Right rug for the dining room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Learn how to choose the right rug for the dining room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Having a rug in the dining room may seem completely normal to some, while to others it is strange and impractical. The choice of rug depends on whether you have young children who may cause frequent spills, the temperature of where you live and the type of floor you have in the dining area, after all who would like to cover a beautiful white marble floor with a rug?

If you still feel indecisive about having a rug in the dining room, this notebook may contain some tips to help you reach your decision. take a look!

Coordinating the rug with the dining room

A rug in the dining room, a great ally for the walls and the right choice of colors can make an attractive aesthetic composition for the dining room area, in this photo, the rug chosen by the designers is on the same color scheme, creating a wonderful blue atmosphere in the dining room.

Wondering if there is a standard rug size?

Rugs come in a number of standard sizes. The rug may be as small as 2 feet by 3 feet and as much as 10 feet by 14 feet or more if desired. Standard sizes that rugs are available in are: 2×3, 3×5, 4×6, 5×8, 8×10, 9×12 etc.

You can choose one that fits the size of your dining room or dining table, and it can even be made to order for your room.

Patterned rugs and many patterns

With a dining room rug, spills are inevitable. So the rug has to be like this one that has a lot of patterns on it, so that spills aren’t visible as if it were on a hard rug. Can you imagine an ivory white rug under the dining table?

Rule of thumb for rugs in dining rooms

You can forever enjoy a rug in your dining room, if you follow the simple rule: the dining room rug should always be at least 25 inches on all sides after the chairs are in place. This margin will keep pulling out of a chair safe and hassle-free, and one will never need to lift and bend the chair again.

Carpet in the form of tiles

If you want to create something unique, or if your dining room doesn’t support a perfect rectangular shape, using carpet tiles is a great idea to create a rug under your dining table. Carpet tiles are also a great idea when you have frequent leaks, as you only need to clean soiled carpet tiles, not the entire carpet. You can also keep some extra tiles for future replacement.

Learn how to choose the right rug for the dining room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

  • Right rug for the dining room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

  • Right rug for the dining room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

  • || Right rug for the dining room ||

  • Right rug for the dining room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

  • Right rug for the dining room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The latest corner colors for a cheerful living room

The living room is one   of the cornerstones of the house, and people spend most of their time in it to relax, read a book, or family gatherings and watching TV. Therefore, we give you many inspirational ideas for living room designs to suit every person’s taste.

It is the most important room in the house, where family members spend many hours of their day, watching TV, spending some time and relaxing. It is also a good place to receive your guests, or sit with friends, and the family gathers every day at night for discussion and consultation before bed.. We offer you The latest corner and sofa colors for your living room.

  1. Pure white

Some are afraid of using white because it gets dirty quickly, but if you use it carefully, you can get a white corner that will cast a wonderful charm in the room. This model demonstrates the elegance of the corner with light beige sides, with various colored pillows, and a small lined back.

  1. One side of the tiger cloth

You can use the tiger embossed fabric to give your room a completely elegant look, especially if the rest of the furniture is plain like this, and in this design the blue color prevails with its elegant impression to give calm and comfort to the living room.

  1. The joy of yellow is indescribable

No other color can make a joy like yellow, you can rely on it in leather fabric, with a coordinated group of different colors, especially the blue color overlap with it in simplicity and sophistication.

  1. Black

The black cloth has a special elegance and charm and makes a noticeable difference in the room, perhaps making it more luxurious and elegant, in addition to the embossed pillows that give an amazing touch to it, and we can clarify the most distinctive feature of the black color, which is the flexibility to use any color of the pillows with it to coordinate with the colors of the room.

  1. Gray velor

Plush can give you two shades of the same color, as it is a fabric with a distinctive luster, and it looks very elegant, and you can use gray, which looks silvery in a wonderful way, as you can see in the design.

  1. Off White

Off white is quite a cheerful color in the living room , it can give joy and clarity in the room, and highlight all the details, this wonderful design also may be a great inspiration for you to design your living room furniture.

  1. Navy color

Navy is of different colors that need painting and a light background, you can use it with confidence in the living room furniture and get a wonderful and elegant look, and it blends elegantly with white and gold along with green accents.

  1. Mix of colors

If you want to have an atmosphere full of vitality and joy, you can certainly get engraved furniture and furnishings in various colors, as you can see in this room that used a patterned fabric sofa, with the use of many colors that give clear joy in the design.

  1. Dark green

Dark green or olive green, one of the completely luxurious colors that you can use to design your sofa or the corner of your living room, in addition to its flexibility in choosing backgrounds of light or dark paints such as black or blue while maintaining the choice of distinct lighting.

  1. Pastel

Pastel colors are among the highest grades that must appear year after year in the world of decoration because of what they add of elegance and sophistication. The room’s colors in the pastel color family are only likely to unite as the designer did in this elegant room.


Role of floor covering in the style | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The ground is only for stepping on!

This sentence, is a small provocation on our part, it serves to make us reflect… What is the role of floor covering in the style of our house? Will it be secondary? Should it only be resistant to successive passages of feet and the dragging of furniture over the years?

At the beginning of human habitation, the objective would really be this, that the pavement would provide security and isolation and that it would remain stable for as long as possible.

In those times, limited by the little variety of materials, the pavement, when it existed, was made of stone or wood, and the most common was for houses to have dirt floors. Floor covering came later, with the search for comfort…

This protective and insulating function remains intact today, but the flooring function has long gone beyond the basics! Currently, the role of the floor in the style of a house is absolutely preponderant. In fact, the pavement is capable of providing the desired effect to the environment, being able to be responsible for the entire style from the roots. You can extraordinarily customize your living spaces, but you can also be responsible for catastrophic mistakes if not well thought out and well chosen. The floor is not an element that can be easily changed from one day to another, and its alteration implies big changes in a house and many setbacks in your routine, not to mention the investment that this implies.

For all this, when choosing a floor for your home, or even just for a room, you should take into account the various characteristics of this material, such as cost, the aesthetic effect you want to obtain, the environments you want to create, and the durability and strength over lifetime.

The pavement as a creator of style

Who doesn’t remember the old black and white diamond-patterned bathroom mosaics that marked an era and are now considered vintage? Or who doesn’t know the magical and welcoming effect that a floor with coarse and grainy beams gives the space a rustic tone?

Creating a certain style from a material or a pattern on the floor is not difficult and we all know how to do it. However, we also know the consequences of this choice… The move will be complex and entail expenses, not to mention that, if the house is for sale, the chosen aesthetic for the floor may not be very consensual or promote the transaction.

Wouldn’t it be easier to choose a nice and pleasant floor, but neutral and uncharacteristic, and bet on creating a style with furniture and accessories? Yes, it’s simpler, and that’s what mass housing builders and those recovering homes for sale are betting on. But this also implies greater depersonalize of environments and greater difficulty in achieving the desired style.

If it’s your house and you want to start customizing from the ground up, it’s best to ask a professional for help. An interior designer will help you choose the right floor to achieve the style you want and will avoid many setbacks, failed investments and even disastrous choices… Making a frame with a marble design on the entrance floor can work wonderfully to create a classic and retro environment, but only if the dimensions of your hall can support it, for example!

The pavement as a room divider

Having started in its infancy, this way of dividing environments without imposing physical barriers has been gaining notoriety and followers! It is about using different floors, or flooring effects to define environments, such as separating the kitchen from the living room, or the bathroom from the bedroom.

To separate the kitchen from the living room, separation is often done with wood, or carpet, in the living room, and mosaics in the kitchen: – in addition to the aesthetic effect and the separation function, the use of a more resistant material in the kitchen guarantees the longevity in a difficult environment, with splashes and bumps. In the same conceptual line appear the bathrooms inserted in the room, whose separation is fundamental, even if it is not entirely made with walls.

In the entrance hall it is possible to make a perfect separation using marble and in the area next to the door transitioning to wood.

On Interior A to Z’s website there are many examples of how this separation can be done, and you will surely find the perfect solution for your case. You just have to make sure that your material choices are not only beautiful and balanced, but are also appropriate for the level of usage stress you will have.

Floor materials – some advantages and disadvantages

Each floor has its advantages and disadvantages, which include the aesthetic part and the functional part. In this topic we leave some notions so that you can make a good choice, based on your taste, but well informed.

Wood – the charm and timeless resistance

Wood is one of the strongest long-lasting and beautiful floors you can install in your home. Extremely versatile, its many colors and textures allow you to create the most impeccable environments, whether modern or classic.

But not all woods are suitable to withstand the harsh conditions of use of a floor! The offer is varied, and is always based on resistant woods, such as Oak, Beech, Ipe, Pine, Cherry, among others. The species to choose will depend on the intended effect and your budget, as prices vary a lot between the various types of wood and according to their origin.

Floor wood comes in different forms, such as planks, planks and parquet, and each form offers a different aesthetic that you should appreciate before choosing. Your supplier and flooring contractor, as well as a good interior designer, can help you with this task.

A natural wood floor is a heavy investment, but wood is timeless!

Laminates – low cost variety

Laminates can be made of wood or another material. They usually have a base structure, in HDF or PVC, which is covered with a sheet, made of natural or imitation wood, finished with a very resistant melamine layer. This system allows a quick installation by fitting, called floating floor (there is also this type of fitting in solid wood, but it is better known in laminates), and offers a wide range of options whose final appearance is very similar to that of natural wood, but with a much more attractive price. Wood imitations, but without wood, in materials that are highly resistant to humidity, are great to install in kitchens or bathrooms where you want the style and warmth of wood, without its fragility in the most adverse conditions.

Vinyl and linoleum – the forgotten return

Although they are fundamentally different materials they offer similar characteristics. Linoleum is made from natural materials, while PVC and vinyl are synthetic materials. Linoleum is made from solidified flax oil, mixed with powdered wood flour or cork and dyes in a jute support. For decades they were doomed to contempt for being connoted with low-cost materials and even a little tasteless, associated with hospitals and other places with many chemicals and a boring design, but in recent times they have presented themselves as very versatile alternatives and with beautiful finishes, which brought them back into the limelight.

Marble – luxury and delicacy

Marble is highlighted here, despite other stones, due to its timeless character of luxury and good taste. It is a very delicate stone that must be carefully cared for, in addition to being quite expensive in its best versions, but which allows you to create floors of incomparable beauty.

Various stones – durability in style

Although cold and hard, the stone on the floor is an ancient classic. Although usually associated with a rustic style, the modern techniques of working stone and artificial stones have brought variety and magnificent finishes, perfect for creating modern and minimalist environments.

Tiles, stoneware and hydraulic tiles – reliable and popular (in a good way)

Tiles and mosaics are very common as choices for the floor, and although they are more common in kitchens and bathrooms for their strength, ease of cleaning and ease of replacement in case of breakage, they are also widely found in other environments such as living rooms. living and even bedrooms. Although they leave a feeling of cold, these materials are very good for floors in houses in warm areas, and a rug solves the problem of feet in the cold. Here you will find thousands of suggestions for using these versatile materials anywhere in your home, in their most diverse varieties!

Sandwiched cement and micro cement – ​​a trend

A cement floor immediately reminds us of something cold and industrial, very basic and unfinished, but smoothed cement and micro cement, with their immense options for use and finishing, have challenged this concept. Explore the possibilities of this flooring material in the many proposals you will find on our website!

Role of floor covering in the style | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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