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Practical solutions for placing a TV in small living rooms

In the design of modern homes, there are always many and many solutions to exploit the spaces and deal with the limited and small spaces that have become no obstacle in small homes, and today we will provide you with some practical solutions if you suffer from limited spaces in your living room and are confused how You place the TV in an appropriate and practical way that matches the space of your room.

1- Warm wood

A wooden wall in the wall behind the TV is one of the touches that will add excessive elegance to the design of your living room. This wall was used to place the TV screen, especially with some distinctive shelves under the screen, which allow you to store your things in a practical and elegant way and place the decorations.

2- A modern touch

The designer placed a smooth surface panel on the wooden wall behind the TV screen to add a touch of modernity to the design of the living room, with a shelf and a small table for decorating and storing things.

3- On the wall

Here we see the living room area is small, so the best solution to place the screen was to hang it on the wall in this way with the use of shelves and drawers to store items and put distinctive decorative touches. In the design of the living room to create a sense of comfort.

Wood wall

Another idea that the designer used helped him to put the TV and at the same time he used it to separate the living room from the rest of the house. We see here this wooden wall on which he put the TV screen, and the wall was also provided with some wooden shelves to put books and decorations. This idea is considered optimal for the exploitation of small living room spaces.

In the middle of the wall

One of the most important and distinctive ideas in using the living room spaces to place the TV screen is to install the screen inside the wall, by creating a vacuum inside the wall proportional to the screen sizes and installing the screen inside it. This idea is very practical and simple and fits with the living room spaces if the space is limited.



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