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How to store shoes creatively and efficiently

Many countries have a culture of taking off their shoes before entering the house. Taking off your shoes is a hygienic lifestyle to avoid bringing various foreign substances from outside shoes into the room, so it is good to make it a daily routine. If you take off your shoes at the entrance, you need an appropriate storage cabinet that can effectively organize your shoes and create a neat space. In a large family with many family members, if shoes are not properly stored, the space can look cluttered, and especially in a small house, unorganized shoes can become a factor in hindering the flow of space.

Simple mobile furniture

The simplest design can sometimes be the best design. The simple but beautiful and functional hanger in the photo is designed to store not only silk clothes, but also shoes, bags, and accessories in various ways. These shoe racks and hangers that go well with minimalist and industrial styles are recommended for singles and couples living in a small and compact space.

Go all-in on color

Shoe cabinets used to store shoes generally focus on function, so the design often follows the function. The shoe cabinet in the photo is a design in which a rectangular steel support supports two shoe cabinets with unique colors placed in different directions, considering both functional and aesthetic aspects. The pop of color in the shoe cabinet breathes life into the walls, making the space more lively and dynamic.

Drawer made of baskets

Unruly, unruly shoes on the porch cause visual chaos. However, you can easily solve this problem by using a product such as a small and compact shoe rack in the picture. In fact, the shoe rack in the photo is a product made using IKEA shelves and matching baskets. Each basket also features a label with the name of a family member. These smart ideas can save you time on a busy morning.

Space under the stairs

If you haven’t used the space under the stairs in our house, how about using it as a shoe storage space for our family? The shoe cabinet, designed to fit the space under the stairs, has a slide method for easy opening and closing, and the height of the shelf is different to accommodate various types of shoes.

Multipurpose cabinet

For a large family with many family members, there is never enough space. To alleviate these concerns,  architect introduced a cabinet with various functions. This cabinet is designed not only to provide a place to sit for a while, but also to hang frequently worn coats and store shoes and personal items. If the shoes to be stored are stored in the cabinet at the bottom, contamination from the outside can be prevented, and they do not interfere with the eyes, creating a neat feeling. Because of its simple structure, it can be customized and installed regardless of space, so why not try this versatile cabinet system in our home?

Function and simplicity

A shoe cabinet with a functional and simple design is always the right choice. The shoe cabinet in the photo has several drawers, which not only helps to store shoes efficiently, but also serves as a decoration because it retains the feeling of solid wood.

Space behind the mirror

If you want to use the limited space as efficiently as possible, you can try using a compact shoe cabinet with a narrow and long width that can store shoes vertically. If you use a door with a mirror instead of a wooden material for the door of the shoe cabinet, you can see the visual effect as if the space has been enlarged.


In a day when vintage and retro are considered fashionable rather than outdated, remodeling an old grandmother’s trunk into a shoe cabinet can be a great idea. If you want to transform a trunk into a shoe cabinet, it is most important to choose a trunk that is the right size for the members of the family.

Solutions for kids

Children’s shoes are small and inconspicuous and can be easily lost if not properly stored. It’s hard to find a better solution to this problem than a Lego-shaped shoe rack. When a child returns home and finds a Lego shoe rack, she may feel like she has everything.

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