Ideas for small gardens

Ideas for small gardens | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Interior Design

Gardens are a space in the home destined for nature. Harmonize your exteriors with that perfect balance between green environments, furniture and decoration. Even if you only have a small garden, you can make it a green space full of style. Plants, accessories, furniture and other elements will help create a wonderful garden according to the style you want to create. Discover thousands of images and garden designs on Interior A to Z to create the garden of your dreams.

Where can I find ideas for small gardens?

Find with us ideas and inspiration for the design of small gardens. There are multiple possibilities to maximize ambience and style in small spaces.

Planters, flowers and walks with details in green corners are always good options for exteriors that have a somewhat limited space. If you can have in front of you a series of photos of gardens and successful ideas, much better. Set up a table for two decorated with a lantern, two folding garden chairs with colorful cushions, and two or three pots of colorful plants.

Vertical gardens are always a good option to enjoy a beautiful green environment. Likewise, if you have an extremely small space, bonsai plants is a good option to bring life and style to small gardens.

What style is the best for my garden?

This decision will go a bit hand in hand with the dimensions of the garden, the personality of the homeowners and the environment that you want to create. If you like to feel free, do not choose a garden designed to the millimeter. For example, a happy chic style would be great, imagine a Paraguayan hammock in the garden, vintage umbrellas and a metal pergola, to climb a vine. And by the way, if you like color; look for ideas for gardens with flowers, which are spectacular. Ideas to incorporate a deck in the patio, balcony or terrace.

Earlier we mentioned garden decks as a solution when there is no rigid floor to put the furniture on. However, it can be put on a worn floor or to cover those tiles that are out of style. The floor of a balcony can be covered entirely by a deck, to get a feeling of warmth. It is also in the latest fashion. In a medium terrace, you can place a deck to define a sector, for example, to install a gazebo, giving it a certain importance that will make it stand out from the rest.

How to preserve the plants and flowers in my garden?

As a basic rule, the best plants that you can choose for your garden are those that are adapted to the climate in which the house is located. It is useless if you put tropical plants if you are too far south, because you will not get them to prosper.

If there is enough space, a good flowerbed is defined by a central tree or shrub, plants of medium height around it and flowers around the edges, which are the ones that you will have to change most frequently.

There are also many tips and tricks to preserve your plants, if you want to know more about how to make your plants and flowers last longer? Just do not forget to visit our online magazine for more tips for your garden.

Quenches to accompany your garden

The weekend is coming and it is the perfect time to enjoy the outside of your house with your family or friends. The smell of the meat on the grill is the invitation to enjoy this Argentine tradition of good eating. A barbecue is the ideal complement for your garden, provides an excellent fusion between natures, design and creates a perfect space for relaxation.

Garden decoration that cannot be missing Pots, benches, pillows and other accessories are always your allies to give style to your garden. Consider in the same way a fountain will give your garden a classic air. If you want a perfect garden with a lot of design, I discovered the following styles:

Asian gardens

There are various styles of Asian gardens, be it a Japanese garden or a Zen garden, Asian style gardens have their own charm and style. For example, in Japanese gardens the style has rounded shapes, some waterfall, rock compositions and dense vegetation, (very careful).

The Sansui design is austere and rectilinear, with almost no plants, in neutral colors. Accepts stone or deck pathways, a minimalist fountain and seating in the same style. In the Japanese garden of the protagonist is a path that leads to a space for tea. It can be a pergola or a barbecue, where there will be a low table surrounded by several cushions. Trees and plants must be well preserved.

Rustic gardens

If you are looking for ideas for rustic gardens, the first thing is to update the materials. The rustic gardens are rich in wood. Likewise, there are many colors that inspire you to dream of the forest, such as ocher, white and oblivion and if you want a little contrast, purple flowers or plants always make your garden a peaceful and exceptional place.

It should look like a work of art created by nature, so you will have to place decks for gardens, cube planters, flower beds with defined shapes and likewise, a set of functional and elegant armchairs never goes too far.

Modern gardens

A modern garden is suitable for all types of climates. Depending on the space, it is possible to plant from pines to laurels, as well as orange and lemon trees, which give you fruit and orange blossom scent. The walls will be white, and the wooden furniture will not be too light. Install floors, pots and tiles in terracotta, blue, burgundy and ocher, so that they contrast with the white of the walls and walls.

Ideas for small gardens | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Interior Design

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