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Tips to Decorate Your Home with Comfort and Coziness

Tips to Decorate Your Home with Comfort and Coziness

For most people, home means a place where they can unwind and relax in body and mind. There is no place like ‘home’ as a place where you can relax without thinking after a stressful daily life. However, sometimes due to the visible interior that does not take into account one’s lifestyle or the interior mistakes often made by interior beginners, a home that should be a comfortable and cozy space feels like an uncomfortable and hard office. So, today at homify, we have prepared 17 tips to decorate your home with a comfortable yet beautiful, cozy and stylish space. Let’s take a look at today’s interior tips that will easily transform your home into a healing space!

1. Let’s put the bean bag

You do not should positioned simplest a settee on your dwelling room . You can effortlessly create a relaxed and snug surroundings via way of means of putting a beanbag just like the one with inside the picture. Alternatively, you could area a beanbag with inside the kid’s room to create a completely unique but snug surroundings.

2. Let’s put cushions of different sizes

Do you still only have one cushion on each side of the sofa? Let’s put several cushions for a more cozy and warm feeling. When placing multiple cushions, it is recommended to provide different cushion sizes or to provide a cushion with a clear color contrast to become a focal point in the space.

3. Add a footrest to the sofa

It is difficult to sit at an office desk all day. Blood rushes to the legs, making them swollen and heavy! Let’s make a living room with a comfortable atmosphere that you can’t leave by adding a footrest on the opposite side of the living room sofa sensibly.

4. Consider different types of side tables

If you lean on a soft sofa and get up to pick up the remote control on the side table or tea or drinks, this is not truly a break. Choose the side table carefully according to your lifestyle. If the size of the living room is small or if you usually enjoy refreshments in the living room, it is good to place a ‘C’-shaped side table with a simple design close to the sofa like the living room in the photo. Or, if you want to create a stable atmosphere in the living room with ample storage space, it is also a good idea to provide a lift table in which the side table top is raised to the seat height of the sofa.

5. Choose bedding according to your constitution

Bedding is an important element for a good night’s sleep! If you have sensitive skin or delicate skin like a child, there is nothing like bedding made of organic cotton fibers, which are highly absorbent and breathable. Also, Tencel material, which can be used all year round, is one of the bedding materials attracting attention because it has less damage to the fibers even after frequent washing and has excellent ventilation, heat retention, and cold insulation properties. If you choose bedding that suits you and your family’s constitution, you will be able to complete the interior of the bedroom where you can sleep easily.

6. Be mindful of choosing a bed mattress

In addition to choosing bedding, you need to be careful in choosing your mattress. This is because, even if the mattress is too hard or soft, it is difficult to get a good night’s sleep by tossing and turning a lot when sleeping. When lying on the mattress, the natural curvature of the spine should be submerged by 2-3 cm, that is, the thickness of the mattress should be about 6-10 cm.

7. Make your bedroom cozy! let’s lay the rug

In accordance with the feng shui idea of ​​keeping your head cool and feet warm when you sleep, how about putting a rug on the side of your feet when you lie down in bed? Even if you do not heat the floor when you step in, the soft and warm rug that you feel under your feet makes our bedroom more cozy.

8. Add subtle lighting to your bedroom

Is there still only one light installed on the ceiling of the bedroom? Let’s add a soft mood light so that you can easily adjust the light to suit your mood and preference. As in the bedroom in the photo designed by Portuguese interior architect  HOME STAGING FACTORY , it is also good to install a wall lamp at the head of the bed and an indirect lamp under the bed to match the frame. Or, if you decorate with cotton ball lighting, you can add a cute and cozy atmosphere to the bedroom.

9. Choose bathroom towels wisely

Just as important as bedding is for your bedroom, your bathroom towel selection is just as important. Let’s choose a towel that is soft to the touch as well as soft and light pastel color. It is also recommended to use hand towels and body towels separately. This simple method will make your bathroom feel much more stylish and sanitary.

10. Choose a towel rack according to your bathroom style

Don’t make the mistake of choosing only a flat towel rack just because it’s a bathroom. Let’s choose the bathroom towel rack design sensibly according to the bathroom style you want. If your bathroom is small and you want to decorate it simply, it is recommended to hang a towel rack under the sink to make it easier to use while neatly covering the water valve under the sink. In addition, bathrooms with insufficient storage space are equipped with a storage box with a pipe hanger on the bottom, so that towels can be hung while increasing storage capacity.

11. The choice of bathtub that influences the atmosphere of the bathroom!

Do you still leave the crude bathtub as it is when you move into our house? Let’s change the design of the bathtub to make the bathroom more pleasant and beautiful! You can create a visually relaxed and exotic atmosphere in the bathroom by providing the portable bathtub in the photo, or you can create a bathroom with a different atmosphere just by re-constructing the tile on the wall above the existing bathtub.

12. Install an easy-to-clean tiling floor in the kitchen

Did you normally install wooden flooring on the kitchen floor just like the living room or bedroom floor? Considering both the enviable gaze of others and your own convenience, why not try installing the kitchen floor with tiles? By designing the kitchen floor with tiles, it will not only be easy to clean, but you will also be able to complete the kitchen with an exotic and neat atmosphere.

13. Kitchen island with 100% space utilization rate

Whether it’s a small kitchen or a large kitchen, if the comfort of the occupants is a priority, let’s have a kitchen island that can be used as a dining bar in the kitchen. The lower part of the kitchen island can be used as a storage space, and the upper plate can be used as a counter top and dining bar or table to increase space utilization.

14. Transformers furniture is perfect for small kitchens

If our kitchen is small, let’s make good use of the space by preparing Transformer furniture! As in the kitchen in the photo, you can expand the cooking space by sliding the counter like a drawer, and if there is no space for a dining table, it is recommended to provide transformer furniture that can use the cabinet door as a dining table.

15. Setting up a study space

Where should I prepare my own space, the study? Ideally, you would have an extra room and use it as a study, but don’t be discouraged if you don’t have an extra room. You can use the veranda as a study room, use the back of the sofa by pulling the sofa attached to the wall in the living room, or create a small but cozy study space by creating a partition or a chest of drawers in the bedroom.

16. Choosing a desk design according to the size of the study

Just because the desk is wide is not necessarily a good thing. It is necessary to pay attention to the design of the desk according to the size of the study. A design that is too large or too delicate for the size of the space makes the study look cramped and cramped. Alternatively, providing a desk with an overly compact or simple design in a large study space also makes the study plain and boring. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the desk design and color selection according to the size of the study.

17. Organize your study storage space

A large storage space is essential in the library to store various office supplies, books, and files. It is good to have a high-key bookshelf like the study in the photo, but if there is not enough space, let’s actively use the vertical space. If you place a plain cabinet or shelf on the empty wall above your desk, you can complete the study with a cute and comfortable atmosphere.

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Top 10 Clothes Storage Solutions | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Storing clothes is often a rather difficult challenge at home. Of course we all want the most elegant and luxurious things, but oftentimes we have to deal with less luxurious things. If you’re looking for some inspiration or some ideas, we’re here to help!

We bring you some of the best storage solutions we’ve seen! From  luxurious and luxurious dressing rooms , to simple outdoor hanging bars, there are plenty of options that can surely inspire you to store clothes in your home.

I collected for you top 10 cabinet designs of different sizes, style and budget. are you interested? Come with us and get to know them to pick your favorite!

1. Reflection magic

The first design we see is a wardrobe with a dark mirrored mirror, which helps the  bedroom feel spacious and open , as well as elegant and inviting.

2. Just like a royal room

In this dressing room, we see the exquisite setting that would suit anyone who loves and cares about their clothes and seeks the closest to royalty, with mirrored doors, which help give the space more room, while the plush armchair is perfect for resting and getting ready to dress up.

3. Simple and sophisticated

Simple, elegant, and one-of-a-kind, the timber rails are perfect for hanging your next outfit, or storing items you wear regularly, and matching the wood floor and blank wall frames.

4. Space saving

The designer used this under-stair storage system to make great use of space in this space, making the most of an area that is usually not used. It is also an ideal solution as a wardrobe or a changing area, with shelves and rails offering a variety of options for storing clothes.

5. Useful hanger

Hanging from the ceiling, thin brass hangers for hanging clothes, ideal for those who don’t have enough space to build a large closet. You can hang coats, accessories and even bags.

6. When you don’t have the space

If you don’t have enough space to devote a section to storing your clothes, you may want to consider a clothes rack. Such an elegant and contemporary example, where the cross bars, to hold your bags and clothes, definitely enhance your space.

7. Perfect lighting

This dressing room is decked out with fancy wooden shelves, large mirrors, and plenty of space to keep everything. Plus, it has great lighting, making it an alluring and charming space for perfect prep, fashion planning, and storing your essentials.

8. Spacious and attractive

With room for literally everything, this is the solution for storing clothes, accessories and shoes, with all the boxes. Attractive, stylish and practical, with open shelves that allow easy access to clothes and ideal for keeping more than just clothes.

9. Contemporary and elegant

Not only is it an ideal solution for practical clothes storage, but it also makes an architectural addition to the room’s design, with its clear glass doors and elegant wooden design, which provides shelves for organizing folded clothes, and hangers for hanging other clothes and coats.

10. Closet in the wall

The cabinet was designed along the wall with a white color similar to its paint, and without the elegant wooden handles, the cabinet would have been completely hidden, to keep clothes from dust, and also provide some privacy while maintaining the final look of the room design.

Tips to avoid mistakes when furnishing

To revitalize a house that has maintained the same atmosphere for a long time or to change it with the seasons, we try various interiors in the house. There are so many ways we can make a difference in our homes, from simply decorating with small accessories to changing the walls and flooring. And among the many methods we can try, there is one element that can detect changes in the house most clearly, and that is furniture. Furniture that boasts different charms with various colors and designs definitely brings about big changes in the house at a relatively reasonable price compared to the subtle changes that small accessories give or expensive attempts to change the walls and flooring. The change can sometimes have positive results and sometimes negative results depending on which furniture is selected and how it is arranged. We need to carefully select the furniture and furnish it carefully so as not to lose its unique atmosphere while harmoniously blending with other furniture. So today, we will be able to easily create the atmosphere we want in the house by examining the points to keep in mind when selecting and furnishing furniture.

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