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5 great paint tones for small living rooms

When it comes interior decoration, one of the most important tools and the most effective that we must work out is the color Yes, most of the colors do not look just the appearance of the room, but how do you feel inside this room  specific. For example, if you feel relaxed, or creativity or Activity, or a host of other emotions, it could be due to the color of paint sprayed on the walls.

But in others, a bright color is exactly what you need to make a room feel lively, especially one that gets a lot of attention like the living room. Let’s see what our options are…

1- Deep blue

The deep blue, splashed ocean on these walls creates an elegant nautical style vibe. Is it just us, or can you hear the soft sound of seagulls?

And we love how yellow pillowcases, cups and gold accents cover the surface and add fresh contrast.


2- Cheerful turquoise

Still life is on the cool side of the color wheel, a long way to making a room look bright and youthful. When paired with turquoise white, life becomes happy, cheerful, and very serene. But be careful not to overuse it, as it can easily overwhelm a small space and make it feel very cold.

Combine these cool colors with light-colored wood, yellow tones and cream colors for a cooler environment.

3- Stark red

Want your walls to attract attention? You won’t feel sorry if you opt for a bright splash of red, this lively living room features the perfect luxury between bustling and quiet. How is that? Because the pale gray colors of the sofas and rugs reduce the density of the walls.

And notice how the red subtly seeps into the pillows and rug patterns.

4- Quiet Gray

For a room that needs a more minimal and airy look, go with gray. But to avoid a gloomy and melancholy look; stick in different shades to keep it light and cheerful. And remember, pale gray works very well with stone walls and natural colored tiles.

Pair these grays with white or wood furniture and warm lighting, and see how your small room becomes more light and elegant.

5- Pure white

The first rule for visually expanding a small room is to use whites or light tones, it is easy to see why white and various white colors are such popular choices: this all-white living room leaves us dazzled; it is calm, sophisticated and very elegant.


Shri Radha Aqua Gardens Interiors Designs Noida Extension

Shri Radha Aqua Gardens Interiors Designs Noida Extension, Noida

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