Discover Art Deco interior styles

Discover Art Decor interior styles

Decorating in an Art Decor style means embracing the era that was popular in America and Europe in the 1920s and 1930s. It stands in stark contrast to its earlier, more minimalist, nature-inspired Art.

Like Art, Art Decor has influenced all areas of decorative arts, from interior design to fashion and automotive design. While emphasizing modernity and machinery, we considered elegance and functionality at the same time. Art Decor has survived the roar of the 20s, the panic of the 30s, and the global conflict that engulfed the 40s. It finally didn’t become popular in the 50’s and was replaced with a streamlined look in a mid-century modern style. Art Decor is now experiencing a revival with works of the period and replicas of this iconic style. If you want to add a little Art Decor flair to your living space, pay attention to today’s article.

Art Decor Features

Bold, fluid and symmetrical motifs, patterns and Art Decor themes symbolize technological advances in industries that have changed the country, from transportation to architecture. Geometric, linear and angular forms are the hallmarks of Art Decor design. The appearance does not show fuss or romance, it is strong and bold.

Art decor material

Certain materials define Art Decor designs. For example, the generous use of gold and steel in Art Decor architecture, furniture and accessories paid tribute to the wealth created by the new industry at the time. The categories of materials used in the Art Decor era include:

Luxury upholstery fabrics for headboards and seats, such as ivory, velvet and zebra leather

Stainless steel, mirror and chrome, glass and lacquer used as furniture and accessory materials

Expensive materials for luxury furniture and accessories such as ebony, zebra wood and marble.

Art decor style elements

According to Interior Designers , the Art Decor style was to attach great significance to interior decoration and home architecture. Combining Art Decor with other styles is possible if you like Art Decor and want to surround yourself with one or two pieces of artwork from that era. For example, incorporating an Art Decor-inspired curved or mirrored piece into a room with traditional furnishings can add visual interest and unique flavor to the decor.

Art decor lighting

One of the easiest and most eye-catching ways to bring Art Decor home is to use the lighting that probably characterizes its era. The lighting fixtures of the era are famous for their geometric and symmetrical patterns.

Art decor fabric

In addition to sharkskin and zebra skins, Art Decor-inspired upholstery includes velvet and leather. Excessively feminine floral prints or definitely masculine plaids are not considered part of the Art Decor decor. Instead , lean on solid colors or fabrics in geometric designs . Upholstered furniture with solid, contrasting color blocks is also considered an Art Decor design.