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It is important that we invest in the renovation of our homes to bring vitality and freshness to the rooms of the house and give it a new and impressive touch. Who said that rooms should be broken or rebuilt just to renovate them? Even a few simple touches in every room can make a big difference. In today’s article, we will give you some ideas that will develop and renovate rooms without spending a lot of money or effort, so follow us.

1. Changing the lights

Changing the light fixture is a great idea, after you have a traditional light fixture, you can swap it out for an elegant one to freshen up the rooms. You can also get a distinctive design with bold colors to completely change the boring atmosphere by using the lighting units.

2. colored wall

Instead of painting  all the walls in repeating the same color, you can paint only part of the wall or paint one wall in bold colors that give energy and freshness to the rooms.

3. wallpaper

The inscriptions in this year are an important factor in showing the interior decoration of the rooms. Play with some wallpaper or stickers on parts of the wall to change, define and evolve the boring blank wall.

4. Artistic paintings

You can transform the walls of your home into artistic walls and galleries in an easy, fast and inexpensive way using art paintings. You can use it in the roads to fill the longitudinal wall.

5. Creative shelves

Replace the traditional shape of shelves with shelves with new and creative shapes, while making sure to mix a number of shapes and place a number of different collectibles to decorate them.

6. Angled Bar

You can add a table to the kitchen with a high height with the addition of high bar stools to have a space for breakfast in the kitchen and for gathering the family, which changes the general appearance of the kitchen as well as adding a new and practical activity to your home space.

7. Touches of green

Plants are one of the simple factors that add instant liveliness to your home. You can add them around the corners of the house to give a beautiful look, in addition to the well-known benefits of plants from purifying the air, reducing humidity, and more.

8. Built-in shelves

Shelves built into the walls are one way to get a beautiful and simple design. You can add them to the column, using plaster, or taking advantage of other spaces. Here he made places built into the wall to put the fireplace and wooden sticks in an elegant and simple way.

9.Accessories even in the bathroom

We ignore the bathroom and decorate it with elegant decorations, as we consider it a purely functional room. But you must take care of decorating it, putting soap sets and practical hangers for hanging towels and clothes, lighting, especially the mirror, with an elegant design.

10. Furniture reuse

Instead of changing your home furniture, you can recycle and reuse old furniture by painting it in elegant colors or return sofas with old fabric and upholstery with a different fabric, it is an easy way to change the general atmosphere of the rooms and you can make some ideas yourself.

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