Perfect ideas to keep your home tidy | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Perfect ideas to keep your home tidy and beautiful | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

To achieve order and arrangement in the home decor, there are some necessary tips that facilitate the storage process in the house and make its appearance coordinated without unwanted furniture and accessories.

To do this here, we need to provide the house with some small cabinets or hidden in the walls, which solve many storage problems, and there are some practical small drawer units and pieces of divided plastic accessories that are very useful for us in organizing our personal belongings.

Today, we come to you with 9 ideas that make arranging and organizing the house an easy, simple and endearing process and save us a lot of effort and time that we spend searching for places to save, so let’s see how these ideas have achieved peace of mind for us forever.

1. Magical sliding door locker in bathroom

In this small space inside the bathroom, we can see how this small closet solved a big problem and saved a lot of effort for the owners of the house. Inside it there was space for a washing machine with the laundry sitting on top of it. At the top, we find these beautiful practical shelves that hold clothes, towels and sheets, a practical idea Very much with this sliding door that saves operating space in the bathroom.

2. Choose the right dimensions for the shelves

In your home, we may have many shelves and storage units, but we cannot put all our belongings inside them, which negatively affects the decor, because from the beginning we did not pay attention to the size and the space that achieves optimum utilization and that is commensurate with the size of our belongings, so it is important and necessary to have shelves with dimensions Suitable and deep, and its heights should be proportional to the size of the human hand for ease of use.

  • Perfect ideas to keep your home tidy and beautiful | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR
  • Perfect ideas to keep your home tidy and beautiful | Gurgaon | Noida |

3. Clothes rail with plastic drawers

We can double the storage capacity of the closet by using sliding doors that save space, with the use of clothes hanging pipes in small spaces, which can be used to hang shirts and short clothes, and we can use practical transparent plastic shelves, as we see in this picture, which accommodates a lot of things in a small storage space.

4. A place for everything in the house without randomness

Jewelry, belts, and other accessories can have dividers inside the drawers, which allow them to have a specific and tangible space, so that small pieces do not get lost in the drawers, and also enables us to see these very small pieces that may get lost in the crowd.

5. The most practical use of sliding and moving accessories

Practical mobile accessories that enable us to arrange our homes in a more orderly manner through colors while moving the accessories that carry them have become available and a variety of shapes and uses, so we recommend using them because they save the effort and time in identifying our belongings easily.

6. A small kitchen arranged in a way worth contemplating

This small kitchen has achieved something exceptional in storing and arranging in a small space, we find it has accommodated many utensils in transparent plastic hanging drawers, with simple shelves that held a lot of bottles and stored food, if your kitchen is small, you can use these thin metal shelves and save space Great for storage.

7. Store repair tools in a small place

You can use a small corner in the house to collect all the repair tools that you use at home from a metal ladder, a hose to a nail box, a drill, a jack and more by dividing the corner with metal pipes and some nails to hang things on.

8. Various shelves in underutilized corners

The more neglected corners are used in your home, the more you can provide tidy, empty spaces in your home. Here, we find that the designer has taken advantage of the neglected corner by placing two large shelves in the upper area that accommodated a lot of clothes and tools, with a small open metal drawer for small things with a small metal pipe for the hanger holder. All this in a very small space.

9. Removable baskets

To provide more storage space and give a distinctive touch to the children’s room, you can use the open shelves to store children’s toys, so that they can reach them when needed and arrange them themselves. It is also removable and is made of wire and mesh in a way that provides a great deal of flexibility and elegance.

Funky wooden door ideas

The doors are the front of every room and the importance of choosing their design is as important as choosing the decor and furniture for the rest of the house as it makes an amazing difference in the design. If you want funky wooden door designs that your visitors will remember and get one-of-a-kind pieces that add elegance to your home, then this article is for you!

1- deep frame

A distinctive design that allows adding a deep frame to the sides of the door is an idea that increases the luxury of the design and makes it look very elegant and raises your curiosity to know what is behind it because that frame adds importance and dignity. You can use this idea if the thickness of the wall between the two rooms is wide, so you make the door at its end and design the frame from Inside.

2- light wood

Aster doors in light wood, especially along with dark furniture, add contrast and warmth to the design. Make it a good thing when choosing door colors and break away from the traditional!

3- dark wood

The dark wood is traditional, but with the addition of a metallic line in the middle, as we can see here, it has a completely different and more modern look! In the next pictures, we present to you some white doors for beauty lovers, inspired by the designs of experts !

4- Streamlined design

White doors are one of the most popular colors used in interior doors in India, but why not think of deviating from the traditional through different designs for engraving on the wood of the door?

5- Contrasting drawing

To break the intensity of the white color in the doors, you can choose drawings with thin black lines that change the shape of the door and increase its elegance.

6- Thin and long door

This door looks a little thinner and taller than it is due to the rectangular engraving on its facade. In the next pictures, we present to you a group of wonderful classic doors for lovers of elegance and classics!

7-door classic

One of the characteristics of classic designs is the use of gold in decoration, accessories and details. This reddish wood door is enhanced by the golden engraving that you can replace with your family name, for example! And the various accessories on the door between the hinges and the handle.

8- Ivory door

Ivory doors will work well with walls painted in earth tones and neutrals such as brown and beige. In the next photo, zoom in on the details to see the art of carving on wood.

Closer picture

This is a closer picture of the hole in the door in the previous photo. True beauty and precision in mastering the details!

9- His Excellency the Navy

Have you ever thought about choosing a bright navy color for your front door? Perhaps this design will change your view of using this color, which is further enhanced by the carved shapes on the wood and silver accessories, and that small detail of the door key.

10- Sliding door

Painting on glass may be old fashioned, but with careful selection of colors and matching with the right doors, it will result in such an amazing design!

11- Telescopic sliding door

Another door with a deep frame due to the thickness of the wall separating the two rooms. This type of door is telescopic and is usually used to save space or if the other side does not have enough room to open the sliding door. Also, this overlap makes it look more elegant.

12-door without handle

This sliding door without a handle, the designer focused on showing the beauty of wood and its contrasting colors between light and dark, and also used the idea of ​​​​a deep frame that adds luxury to the design.

13-door accordion (folded)

Folded doors make the door take up very little space when it’s open, and it also gives you the opportunity to open the two spaces completely without noticing a space between them.

Perfect modern dressing room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

What makes a perfect closet?

The perfect modern dressing room combines elements of the boudoir and walk-in closet. It is a room where award-winning designer dresses and shoes can be displayed in a bright and well-ordered space; a place where the man and woman of the house can take care of themselves and plan their clothes. But a dressing room is more than that. It’s also a haven from the turmoil, a place to make private phone calls, enjoy a moment to yourself and a place where you can share a cocktail or a glass of champagne with friends before heading out for the night. No wonder more and more homeowners are turning their extra bedrooms into dream dressing rooms.Perfect modern dressing room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR


Where can I find inspiration and ideas for a closet?

With access to over 55 interior design experts, Interior A to Z is your online portal for a whole host of stunning dressing room ideas, from timeless classic designs to the latest high-end accessories. Joining is completely free, and members can create a virtual scrapbook of images and notes – a useful feature and certainly invaluable for anyone planning a dressing room that will meet all their needs.

What exactly can I do with my closet?

When it comes to deciding what to wear, it helps to be in an environment that stimulates the eye and imagination. For that reason, the dressing room is a part of the house where homeowners can give free rein to their imagination, whether that means creating a feminine space in pink and lavender or a golden boudoir à la Marie Antoinette. But whatever the decorative scheme, it’s important to remember that in most cases the main purpose of a dressing room is to provide storage. Therefore, a starting point for most projects will be to make a plan for a series of built-in cabinets and shelves, ideally all open (ie, no doors), so as to give an inspiring overview of all fitted clothes and accessories. . With the ideal mix of symmetry and repetition,

What color should I choose for my closet?

There are two basic approaches to dressing room color. One is to use a neutral palette – for example, various shades of white and natural wood – to provide a discreet backdrop that shows off clothes and shoes without distracting and without jarring. The other is to employ bold colors and patterns to create a subtle atmosphere of fantasy – for example, luxurious striped wallpaper for a baroque, vintage boudoir look. Your choice will depend a lot on whether the focus of your dressing room is clothes or relaxing and socializing.

What type of floor should I put in my closet?

Soft carpet is the ideal choice for a dressing room floor, which needs to be comfortable in order to walk barefoot. Rugs in pale pastels and neutral tones work well as they reflect the light upward, giving the closet a bright, fresh look. A smooth wooden floor also conveys a sense of opulence, with some thick rugs placed in those areas of the dressing room where the occupant is most likely to stop trying on clothes (ie, in front of mirrors).

Which closet design is right for me?

It goes without saying that different dressing room designs will suit different people depending on their individual priorities. For example, a couple planning his and her closet you’ll probably want to avoid anything too feminine and look for a style that makes you both feel at home.

For a fashion lover who wants a place where they can showcase their large collection of designer pieces, a dressing room with no unnecessary extras and plenty of storage is probably the best bet. If the homeowner has a special fondness for shoes, then shoes can be the key element of your dressing room design, with different sizes of shelves for high heels and knee-high boots. Alternatively, for social butterflies who like to go out at night, a disco-inspired decor with neon tones and funky wallpaper might be more appropriate.

Are there any specific tips for decorating a closet?

There are many little touches that can be incorporated into a dressing room to make it special, such as back lighting for shelves, angled shoe racks and handbag cubicles. Also, remember to include a dressing table, a full-length mirror, and some sort of versatile, compact seat to sit on while trying on shoes. If there’s space, it’s also a good idea to add a small sofa or chaise longue where your friends can relax and enjoy a glass of wine. The large dressing room can benefit from a center island – this creates a focal point and can also be a convenient place to place a beverage tray and display a selection of newly purchased bags, shoes and jewelry.

How to use accessories in a closet?

Accessories can be a great way to introduce an element of fun and fantasy into a dressing room. Mixing a few new pieces with antiques can create a uniquely eclectic individual style that will mark the dressing room as a special, private place in the house. For example, an antique chandelier can provide subdued lighting while a large Victorian footstool can serve as an all-purpose seating or large coffee table.

Other quirky accessories that can be added to a dressing room include library stairs to reach high shelves, a mannequin to display hats, and your favorite suitcase for days when you have to rush to get on a plane. Also, don’t forget about the simple but useful dressing room accessories,

What happens if I have a small closet?

It is also possible to be very creative in a small dressing room. One way to make up for limited space is to opt for extravagant decor – patterned wallpaper, gold furniture, attractive patterned fabrics and high-quality carpets can help to enlarge a small dressing room and make it feel less confined to it. time that gives it a gemstone quality.

In practical terms, it is essential to make use of every square meter of storage space in the dressing room by installing high shelves and taking advantage of any niches or living areas. These can then accommodate off-season clothing, which can be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and housed in breathable storage boxes and bags for protection.

Is there a style guide for designing and decorating a closet?

Interior A to Z gives you quick and easy access to the advice and expertise of thousands of experienced home decor experts, as well as galleries of inspiring high-resolution images.

Rustic style closets

A rustic-style closet should be cool, quiet, and bright. Walls tend to be cream or neutral, such as gray or pale green, with wood floors or carpeting in shades of beige, camel, or similar shades. With features like white painted furniture and arched wardrobe compartments, the rustic style often has an antique French aura that can be very appealing without appearing too fussy or delicate. This makes it particularly suitable for a dressing room of his and hers. It also works great in a more spacious room where cabinets and shelves can be expanded to create a sense of solid and impressive luxury.

Minimalist closets

The minimalist-style closet is generally simple and functional, designed to maximize storage space, achieve order and make it easy to inspect an entire wardrobe in a snap. With clean, crisp lines and a palette of whites, grays and blacks, it’s a style that’s suitable for modern properties of all sizes and is relatively inexpensive to achieve.

A more elaborate minimalist style will keep the same clean lines but will be bolder in the palette, often superimposing large areas of contrasting colors against each other – for example, white shelves against a black background or a vibrant wall paired with a brighter floor color.

Classic closets

The classic-style closet offers an elegant and cosmopolitan decor, as you would expect to see in a luxury hotel. Equally suitable for men and women, this decor style often employs dark woods for cabinets and shelves and shades of grey, light blue and dark brown for upholstery and walls for a timeless and softly luxurious look.

It’s a style that will suit a wide range of properties and has vastly appealing to the market – something to keep in mind for those renovating with an eye to resale.

Perfect modern dressing room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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