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The appropriate lighting for the living room adds to it an important aspect that we may overlook and care about other components such as furniture, carpets and wall paint, but in fact, the lighting in itself is what will highlight all these components, and if they are chosen poorly, it will be difficult to feel any aesthetic aspects in the  room Especially if it is small in size, which will complicate the issue, today we will explain to us some important points that tell us the correct way to light up your living room.

1- Equal lighting and connected light houses

Choosing equal lighting in all parts of the room helps your living room square and closed with four walls, such as a square or a rectangle on all sides, and it helps to illuminate the entire room without increasing the need and harming that closed space by more than required, note the shape and level of light in Gypsum, specifically in the light houses surrounding the ceiling, and thus the lighting was accurately distributed throughout, which showed the room in a balanced way.

2- Practical and inexpensive directional lighting

In large areas, you can use lamps that can be directed, such as those lamps installed on a metal chassis in the ceiling, and due to the spaciousness of the space, we cannot direct the light on a specific area or direction, but for each part an equal amount of light, and this solution is considered one of the practical and time-saving solutions same

3- Ceiling-lit pieces that cover a large area

There is a quality suitable for a large area, which is the illuminated ceilings, which are houses of light covered with acrylic or frosted glass on the ceiling, and they appear as if they are all luminous in a strong way from above the room and its advantage is that it covers a large area of ​​the rooms without being affected by the strength or intensity of the light.

4- One chandelier may suffice

In the small spaces of the living rooms, you can use one level of light without problems, and this is by using a medium chandelier for the ceiling of the room and allowing the passage of light to the rest of the room, which you will feel once it is lit. To avoid any problems with darkness and similar lighting problems, try to Light-colored furniture is used to ensure a wonderful interaction with any amount of light, even if it is less than required.

5- Houses of intermittent spotlights

In small spaces, we may also be satisfied with spots buried in plaster around the room intermittently to get the intensity of lighting we aspire to, especially since the design does not require a stronger amount than that due to its neutrality and romantic style that appears in the rest of the details between the gray furniture and the hottest colors of the frame in the center of the wall main room.

6- The splendor of designing the spots in a way that is visible as stars

Recurring and buried in the ceiling spotlights, but a phenomenon that is considered a modern solution to lighting a large and sprawling living room, this method allows you to cover a large area and simulate the stars of the sky in the ceiling of your room in a very interesting way.

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