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Simple and Clean Teen Bedroom | Interior Design firmin Gurgaon

Simple and Clean Teen Bedroom | Interior Design firmin Gurgaon

A personal workspace can help a teenager feel much more independent and productive. This simple mid-century desk is paired with a stylish chest of drawers to create a functional and modern bedroom. Green walls, paintings, and chairs add character and depth to the space.


Modern Rustic Green

Do you like the modern rustic style? What is wrong? This living room is filled with rich details and materials, like a Chesterfield leather sofa and a vintagerug. The large seating area contrasts with the dark green accent wall and polishes the space.


Modern Living Room Design Ideas

Modern design is primarily about elegant furniture and expressive elements. In a modern living room, you want to combine stylish elements with comfort. To create a cosy and modern living room, find cosy fabrics and soft rugs and combine them with eye-catching decorations and materials!


Simple and unique ideas for lighting your home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Room lighting is nothing optional, it is a special necessity in the case of dark rooms, with little or no connection to the outside, lighting must be achieved, in addition to electric lamps, using decorative elements that reflect the light and the furniture itself, the room can be made brighter depending on the existing paint On its walls, the color of the floors, the type of curtains you choose, its furniture upholstery, and the way we distribute that furniture, strategically using these resources can help you illuminate a room and make it a place full of life and light, here are some easy for you.

Use light furniture

An important element that helps brighten up the room is the upholstery of our furniture, especially the upholstery of furniture of a larger size, these are large colored surfaces that occupy a prominent space in the entire room. That is why you should take great care while choosing the upholstery material to achieve the desired aesthetic and chromatic effect in your home, here beige upholstery provides plenty of space and light in the room.

Japanese touch

A room is considered more or less dark depending on the size of its openings and the orientation of windows and balconies. Sometimes the small light inputs, which lead even to interior patios, don’t contribute much to the room’s illumination. However, there are resources to multiply the flow of light, this can be done by choosing blinds and curtains that let the light through, here is a very interesting idea, resort to Japanese panels, a long wall that only has a small window can be the ideal place to put a surface Large Japanese panels, preferably in light tones, which distribute the light as it passes and make the room appear bright.

Mixing natural and artificial lighting

Unique ideas to renovate the look of your home at the lowest costs
Unique ideas to renovate the look of your home at the lowest costs

Here we see a dining room with no natural light, the only source of light being the small openings in the upper part of the adjacent kitchen. For light to cross the kitchen and get into this other room, the designers made a repair, in which a bay window was created, which visually connects the kitchen and dining room, but prevents the passage of noise, smoke and odors. This simple idea helped light up the room, and with this the designers added a unique and original hanging lamp above the table.

Furniture Distribution

If you imagine the room in this photo without the furniture, you might think that it was originally an underground room used as a warehouse. However, if you add furniture, it completely changes its meaning, and this illusory dark pantry becomes bright and full of light. You can achieve all this without touching the architectural elements, only with the installation and distribution of furniture. The details of not sticking the sofa to the wall, give space to the room, thus letting in light and bathing the space while irradiating the color of the broken and slate white painted brick. To allow these old bricks to continue to give light, there is only one panel on its surface, a picture as colorful as the rest of the furniture, the sofa, the tables and the lamps brightening this all-white room.

Add a private viewWall Decorations Creative and Inspirational Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR

What do you do when you have your bedroom in the interior of the house and you don’t have any windows? It’s not a problem, forms a window, the adhesive vinyl gives you the opportunity to transform your wall into anything you want. Why not create the look of a window overlooking your beloved Paris as you can see in the picture. With the exception of the brightly colored pillows, everything simple white reflects a lot of light, making the room light and bright. Here’s how you can make a statement in white.

Simple decorating ideas | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

We humans invented the entrance as an interface area to connect one area room from one house to another. These entrance spaces have proven so practical that they have become an integral part of home designs and other structures, but while very useful, they are not always the most visually pleasing spaces – especially since most hallways tend to be very narrow, Which makes designing them somewhat tricky (unless you’re a professional like an interior designer who lives for design challenges like this!

1- Determine the area

Initially determine the size of your entryway (i.e. how much room/foyer is adjacent) and commit to keeping this space free of clutter. Any area not designated for a neat and clean look is on its way to becoming a wasteland.

Since a lot of the foyer is on the smaller side, it offers a unique opportunity to try different styles, colors and themes

2- Choose a suitable style

Since a lot of the foyers are on the smaller side, they offer a unique opportunity to experiment with different styles, colors, and themes.

Attention: Although you don’t want your entryway to have a completely different look than the rest of the house, you are allowed to be brave with decor that can add more impact (such as bright wall color, patterned wallpaper, choice in lighting…) Where entrances and corridors are considered middle areas .

3- Create a wall gallery

Old, but good. When some people see an empty corridor, others see a clean canvas just waiting for some color, pattern, and a lot of character. Plus, is there a better way to personalize your home with family portraits and exciting pieces of art?

4- Use consistent tones

Yes, a splash of fresh paint is definitely on our list, but instead of making your hallway light and bright (white tints, cream colors, beige tones, anyone?), why not consider a scattering of darker shades between a lighter scheme? These bold hues are sure to make anyone do a double-take, since it’s inappropriate to paint the entryway a darker color.

5- A more modern touch

If you want modern style to seamlessly sweep across the entire hallway (regardless of whether it’s an entryway or a simple area connecting one room with the next, consider complementing neutrals, sleek floors, strong geometric and linear patterns, designs, and coordinating accent pieces).

And if you need a small surface to store things, we recommend a neat (and slim) storage lift that doesn’t take up much legroom.

6- A special area rug

A logic rug is the quickest way to define a narrow hallway and give it some warmth. Add to this look some pendant lights and maybe some potted plants (if there’s enough legroom) to make this previously bleak hallway even more inviting.

7- Add a built-in bookcase

Don’t be discouraged by this blank wall. Instead, see it as an untapped source of storage in your hallway. Consider investing in a decent built-in bookcase (it takes up less legroom than a stand-alone bookcase) to add character and functionality to that hallway that wasn’t there before.

Simple decorating ideas | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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