the child that changes rapidly as they grow mentally and physically. There are advantages that can be You can create one theme and decorate the wall according to it. Even if you change the point wallpaper, you can get the efficiency of making the space look significantly different at the same time.

Use of dots

The polka dot pattern is a classic pattern that is loved because it is lovely and timeless. Wouldn’t it be a good tip for a trendy interior to use these polka dots on the wall? The soft, and it creates a popping atmosphere by placing it on a shelf as shown in the picture or matching it well with various objects. Let’s decorate the wall to your heart’s content by adding decorations that fit your personal taste and personality, like an achromatic canvas with a dot pattern as a background.

Striped wallpaper

Stripe is a pattern that is consistently loved by people of all ages and genders as much as the polka dot pattern. Striped wallpaper can create a simple yet sophisticated feel with a visual effect that makes a space look taller or wider. Also, it is used as an item that catches the eye by giving a point to a plain wall.

Like the striped wallpaper in the photo, the stripes contrasting Prussian blue and white create a feeling of lightness and timelessness. It is also a good way to try an edgy interior with a cool stripe like this. Frames, lighting, and chests of drawers can be a distracting interior, but the wallpaper supports the objects used together and maintains the balance. It would be a good tip to use stripes that harmonize with other interiors and enhance the attractiveness of the space without being flashy.

Illustrations that inspire imagination

If you use the illustration wallpaper of a pop of color in your child’s room, it will help to increase the child’s visual imagination. It is interesting to see the sense of arranging objects together by contrasting the pastel-tone wallpaper reminiscent of ice cream with the wall color of the shelf made by excavating the original wall. 

The creative interior of the wall, which looks like a page from a children’s book, is an item that can present a pleasant space that stimulates the emotions of not only children but also adults. If you want to see more wallpaper interiors that change the atmosphere of a space using various patterns and textures.

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