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There are many decorative elements and touches that seamlessly transform your home into a classic or classic style.. Here in this article we will show you through a collection of photos of the best designer projects , the most prominent of these touches: light pastel colors, decorative columns and ceilings, Greek and Roman accessories, Heavy curtains, crystal chandeliers, silver candelabra, and much more.. Let’s start our tour now and hope it inspires you.

1- Marble .. an essential choice for a classic bathroom

Marble is an essential option for a classic look in your home bathroom, whether it is applied to the floor and walls together, or just one of them.

2- Soft silk fabrics

One of the best decorative elements that make your bedroom in a classic style is the use of satin, silk, or velor fabrics.. Each of them gives your room luxury and sophistication, and do not forget to add a luxurious chandelier like this flawless one.

3- Bends and columns in the design of kitchen and cabinets

The classic, subtle structural features of this kitchen give it a strong character.. from the columns supporting the island table, to the curved window design near the ceiling, to the shape of the cabinets themselves and other interesting details.

4- Curtains of organza, velvet or velor

Make sure when choosing curtains for your home in a classic style, to buy curtains with fabrics that suit this decorative style, most notably: organza, velvet, silk and velor. As for coordinating the curtains in line with this pattern, you have to raise them to the right and left and fix them to the walls, as is the case in the picture presented before us.

5- Wallpaper with golden patterns

To also tend your bedroom to the classics, you should have a wonderful wallpaper like this with a velvety gold pattern to cover the background of the bed, so the room becomes elegant with the luxury of palaces!

6- Elegant classic accessories

Watch this corner with us and its amazing framed mirror! As well as the table with its curves and its striking luster, and it cannot be neglected the elegance of the lampshades and the vase, not even the ceiling of the room.

7- Huge pillows

With comfortable sofas with huge pillows in bright colors, a warm chandelier, and plenty of storage space.. you can have a classic living room that is perfect for your modern family.

8- Dark colors and thick textures

Dark colors can also take us into the classic style.. and other touches like the use of thick fabric on the chairs, valuable curtains, paintings on the walls, and lots of fun lighting.

9- Luxurious and warm chandelier

10- Big Furniture

Do you see the huge furniture placed in the far right of the room? Isn’t it gorgeous with its massiveness and excessive elegance…

11- Carpet with many patterns

Finally, to get a classic look for your home, you can buy one or two rugs – depending on the space – with intertwined and colorful patterns like this one, preferably with golden furniture like the salon shown here.

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