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Super Gorgeous Maximal Decoration | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

In terms of decor, the distinctive minimalist style with its solid walls, subdued color schemes, and clean and simple lines has become a crowd favorite.

But what about the maxima list style? It turns out that this year, this one style is so happening!

This interior style is more about the art of combining colors, patterns, eclectic decorations with various accessories and furniture.

Well, to help you master the maxima list look, we’ve rounded up some great examples from our designers.

  1. Maximize traditional style

At the heart of any maxima list space is a bold combination of colors and textures. As shown in this dwelling, where traditional styles are presented from colorful patterns on sofas, paintings, antique cabinets and traditional displays. The plain walls present an urban character, while providing a contrast to the various patterns that beautify this corner.

  1. Displays different patterns and colors

The interesting combination of seating, paintings and red wood decorations on the walls, which are incompatible actually enhances the eclectic atmosphere of the room.

If you notice, this room uses a mat -like base, which can unite all the earth tones in this area.

Green curtains, the presence of a traditional style room divider, and decorative pillows combined with wooden furniture, make this room so eye-catching!

  1. Unique bathroom!

While many bathrooms have plain walls, the walls of this bathroom are actually covered in black and white patterns, which when viewed from a distance form an image of trees and the sea.

These white walls seem to be the stage for an explosion of color and pattern. Doors and other walls each display an accent that is no less interesting. White, black, gold, these three things blend together beautifully. Each bold patterned feature is balanced by something in a solid color. A white bathtub, a small table with a black base and decorative flooring are combined with furniture in solid colors.

  1. Using wallpapers with beautiful motifs

Bold colors and patterns are essential in a maxima list-inspired home. For example, adding wallpaper, curtains and decorative accessories in a variety of patterns and motifs can help you make the most of your decor.

Here, Design Intervention made this living room very unique. Most are filled with ordinary furniture, but the designer played with brightly colored furniture. On the wall behind the sofa is wallpaper with a pattern of blue and green leaves, an amazing contrast in terms of color and pattern. And what is no less eye-catching is the painting that is hung on the wallpaper, it looks mismatched, but actually displays a very stylish maxima list style!

  1. Explore walls and create fantastic walls

Add a dramatic touch to your bedroom, it can provide a pleasant atmosphere. And will definitely make you more comfortable in it. Well, again you can use wallpaper to decorate your walls, as shown in this room. One of the keys is that you can explore your walls, and come up with fantastic walls to introduce a maxima list style to any room in your home. And don’t forget to complete it with unique lamps, pillowcases of various motifs or colors to make a statement in the room.

  1. Beautiful clash with painting and sofa art

This room makes the most of it with bright colors and bold patterns on the sofa. Wooden cabinets, unique paintings on the walls, sky blue carpets, and pillows of different shapes, take the maxima list style to another level. The designer managed to create a stunning interior. Not to mention, the decor around it deliberately clashes beautifully with the painting and sofa artwork.

  1. Cool graffiti wall

When it comes to the maxima list trend, the bedroom is the perfect place to explore this contemporary style. The designers had a cool idea to bring a graffiti wall into the bedroom, what’s even more interesting is that graffiti is combined with a brick wall.

Sticking to the brown color scheme makes it all work. The designer managed to turn the room into a colorful retreat with wooden furniture and decorative accents. The bright colors of the graffiti bring this room to life!

  1. Hit the exciting colors!

This lively living room brings joy, with a focus on bright colors and eye-catching textures. The dazzling look proves that it’s okay to rock a bright color on sofas, rugs, walls and combine it with a black chandelier chandelier. Interesting isn’t it?

  1. Combine hardwood floors with gold-tone accessories

although the neutral color scheme inspired by Scandinavian decor is still loved by many, beautifying your home with vibrant colors is trending right now, you know.

Like this one family room that fascinates us with a very unique maximalist style. Combining hardwood floors with accessories in vibrant gold tones, makes this room so special. So now you don’t need to hesitate anymore if you want to combine a sofa with a tropical style with a classic sofa. The proof, this one maxima list room makes you fall in love.

  1. Bright room with Charlie Chaplin painting

This classic style furniture adds cozy luxury to this unique and chic living room. A white sofa with colorful accents completes the room with pillowcases that also come in bold colors. While the red-orange-white curtains, and the blue leopard carpet bring balance. A decorative table with mirrored glass and a Charlie Chaplin painting contribute to the symmetry of the room.

  1. Comic-themed bathroom

Want to create a bathroom with a different theme from the usual bathroom? How about a comic theme like this one room. The maxima list style that is expressed in this room plays with the typical comic wallpaper which is quite lively, then combined with a blue painting.

To make the bathroom more lively, red and white colors were applied to the walls, bathroom fixtures and tiles. The result, a super cool bathroom that makes us excited every time we want to take a shower in the morning.

  1. Glamorous dining room

This last room no less impressed us with the maxima list style that managed to give a glamorous impression. The green walls are combined with decorative mirrors that are side by side with a table decorated with gold leaves and flower vases.

The presence of a chandelier makes this room look luxurious. Moreover, in the dining room, a unique chandelier is also installed, which complements the beautiful and unique decoration of the dining table.

Well, here are some of the main characteristics of the maximalist style:

  1. Layering.
  2. Use a variety of motifs and patterns, such as floral, abstract, and animal images.
  3. Dare to combine bright and bright colors.
  4. Displaying displays or furniture with a unique design.
  5. Mix and match textures and colors
  6. In one room decoration with various displays, ranging from books, statues, paintings, etc.
  7. Combine several styles at once, such as classic style with boho for example.

Super Gorgeous Maximal Decoration | Gurgaon

  • Super Gorgeous Maximal Decoration | Gurgaon Interior Design Firm

  • Super Gorgeous Maximal Decoration | Gurgaon

Surprising Small Room Design | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Small room interior decoration from time to time will end up being a difficult task. However it might not be therefore if you discover simply the correct inspiration to embellish your little front room, bedroom, area or office. Therefore these days we’ve collected fifteen of the foremost stunning small room interior decorations. You’ll have many concepts to decorate the nooks and corners of your home from these images.

Recent and bright

The refreshing decor of this small home office ejaculate living room is absolute to inspire you in many various ways. See the utilization of colors during this space. Maybe you’ll conjure an equally gorgeous combination for your room? Verify however smartly the designer used natural light-weight to form the atmosphere even additional cheerful.

Small chamber interior decoration

We all know it’s troublesome to embellish a cushy bedroom in a very small space. However don’t worry. You now have all the mandatory ingredients of an incredible bedroom interior decoration right before of you. The low bed optimizes the offered space. The digital computer is constructed within the corner of the room.

Scandinavian office

Scandinavian interior decoration helps you style a minimalist living area. See however bright and exquisite this small office looks. Light-weight piece of furniture with a classy design decorates its interior. Floating shelves maximize the storage area.

Little and stylish

Does one have a small living room? Then don’t trouble yourself an excessive amount of concerning that. Avoid inserting large furniture here. Use a color theme that produces the area feel additional expansive. Use mirrors on the walls to form it look more spacious.

Small hobby room

This can be definitely one in all the tiniest nevertheless prettiest hobby rooms you will ever get to see. Imagine sitting in a very space like this with a book in hand. See however the place has been created softer with the assistance of natural wood flooring and cozy cushions.

Delicious feeding

The easy combination with a pronounced use of beige and white build this space appearance therefore stunning. Trendy piece of furniture has been set within the middle of the area. The layout makes the room look additional expansive than it truly is.

Relax stylish

This part of the building is roofed by glass from three sides. It makes the area brighter and softer despite its size of size. Light-weight chairs and little table are used to embellish this small space for relaxation.

Charming area

This charming small room ejaculates dining area boasts of an uncommon style. Its tan combination is a few things that make the room look so warm. Upholstered chairs in lavender tone balance the color scheme. Floor to ceiling cupboards lookout of the storage connected concern.

Trendy small front room

House crunch has become an enormous downside for the householders living within the fashionable cities. However, architects and interior designer try their best to assist you alleviate a number of the issues of little home. A straightforward design just like the one you see on the image higher than holds the proper answer for all of your concern. This trendy front room has everything you need, however nothing in the excess.

Little kid’s room design

This kid’s room happens to be small and have an acute rectangular shape. One half the areas have been wont to place the platform beds. The opposite half has been decorated with inbuilt cabinets.

Wood clad kid’s room

This one could be a fine example of small kid’s room. It’s built entire of wood that is a wonderful possibility for the small ones occupying the space. The area is adorned with loft beds and ample storage space. A spacious study has additionally been placed within the middle for the good thing about the little ones.

Front room with an industrial interior decoration

Does one feel industrial style to be rather edgy? Then have a glance at this small living room. It forms a part of a lodging with lower than 600 sq. feet house. The brilliant red color of the feature wall has been nicely balance with wood flooring and funky white shade on the opposite walls and ceiling.

Wonderful ceiling design

The planning of the ceiling can like a shot draw the eye of the guests who would step into this small fashionable living room. Its gray interior is far in set with up to date design trends.

Operating stylish

True, this office occupies solely a small space of the complete house. However this one might well be one in every of the foremost charming areas to be, particularly for people who got to work from home for long. It’s adequate space for storing and a cushy chair to sit down and add peace.

Gorgeous lecture room

We tend to spherical off this post with the image of another stunning little study. It’s adorned in a minimalist fashion. The dark tone of the piece of furniture and wall mounted shelves put the speckles white color of the interior. It receives natural light-weight in abundance that is another one of its huge advantages.

Super Stylish Kitchen Shelf Ideas | Gurgaon and Gurugram

The splendor of the design is undisputed by two, especially if it combines practicality and high artistic taste, and when we talk about that difficult equation in execution directly, we think about designing  the perfect kitchen  in it, and here is the time to start a wonderful tour with in creativity 12 A different design for kitchens that combine the magic of taste, implementation and use of the main surface components in them (sink shelf – island shelf – cabinets) in a way that suits each design.

1- Colored wood

Using wood and coloring it in colors close to the color of metal is a modern thinking par excellence, and it will give you the opportunity to design places inside wood and cabinets for electrical appliances that are close to the same color, so that the kitchen appears irresistible and luxurious in all its components, and you can also design the sink shelf in this model It is made of dark marble that resembles those metallic colors and can also be designed from the same quality of wood used in the cabinets to complete the balance in the kitchen as we see

2- Marble with wood

In small kitchens, practicality prevails over aesthetics, but in this design, every creative thought is combined, as the shelf surrounding all parts of the kitchen is in a U-shape and the black color is made of clear and shiny granite, which is also easy to clean.

3- Wood in everything except the surface of marble

The use of large marble blocks in the kitchen counter top and sink shelf, which is similar to the majesty used in the stairs, will be inexpensive and attractive in shape, and it will also go well with any type of walls and cabinets, even wood and aluminum

4- Practical and beautiful

Wood is also one of the most wonderful, practical and economical surfaces. It has an attractive appearance and is quick to clean and is very suitable for serving as an ideal surface for your elegantly designed kitchen at the lowest possible costs.

5- Wood pillars with light

And this is another example of using the same wood columns, not boards, to design the kitchen surface. With a little artistic sense in highlighting the surface, you will have an integrated artistic painting in your kitchen.

6- Shelves and a counter top of one quality

The design of the surface of the same type as the shelves will be asymmetric and balance is a good thing, and you will have in your kitchen a variety of uses for the same material in more than one place, such as the upper shelves and the kitchen surface next to the sink, which accepts the formation and coordination in any way your kitchen is like this The design that is in the form of a right angle without distorting the surface in anything, and it is always the beauty of wood.

7- Granite

Granite is one of the most beautiful and hardest surfaces that can decorate your kitchen decor. It is highly practical and carries multiple colors and shapes. You can choose from among the most suitable for your taste and design.

8- Small shelf for the sink

In the case of small shelves, it is sufficient to use a strong shelf for the sink that can withstand the daily and repeated work in the kitchen, and there is nothing better than marble in this case.

9- Rectangle letter L

Design a longitudinal shelf if your kitchen has a rectangular layout like this model, then the shelf here will be the first hero and the most prominent determinant of your kitchen personality, the most prominent thing that our eyes fell on in this kitchen was the shiny marble shelf of course.

10- A magical mixture

You can combine more than one shelf of different types in one surface, such as this center bar overlooking a large surface in the house, and it is a stable trip for meals and quick drinks, and it has an ideal modern design.

11- Modern colors

With modern colors and the combination of white and black in the kitchen decor, the white shelf is a double-edged sword, and in order to be positive, you must always keep it clean because the white color is susceptible to everything you use in the kitchen and external factors as well, such as dust and dust.

12- Annealing of wood

What is the best way to make wood look attractive in this way to create surfaces and cabinets of the same type, pattern and color professionally without any dissonance from the beautiful symphony that he plays in every meter used in this simple and beautiful kitchen as well.

Sunrooms offer the best of both worlds. | Interior Design firm Gurgaon

They give you the ability to take advantage of the natural light and views outside without having to be outside, meaning you can enjoy the space year-round, whatever the weather… which is heat and humidity here in Florida means. Follow these tips to make your sunroom your favorite room in the house!wallsSunny rooms naturally get a lot of light, so make sure yours is light and bright too. furniture, rattan and weatheredwood furniture are excellent choices for conservatories. Keep upholstery pieces neutral like white or cream and build on that. Add personality with fun cushions and accessories.plantsplants are a great idea for the home garden because they naturally bring the outside space inside. They provide a great transition between indoors and outdoors and will thrive in the sun.floorsDefine your space with a rug. Natural rugs like sisal and jute are excellent choices for conservatories. Dhurrie rugs can add a pop of color and are also durable. window treatments With so much natural light, window treatments are a must in a sunny space. They can help keep the room cool and protect your furniture. Simple matches or rattan rolls are the perfect choice for conservatories and won’t break the bank!

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