Creative ways to divide space without walls

Creative ways to divide space without walls | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi

Walls are not the only way to divide spaces, creating separate spaces, each of which is its own specific.. There are actually various alternatives available to us from classic cubicles and closet in the middle of the room to green walls  and other original structures, you’ll be spoiled for choice.. Then scroll down with Our experts’ suggestions and discover 7 innovative ways to divide spaces without walls.. offers you 7 ideas that you can get one of them to make them more comfortable and practical environments for our homes.

1. Separator of natural materials

Formed by branches perfect for creating privacy without restricting light, this composition looks perfect for a small room like a bathroom, and is suitable for any style from rustic to modern, to Scandinavian.

2. Wooden art installation to organize spaces

And if the idea of ​​a wooden partition is to your liking, we can take inspiration from this design to create a partition and install it artistically to separate the spaces.. We also see a simple building idea, but it has a great impact, so that it can be the perfect solution for organizing living spaces and perhaps as a small workspace and Giving privacy to the entrance.

3. Glass shelves allow light to pass through

Shelves are a great way to divide and organize environments and also extract space value. And do not limit the passage of light, however, the advice to bet on open structures or glass, such as the one proposed in this design seems a very modern solution and is widely used by interior designers to separate spaces from each other.

4. Curtains to create a romantic atmosphere

If what we need is to divide the space only when necessary, curtains are definitely the right solution for us, we can choose the right color and fabric for our home style, so with a few simple steps you will get the privacy you want, as well as the romantic atmosphere and great charm.

5. Why not use a hammock!

If we try to use an unconventional idea to organize different functional areas of an open space, why not hang a simple hammock? For example, we can take a cue from this suggestion, and use the swing for fun, and we can also thus add a nice touch to the walls, in addition to separating the different functional areas, while also providing room for sitting.

6. Green wall to add a touch of color

We prefer the green wall divider.. It may use a vertical planting wall, to be used in dividing the room, for example it looks elegant for the hallway or the dining room. It will help add a charming green touch to our home.

7. There is no limit to imagination

When it comes to space zoning, there are no limits to imagination! Let’s consider, for example, that this proposal is large rolls of cardboard, which makes them ideal to also be used as storage shelves.



Your house is your haven. It’s the place where you relax and where you share reflections of your personality and elegance.

While each room has its function, it should even be an area that’s appealing and cozy. Does your space cause you to happy? Is your interior design comfortable? Do guests compliment your style?

If your answer is “no” to any or all of those, you’ll be in need of an area makeover. To assist determine this; consider the subsequent nearly as good indicators.


The minimalist look is great when designed mindfully with interesting furniture and delightful accents. If that’s not your intended style, rethink the utilization of your walls. Bare walls can feel cold and empty.

An accent paint color or wall coverings is a simple thanks to dress your walls. Framed photography or a special work of art gives your room a singular quality feeling warm, lived in.


Clutter is an interior’s bacteria. Before you recognize it, it takes over. If you can’t see your armchair because it’s getting used as a closet or the console in your entry looks worse than your desk, it’s time to seem at organizational items like shelves, baskets, and trays which will greatly reduce clutter and enhance space. Organized but still feeling cramped?

Taking a glance at your furniture pieces and their layout is additionally helpful. Sometimes it’s an easy spatial shift that creates all the difference. Try different combinations or have knowledgeable designer come up with solutions.


An area Lighting are often a difficult thing. You’d think that you’d simply activate the switch and you’re set. But, some lighting designs are ineffective making it too dark to try to tasks, often requiring an uncomfortable amount of lamps. Others ignore the charm of ambient lighting and go straight for brightness which will provides a room a chilly feeling.

An honest lighting plan is one that addresses all kinds of lighting (ambient, task, accent) and offers varied sources (table, floor, and pendant, recessed).


The best indicator for your home needing a makeover is how it makes people feel. If you’d preferably be out than home or your guests would choose a bedroom over your spare room, there’s a true chance your space could use some changes.

Using a number of the above tips can help transform your room into an area that’s comfortable, beautiful, and galvanizing.

Broadcasts about food and cooking, which used to appear when you turn on TV, are now moving to decorating your home and decorating your own room. Interest and effort not only in eating well, but in how to decorate and have a good time in my own space, are starting to stand out. In a consumer-oriented society, they want to find a comfortable rest at home and invest their time in their own space. However, interior design that requires a lot of money is difficult for beginners who have just started social life or for students living alone. Today, I would like to introduce an interior method that can have a great effect with a small amount of money. There is a way to change the atmosphere of a room with a small amount of money and one’s own effort without investing a lot of money. Let’s learn various ways together and try small things first.