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Great ways to cover a shower area

The bathroom is one of our favorite areas of the house. We recognize it with peace, with cleanliness, and with purity of body. And some things are more pleasant than going under a shower of hot water in the shower at home. Enjoy the shower when we wake up with a music set before a hard day’s work. You know what we’re talking about, right?

It feels incredible that a simple element like a shower gives us so much satisfaction every day. And that sometimes there are details of the day that make a difference, we recognize that and want you to choose the shower completely or the elements or materials that cover this area of ​​your bathroom. Know these possibilities when choosing. These options are different, with all the advantages and disadvantages (as is the logic). So we hope this book of ideas will help you decide which material suits you best, suits your tastes and meets your needs.

  1. With glass screen

Divided glass is one of the most used elements today, to cover the shower area. They are much more hygienic and clean than traditional curtains, but they also have a greater economic value than simple curtains. Also how much we need a professional depends on the size of the shower and the type of screen.

But this alternative to full glass screen is the most beautiful and successful that we can choose for practically any type of bathroom. This is a modern detail in which  light  will pass through them without leaving any drop of water, the space will increase a lot and we will not feel so bad if our shower is small.

  1. With a vinyl

If we have full or medium size glass then another option for our shower is a vinyl that protects our privacy. Many people do not choose glass screens or completely transparent screens, as they seek more privacy and shelter when taking a shower.

A good alternative to this without replacing the shower or shower is to put a vinyl in the middle of it. This example comes from the hands and it is best to protect our privacy with a sense of light and modernity. We can only choose this element for visual aesthetics, because they are like any other decorative element. And so beautiful!

  1. With plastic screen

So far it seems that we are only referring to the existence of screens made of glass, but there are more options. Inexpensive and in the background those options work exactly the same with plastic screens. You have unlimited varieties to choose from, both color and texture, as you can make them 100% transparent, matte or completely opaque like the image. It goes into taste!

  1. Folding doors

Another great choice is layered doors such as the interior of another room. It can be the same door that opens outwards or two that we can see in the picture for example. This is an option in which we will also find many different types and styles, but whatever they are they all perform the same function: to turn off the shower completely so that the water does not run out as much as possible. This is an original, attractive and functional alternative that will fit all bathrooms that have a construction shower or ground floor cabin.

  1. The veil of all life

If we are talking about how to cover the shower then we can not fall behind the traditional shower curtain in this book of ideas. This is the biggest option in the whole list so if we don’t have a huge budget then this is the best option. It will be even better if we have some retro elements. If we have a rustic style bathroom or Then there is the small bathroom for which we choose curtains with colorful drawings so that we can have a beautiful children’s area. As it turns out, you have many models to choose from, even like the traditional living room curtains we see in the picture. You can play with textures and patterns to change the image of your bathroom. But remember: you should wash them often.

  1. A shower job

If we have a high budget and we have the space to spend it because we have a large bathroom; why not build a shower site? This type of structure will have a rustic style like deck area that we can see in the picture and we like it. Stone and wood, bricks, tiles; all of these things and many more are perfect for this type of animal, which may be possible according to your own taste. They can be as beautiful as a corner of your bathroom. And you? How do you do that?

  1. Without anything, natural

Yes. We offer you this idea to close this book of ideas and that many of us can’t be sure that it covers the shower area. It must have a lot of space and material in the ground for water and moisture, and a system for drainage so that water does not accumulate in the bathroom. It really is a real option, beautiful and wonderful even if it is appreciated like this bathroom in Los Angeles. It is a 100% natural and comfortable way to go under the shower. Indeed, space will not disappear!

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Interior design ideas and tips for living rooms | Gurgaon

The front room may be a place in your home where you spend most of the day together with your family. As its name suggests it’s a front room, then this room should even be comfortable in order that you are doing not need to face any hardship or trouble here.

In addition, there have been times when the seating for guests within the houses was made separately. Now most of the halls are built with the doorway of the house. They’re also decorated in such how that guests are often seated comfortably. During this way the guests also feel very comfortable and relaxed.

Today’s modern living rooms are mostly built on an open plan, the dining room, front room and most kitchens also are connected without a wall. That is, on one corner is about the design of the front room, and on the opposite corner is that the board and chairs, and next to the present table is that the kitchen.

Today, during this Idea Book, we’ll show you ways to embellish a contemporary sort of front room and also means the mistakes that cause the important great thing about your front room to be lost.

What are the simplest colors for a contemporary living room?

In today’s modern living rooms, mostly dark colors are used for adornment, while light colors are preferred for walls and furniture. This not only creates a gorgeous contrast a really during a room but also gives a very spacious impression throughout the space. During this regard, we propose that you simply choose white, light gray or gray for the walls and sofas. Use dark wood for the center table. Believe it or not, it’ll give your front room a really modern look.

What sort of front room furniture should be?

The most important thing to stay in mind when choosing front room furniture is to stay in mind the dimensions of your room. In other words, if your front room is little in size, then you ought to also take small size furniture. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me seems like BT ant on behalf of me either.

Interior design ideas and tips for living rooms | Gurgaon

How to set the furniture within the living room?

The setting of the furniture within the house depends entirely on your taste but there are a couple of important things to stay in mind like if your room is formed long then you ought to set numerous sofas in L shape. And if you furthermore may have a TV in your room, set your furniture in order that it’s ahead of the TV. Try setting the furniture during a direction where the sunshine is on the front.

Here are some suggestions on the way to look or get a meeting for antique items.

Open-ended homes are considered the foremost modern. His style is additionally very comfortable and calm. Here are some important things to stay in mind when preparing them. Everything from the decoration to the selection of furniture should look connected to every other to offer the impression of one unit. Also, the presence of sunshine in an open-plan house is vital and without it, your space will look very narrow and crowded. So attempt to have large windows in your room in order that natural light can enter comfortably and even have the simplest arrangement of artificial lights for the already dark.

What are the mistakes that ought to be avoided while decorating the living room?

You need to be very careful when decorating the front room because most of the guests see this place as soon as they enter the house, and if this place looks ugly then your first impression on them is extremely bad. ۔ Also, since most of the people reception want to spend most of their day here, it’s important to possess a cushy place. So here are some mistakes you ought to avoid: First of all, confine mind that an excessive amount of furniture can ruin the space, so keep as little furniture in your closet as you would like.

Secondly, when choosing furniture, confirm that it’s beautiful also as comfortable, because only beauty can bother you later. Third, confirm you’ve got an honest lighting system in your front room. And last but not least, the headline made you read this text.

Plant therapy interior decorated with plants that fit the space | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Plants that make you feel good just by looking at them are one of the interior accessories that are indispensable in indoor spaces. Not only does it give a feeling of being with nature, but it is an item that helps our health by regulating fresh air and humidity in the space even for small plants. However, just as humans have different personalities, plants also have different effects and help us as a cure. Therefore, in addition to the aesthetic function of interior effect, plant interior, which purifies the air and brightens the body and mind, is attracting attention these days by combining it with the interior as a plant therapy. However, there are different places in the house that are suitable for different types of plants. Let’s find out what  kind of plants are suitable for a variety of spaces, from living rooms to  bathrooms.

Living room

Since the living room has a large space, you can place a variety of large pots. The Indian rubber tree, with its attractive large leaves, is a good plant to place in the living room, which is a large space. In the case of a new house, it is effective in removing odors, and it absorbs fine dust and makes the indoor air pleasant.

The Indian rubber tree is a plant that grows natively in India and the Malay Peninsula and produces a white liquid when the stem is cut. It grows well in well-drained soil, and from spring to autumn it is recommended to water regularly when the soil is dry. Also, don’t forget to spray with a shower head once a month to remove dust and impurities attached to the leaves.

Dining Room & Kitchen

There are many ways to decorate your dining room. You can decorate it with various products and decorative items such as fabric accessories, point walls, lighting, or tableware. At this point, you can decorate it according to the set concept. In addition, even the same product can create a different atmosphere depending on which material and color is selected, so pay attention to the material and color selection. The dining room is a space for eating, so it is good to give points with bright tones that make the food look more delicious. Therefore, it is good to put yellow flowers that bring bright energy to those who have no taste or feel depressed. Because yellow gives vitality and vitality as a color itself, it helps a lot not only with the scent of flowers, but also with the color. Among the flowers that have a yellow color, there are alstroameraria, slidast, and rapeseed flowers. These flowers are suitable for kitchens and dining rooms because they basically give brightness and vitality, and give vitality to those who have no appetite and are languid.


For those who have insomnia or are sensitive, placing a flowerpot in the bedroom is also a good idea. Find out which flowers are suitable and helpful in your bedroom. Put Phalaenopsis Orchid in your bedroom for a good night’s sleep. Phalaenopsis orchid removes formaldehyde, a harmful substance in the air, and releases oxygen to help you get a good night’s sleep. It has no fragrance, but the flowers are gorgeous and have an effect as an interior for a long period of about 3 months. However, since it is weak to moisture, it is easy to die from excessive moisture in the rainy season, and in winter it is also weak to the cold, so the proper temperature is about 15~25℃. When watering, be careful not to let water come into contact with the flowers, and avoid rain as it is easy to cause pests and pests when it rains. If water accumulates on the leaves or stems, it is easy to breed mold and bacteria, and the body may rot. It needs an environment that dries in 3-4 days after watering, and it should not dry out the soil or bark in the pot. If the leaves turn yellow, the leaves can be removed.


If your child yawns a lot while studying or frequently comes to the living room, the study room environment is not good. In addition, it is good to have a flowerpot suitable for all these environments and situations because the child who is about to take the exam is sensitive. So, it is good to choose plants that are good for air purification in the children’s room.

Sansevieria is a kind of succulent plant with strong vitality. As well as purifying the air, it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen while the child sleeps, making it a perfect item for a child’s room plant. Sansevieria grows well even if the water supply is irregular, so you only need to water it once a month in summer or winter. Rosemary is a plant that needs a lot of sunlight. This plant strengthens nerves and calms the nerves, and the scent of rosemary helps to improve concentration because it activates brain cells and stimulates blood flow in the head to clear the mind. Putting it in a child’s room with a headache is great for restoring the condition.


A reading space and study is a place for concentration in the house, so there are many semi-shady places where light does not come in well, but putting a small potted plant is a good item to purify the air as well as change the atmosphere. Due to the nature of the space, it is better to choose plants that grow well in semi-shade, and to grow plants that need light by placing them near the window.

There are several plants suitable for the office that needs concentration. One of them is a plant called Piki, which shows excellent ability to remove carbon dioxide and emits a large amount of negative ions. It promotes the generation of alpha waves and improves concentration. Also, since it is a plant that needs a lot of sunlight, you can place it near a window to give it sunlight often, and water it abundantly once every 4-5 days. The second is the Saveridge palm (bamboo palm), which is ranked 3rd as an air purifying plant by NASA. It is excellent for removing benzene, trichlorethylene formaldehyde and carbon monoxide as well as air purification ability, and it raises the indoor humidity by 40% to 60% during regular watering. The watering cycle should be adjusted according to the size of the pot. In general, 1.5 liters once every two weeks is adequate. The sable beetle tends to occur occasionally on sabridge palms, which can be prevented by using a spray medicine. The third plant is Gwaneumjuk, which has excellent air purification ability, and also has excellent ability to remove ammonia and chloroform. Watering should be 1 liter once a week. Bedbugs and brown mealybugs do not occur frequently, but general mealybugs tend to occur on the lower shoots, so management is required.


Because the toilet is a damp and closed space, it is a place where harmful energy tends to gather, so cleanliness and tidying are basic. Humidity control and ventilation are important, but the bathroom is humid and hot and humid, so it is better to put dehumidifying plants such as Gwaneumjuk, Tillandsia, Sansevieria, and Lucky Tree. Alternatively, pine cones, which are easily available at flower markets or forests, also have a humidity control function.

First of all, fortune trees are usually poured with water in a bowl, but if you want to create an interior, you can also hang them from the ceiling. However, too much moisture can cause it to burn, so you need to change the water frequently when immersing it in water. In addition, fresh and clean water is important, so if you use tap water, it is better to keep it indoors for a day or so and use it when the chlorine content is removed and it is close to room temperature. Gwaneumjuk, which is effective in removing bathroom odors, does not require much sunlight, grows slowly but is easy to manage, and is resistant to pests and diseases, making it one of the easiest plants to grow even for beginners.

Hallway & hallway

The hallway or hallway is even more important as it is the place that leads to the first impression of the house. For example, if you put yellow flowers on the west side of the house as a mood for the front door, it will increase your financial luck. So, it is better to focus on bright flowers in the entrance hall.

Placing a large flowerpot in the hallway or making a flowerpot hanger on the wall and decorating it with succulents or houseplants is effective not only for air purification but also for interior decoration. If you put seasonal flowers in your living room to make a lively living room, you can make a good impression on the guests coming in and out. At this time, it is important to note that this is a space with a lot of movement, so too large plants or plants with thorns that interfere with movement so as not to cause inconvenience in movement is better to exclude.


In the case of the veranda, compared to other spaces, there are no limited plants because the area of ​​the large space and sunlight is larger. If you want to create a plant interior using a more special veranda, how about choosing ivy? First of all, ivy types include ‘ivy’, which is commonly found around us, and other similar types include ‘American ivy’, which is a palm-shaped compound leaf composed of five small leaves.

To create an interior using vines, it is important to install a lattice structure for vines on one side of the wall, and plant vines that grow well on fences and walls so that their roots are not cut or damaged. If possible, shade it from the sun and give it plenty of water. Although ivy is classified as a creeping plant, it is actually a climbing structure, not a winding up type. It is different from the method that kills neighboring plants or interferes with growth, such as arrowroot and wisteria. A large bundle is formed by extending the stem on any object surface and in any direction, whether flat or vertical. To attach ivy to a wall, plant it right under the wall you want to attach it to, and fix the stem to the wall. Then, from the beginning of growth, it climbs the wall on its own.