Elegant dining room ideas | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The dining space in your home is the place where you can spend pleasant moments with your family and friends and immerse yourself in the heart of conversations of the heart. As you sit around the table, you light up on good things and share news, ideas, hopes and dreams. But how much thought do you actually put into while choosing a table and chairs? We believe that every home has distinct dining needs. And for every need, there’s  the perfect table  that will blend gourmet delights and family time with a punch. So check out these amazing 10 table and chair designs that can turn your dining space into a center of attraction!

Rustic touch

If your kitchen or home has a country-style decor scheme, you can consider bringing in a dining table and chairs that flaunt rich rustic motifs as shown here. This design will blend in very well with earthy interiors that use wood, stone, and exposed brick, fill the dining area with a cozy feel, decorate the space with an unusual chandelier, earthen vases or a ladder, and mix and match your bench chairs for a more rustic look and feel.

Integrated kitchen and dining areas are the trend nowadays, especially in homes where floor space is privileged. In such cases, inserting a stylish wall-mounted table at one end can be a smart move, combine it with modern and exclusive benches that can be moved Under the table when not in use, thus leaving more room for movement, add a couple of vibrant artwork on the wall or a potted green in the corner for jazzy things.

Glass transparency

If you’re keen on a lightweight and dreamy design for your dining table, turn to the elegant glass cladding with legs. It can be combined with wood or minimalist wood chairs for a floating look and feel, while glass evokes diners with reflections and sparkle.

Industrial style

Up for some chic and sophisticated industrial design? They amazingly go with a minimalist decor or an interior with trendy ironwork. Go for a chic wood-and-iron table, and pair it with matching chairs or smooth, molded plastic chairs as you can see here.


A modern dining table doesn’t have to be trendy! Recreate the 1950s look in your home with a splash of futuristic glamour, with arrangements as vibrant and elegant as this one, colorful and sporty furnishings help set up a restaurant setting to liven up the space, while pretty wallpaper and dark stone work as perfect accessories. Make your daily meals and feasts happier and more magical with a dining table that satisfies your needs and your aesthetic taste.

Elegant dining room ideas | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Ideas to add warmth in the winter in your home

Winter is here, which means there’s no more playing around with cooler temperatures and cool rooftops, but in addition to turning on the heater and hoarding firewood, there are other tricks you can do in your home to make sure it looks warmer and more comfortable.

After all, a kitchen, living room or bedroom can look as cool and calm as we want it to be, which means the opposite is true too! So, let’s take a look at some of the extras to ensure that you and your family are in utmost comfort in this cold season.


The right lighting can change the ambiance of an entire room for example, while warm lighting such as warm white lamps give a cheerful and welcoming look to homes, cool lighting (such as fluorescent) is commonly associated with corporate spaces.

Get a little creative when choosing lighting for your home this winter, and always choose lighting that’s layered to ensure more glow.

2- Close all windows and doors

A light draft is all it takes to express the relaxed vibe. Non-woven window or door fitting strips can be installed quickly and easily by purchasing some self-adhesive foam grooves. This rolled product can be easily installed at the bottom of a window or around the outside edge of a door frame. Pick the smallest size that will help fill in the gaps, then peel and stick – too big and you might have a hard time closing the door etc.

3- Choose a heavy studer

You know what makes insulation better than fluffy and squishy curtains? Heavy drapes with thick textures and fabrics, adding a warm, layered look to any room.

Although any colors can do, we suggest going with tones like reds and oranges to enhance the feeling of warmth.

4- Use a lot of rugs

There’s nothing worse than a cold floor in winter, which means choosing some thick rugs and rugs to cover those tiled and wood floors in your home. Trust us when we say it can go a long way to keeping your interior nice and cozy!

5- Textiles

While you are busy with the curtains and rugs, print more textiles in the form of throw blankets on sofas, scatter pillows on beds, tablecloths for the dining room and kitchen, etc.

6- Heat sources

Think practical about winter: it’s cold outside, which means you need to warm yourself inside, which is why we suggest the usual, no-brainer items like stoves, fireplaces, etc.

For social spaces such as dining rooms and living rooms during the day, choose a temperature reading between 21° to 23°C. And the temperature does not fall below 23 ° C in the bathroom, as we need more heat in winter.

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