How do I design a garden that meets my needs

How do I design a garden that meets my needs | Gurgaon NCR


How do I design a garden that meets my needs

Whether it’s a space you want to build your green thumb in or want to relax in, you need to create a garden plan before you start planting. Make a list of your needs and wants. Do you want to grow vegetables? Do your children need space to play? Do you dream of lazy summer afternoons on a patio? Start by using paper and draw a site plan to scale. Browse all the characteristics you would like to have, natural elements first (trees, shrubs, rocks, flowers) then artificial elements (pond, pond, swimming pool, terrace). Consider the exposure of the elements according to the exposure of the said garden: annotate the cardinal points and the progression of shade and light on your land. In addition, the land on which your house is located, as well as the soil, will affect the final layout of your garden. Unless you are adept at operating a backhoe or chainsaw, it is best to contact a landscaping or gardening professional to make sure your landscaping plan matches the terrain.

What arrangements in my garden will increase the value of my property?

A well-designed garden will emphasize your home and attract potential buyers. In 2013, the French envisioned the garden as the 5th most important “room” in the house, after the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Low-maintenance plants, lush, well-maintained trees, consistent styling, high-quality paving, and a well-maintained lawn are some of the features experts recommend investing in. If you have a house in the suburbs or on a rural lot, you surely have a lot of space to develop. It’s almost impossible to manage everything at once, both for your schedule and your budget. Choose to start with a defined perimeter and create a relaxing corner or start with a patio. Every landscape needs a focal point that grabs your attention so that is your starting point. It could be a fountain, a driftwood bench, or just a flower bed around an old oak tree.

What can I do to have an easy to maintain garden?

A well-planned and well-appointed garden will ensure that you have an easy to maintain garden, whether you want an English garden, a Japanese garden, or a wild and natural landscape. Before you start planting, think about the exposure. Consider perennial ground cover plants (purple bugle, dead nettle, purple periwinkle, aster, distort…). In addition, certain vegetable plants are reseeded independently, such as lamb’s lettuce, cherry tomatoes, ground watercress. For beds, bet on decorative grasses like blue rescue, copper sedge and angel hair which like poor soil and don’t need a lot of watering. They will shelter many species of insects which will devour aphids and pests and will limit the risk of disease. Plant tight and bet on the trees, but above all,

When to prune my garden?

Apart from October, each month corresponds to a different activity in the garden. In January, we prune the berry bushes. For fruit trees, it will be in February, as well as for hedges. In March, think of your roses and heather. Cut back the head of your acacia in April and rejuvenate stone fruit trees in May. In June, prune the yews, rhododendrons and boxwood and cut back lady’s mantles, lupines and other delphiniums. In July, it will cut back the wisteria and raspberries, then, in August, focus on the proprietaries. As for oleanders, they are in the spotlight at the start of the school year. In November and December, it will be prepared for winter.

Will my house lose value if I reduce the area of ​​my lawn?

Nowadays, we rely more on minimalism. An emerald green lawn is warmest, but its maintenance requires a ton of watering and annual maintenance. If you love a lush lawn, you are not alone. 70% of French households in France have a garden, and its average surface area varies between 300 and 500m². Today, smart garden design means having a lawn as a visual and aesthetic element that interacts with other elements in your yard, such as flower beds and a beautiful, well-landscaped patio. Remember to take a look at our online store, garden section.

How do I design a garden that meets my needs?

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