A guide to using tile shapes Best Interior Design Firm

A guide to using tile shapes | Best Interior Design Firm | 2023

A guide to using tile shapes | Best Interior Design Firm

Contemporary Living Room Floor & Wall Tiles Design – Interior A to Z

Are you looking for a stylish makeover for your drab living room with modern floor tiles? Browse through our enormous collection of wall and floor tiles to make your decision. Since tiles are a longer-term investment, you should make sure that they are both elegant and durable while also being adaptable to future interior changes.

There are numerous forms, size formats, and pattern options for the living room tile designs. You have a lot of choices, which can be confusing. You might start by narrowing down a design motif for your interior decor. The choice of colors and textures for many design elements would be simple.

Contemporary Living Room Wall and Floor Designs

Stone tiles

Tiles made of marble are utilized in entryway areas, accent walls, and flooring. Ideal for a luxurious upgrading. Ceramic tiles provide excellent insulation, are quite robust, don’t easily break, and reflect light to make a room appear brighter. Suitable for use on walls and floors. Black, brown, grey, white, and other naturally occurring hues of marble are available in slab and block sizes.

Marble is a porous stone that absorbs a lot of water. However, a polished or honed finish minimizes porosity and produces a glossy finish. Sandblasted or flamed finishes have a matte or rustic texture and are slip-resistant. Therefore, perfect for exterior floor and cladding uses in foyers, entranceways, and lobby areas.

Design of Wooden Bedroom Tiles

Your living rooms have a cozy feeling thanks to the wooden floor tiles. Hardwood tiles can be used on both walls and floors. Designers smoothly combine classic, retro, minimalist, or contemporary design elements using wood tiles as neutrals. For a seamless interior blending, the wooden color pallet ranges from lighter to darker shades.

Add them to your modern living room floor tiles in lovely parquet, plank, or strip designs, and brace yourself for a timeless luxury. Children and cats can safely walk on the wood flooring because it is durable, low maintenance, and easy to restore.


One of the most popular types of tiles is vitrified tile. Full body, glazed, double charge, and soluble salt are the four varieties. The best salts are robust, and soluble salt is a good option if you’re on a tight budget. They compete well with marble and granite for use as flooring since they come in such a lovely assortment of patterns, shapes, and formats.

Similar to conventional ceramic tiles, but fused with silica and clay; these tiles have more mechanical strength than granite. On vitrified tiles, the sheen endures for many years. They have little water absorption and are scratch-resistant. These qualities make these tiles simple to maintain.

Terracotta Floor Tile

Clay tiles are fired at high temperatures to create terracotta tiles, a particular variety. Warm, earthy colors and natural tonal variations are features of the environmentally beneficial material terracotta. With the use of wall tiles in living rooms, gardens, and commercial spaces, these classic creations are ideal for minimal and mid-century themes.

Your living rooms have an earthy, natural feel thanks to the lovely soft reds. They are also perfect for designing external wall tiles and flooring. Consider terracotta if you long for homes in the Mediterranean, Spanish, or Italian styles.

Ceramic Tiles

A more modern and superior type of ceramic tile utilized in kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas is porcelain. These tiles require little maintenance and are extremely water resistant, durable, stain-resistant, and frost- and fire-resistant. Porcelain tiles are frequently utilized in a number of situations, including residential and commercial structures, for flooring, worktops, and walls. They come in a range of designs, hues, and finishes that imitate stone, wood, and various patterns. They are also comparatively simple to maintain and clean.

Granite is a naturally occurring stone that comes in polished, honed, and leathered finishes. Excellent for tile designs in hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms. These are extremely strong, long-lasting, and scratch- and moisture-resistant. They are applied to walls, floors and other high-traffic areas, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom. They can either have a natural, honed finish or be polished to a high sheen. Because granite is so strong and long-lasting, they are a wise investment.

Stylish Tile Designs for Floor Tiles in Contemporary Living Rooms

Complex Moroccan Tiles

Moroccan tiles can be used in a living room with a minimalist, neutral color scheme. Give your contemporary living room floor tiles a more elaborate, creative feel. The guests will be astounded by the beautiful tile designs. Moroccan tiles can be installed on walls and in large areas like foyers, balconies, and passageways.

With a dash of color, some plants, and a pendant light, you can transform a plain corner into a lovely nook or give the wall in the foyer an artistic look. Is there a small hallway connecting the living area to additional rooms? By using Moroccan floor tiles, you may transform it into an incredibly welcoming hallway.

Adaptable Hexagons

Hexagonal tiles are fashionable and give off a modern mood because of the honeycomb-like patterns they produce with their design. Still uncertain! Try them out in small-scale installations in lobbies, hallways, and balconies. In whites, grays, and black, the beauty of hexagonal tile is in full bloom.

When combined with other tile designs for a small living room wall tiles design, flooring, or accent walls, hexagonal tile designs look stylish and eye-catching. Utilize them with layered shades to produce a chic, one-of-a-kind foyer wall. They can also be combined with a textured wall for an eclectic-modern appearance. The tiles are not as fragile as they seem, anyway. One of the strongest forms found in nature is the hexagon.

Mid-century Terrazzos

The terrazzo tiles have a mid-century modern feel to them. You would adore them in this brand-new hip, jazzy, and vibrant avatar. Their popularity is growing for flooring, furniture tops, foyers, and corridors. These tiles are a mixture of epoxy, cement, marble chips, and other stone chips. They come in a variety of patterns and colors and are strong. Terrazzo is ideal for flooring and wall applications in living spaces because of its wide selection of lovely designs.

Try Terracotta as Well in Earthy Tones

The Nordic and minimal design styles are renowned for their clean lines, spacious interiors, and subdued tranquilly. Different design elements are fusing the earthy tones. The earthy tones go well with most design motifs and complement a variety of interiors.

Think of earthy tile patterns that go with any decor, whether it be modern, vintage, or minimal. Try out tile patterns in earthy browns, soft yellows, or creamy beige tones. Most of these adaptable color schemes are frequently regarded as classic choices. various tile materials, including ceramic, porcelain, and genuinely earthy terracotta’s, are available.

Upkeep of Floor Tile Patterns

For the lifespan of your flooring and wall tiles design, living room tile care is required. You have the option of easy-to-clean glossy surfaces or stain-resistant tile patterns. Clean up spills, grease, and stains right away for routine maintenance. For optimal results, use a damp cloth or a mop with soapy water and mild organic anti-germ cleansers. To avoid harming the floor’s gloss, avoid using aggressive chemicals to remove stains.

Every type of tile has different upkeep requirements. Take marble and wood, two examples of natural materials with lovely patterns created through time. Costly long-format tiles like marble require upkeep through sealing and polishing to maintain their appearance and longevity. Polishing and termite protection are necessary for the design of wooden floor tiles. Any damaged strip can be easily replaced. Marble and wood can both be restored on a large scale.

Choose professional cleaning services if your efforts to restore the original appearance of the tile designs are unsuccessful.

Questions and Answers (FAQS)

Which tile in a living room is the toughest?

Due to its endurance, vitrified tile for flooring is a preferred option. Other tiles, like granite and marble, merit consideration, though. Take attention to the particular upkeep requirements of various tile types.

What Kind Of Shapes, Textures, And Patterns Of Tiles Are Available For The Design Of Tiles For A Living Room?

Matte, glossy, high-gloss, rustic, and anti-skid are the many flooring textures. Wall textures include designer, silky, embossed, and 3D effects. Fashionable tile designs including elaborate Moroccan, geometric, monochromatic, and pastel-colored patterns are constantly in style. Recently, interest in the honeycomb-shaped tiles has increased.

What Material Is Used to Make Terrazzo Tiles?

Terrazzo is a composite material comprised of cement, stone, marble, epoxy, and it comes in monolith, epoxy, bonded, sand-cushioned, and rustic forms. These are frequently used in living rooms with high foot traffic.

Which Tile Colors Work Best in the Living Room?

Since they go well with a variety of decorating themes and furniture colors, neutral or warm tones like beige, cream, or light grey are popular choices for living room tiles.

Which floor tiles can enlarge the living room?

Big format tiles in light colors and with little pattern can provide the sense of additional space and reflect natural light, making the living room look larger.

For the most recent tile designs for your living room, speak with our Interior A to Z interior designers. We have everything you’ll need for the ideal, aesthetically pleasing living room environment, including high-gloss tiles and anti-skid tiles for both your floor and walls.

  • A guide to using tile shapes in your home decor | Gurgaon | Gurugram


In this article we take you on a tour inside a large apartment was on the poor condition and the details of the poor, but has been completely converted into a new apartment in a spectacular way, became the new details that eliminated the bad old details completely and made it a distinctive and beautiful, such as changing  the furniture  and floor tiles and use of parquet,

In addition to The thing that will surprise you the most is the balcony, which was an unused area in the apartment and was filled with chaos and dust, and turned into a wonderful garden for a beautiful relaxing session in which you can have a cup of coffee or read a book.

Types of tile paint

The starting point for any project involving painting tiles, whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom, has to do with the choice of paint. Beyond color or finish, although generally most of them share common properties in adhesion or resistance, you must know the different alternatives on the market and choose the most appropriate in each case. Thus, we can talk about two main types of tile coatings: synthetic enamel and acrylic.

The main difference has to do with the basis that both uses distinct, while the former have an oil base, in the case of acrylic tile panel is water. Also in the finishes, differences can be seen since, in the case of synthetic enamels, they are brighter.

Advantages and disadvantages of tile painting

Its easy to apply and relatively cheap price are two of the main attractions of the tile panel, which in any case, has both advantages and disadvantages. At the outset, it is worth noting its great commitment and standardization of finishes (available in matt, gloss or satin). You can wash it, able to withstand certain conditions of humidity in a private bathroom or kitchen that is generally applicable without priming the former and is available in wide color palette flaps.

One of the major drawbacks of tile and synthetic enamel paint is that when cleaned with turpentine or solvents, they eventually tend to yellow. Drying times can also become a hindrance when applied or tiled rooms can be reused. In this sense, water-based tile paints take longer to dry than acrylic. On the other hand, you must be careful in using products to clean these surfaces since a mistake in your choice can cause the paint to stand up and must touch up imperfections.

Where do you apply tile paint?

Walls are a key piece in interior design and decoration, and that, outside of their role as room zoning elements, their appearance can completely transform the aesthetics of a room. The introduction of new paint, the restoration of others that seemed to have fallen into oblivion or a combination of different materials greatly enriched the possibilities, however, did not bring up the ounce of gravity for ceramics.

This being the case, it is not surprising that the tiles for the kitchen and bathroom are the most usual, because traditionally both rooms were covered with this highly resistant material. However, nowadays, different types and versions of tile paint can be used on furniture and counter tops although it is advisable to consult the manufacturer’s instructions.

All you need

Having professional illustrators means savings in investing in tools that will probably never be used again or will eventually deteriorate even before a new project is imagined. However, if the idea is to do it yourself, the budget should include short hair rollers (at least two and if necessary reach high areas, which are extendable), a brush or pallet for difficult areas and corners, and a container or bucket For enamel, tile plate needed for the surface to be covered and protective items such as plastic, body tape or gloves.

Basic tips before you start

Once the different types of tile coatings have been analyzed, the one that best suits the specific needs of each room and the necessary tools are gathered is the time to prepare the area for a room transformation. Whether it’s painting tiles in the bathroom or if a makeover is happening in the kitchen, make sure the surface is completely clean. Any blemish, no matter how small, can make the results look shabby, so you have to clean it thoroughly and check that everything is dry before applying the tile paint.

It is also advisable to prepare the tools that will be used and, in the case of new brushes, wash them and separate the bristles so that they do not lose any during the application of enamel. In addition, it is essential to completely cover with plastic or body tape any item prone to succumbing to spills or stains, i.e. furniture, switches, windows or doors…

How to draw tiles step by step

The application of tile painting is not particularly complicated although there are some basic recommendations to consider before you get down to business. To begin with, it is pertinent that the first areas to be covered are those that are considered complex, i.e. those located next to furniture, skirting boards, frames…and later continue through the more accessible areas. When painting tiles, it is necessary to respect the drying times both for repainting and for the first layer since; otherwise, the results may show imperfections.

The original way to add a personal stamp to an ensemble is to create contrasts. To obtain it, you can combine different colors, apply patterns or simply leave the panels in another tone. Professionals are the ones who can advise you best on what is the best option by offering you original alternatives like this mural with ceramic sign. You will find many examples of how to transform your bathroom or kitchen by simply painting tiles. Ready to ride for inspiration? Contact our professionals!

A healthy way to get rid of harmful paint smells

As we method the brand new season, there may be those who are considering making modifications to the interior. You can extrude the environment of the room with the aid of using converting the furnishings or completing substances that make up the interior.

As hobby in self-interiors increases, tries to extrude areas with the aid of using themselves are increasing. One manner is to repaint the paint. However, whilst a brand new paint process is executed indoors, the odor of paint ultimate with inside the area does now no longer supply the occupants a pleasing feeling.

Not simplest the odor of paint, however additionally dangerous materials from production materials, wallpaper, and new furnishings used while constructing a brand new residence or constructing can motive dermatitis and headaches. This symptom, known as ill residence syndrome, is an environmental pollutants sickness as a result of chemical compounds which include benzene, formaldehyde, and acetone.

In addition to those chemical compounds, materials which include mold and viruses also can contaminate indoor air and supply off odors.

Humidity manage and good enough air flow can remedy this problem, and there are numerous materials that assist this process. The great manner is to apply materials in each day existence which might be innocent to the human body.

If you positioned charcoal with inside the house, it could be used as a herbal desiccant, and lemon and baking soda are powerful for cleansing and putting off odors. Here’s a way to use those herbal materials to take away awful smells, together with paint smells, and to maintain the room comfortable.

Coffee powder, coffee grounds

If you brew espresso immediately with espresso powder, do now no longer throw away the residue after brewing the espresso, however positioned it in a separate bowl. If you do not brew espresso at home, you could without problems discover used espresso grounds at a close-by cafe. Some shops positioned it in a separate bag in order that every body who desires to take it may take it.
The accumulated espresso grounds are positioned in a quite bowl and positioned in an area that calls for humidity manage or smell removal, together with with inside the kitchen, residing room, or refrigerator, to correctly eliminate odors. It may be used to dispose of paint odors in addition to odors from fish, pork, trash cans, shoes, etc. You also can positioned espresso grounds in an ashtray. Coffee grounds also are powerful in getting rid of odors from plastic boxes used for a protracted time.


Many of you understand that charcoal has the capacity to purify the air and modify humidity. Charcoal is in a dry kingdom with out moisture and has extremely good humidification impact as exceptional pores are distributed. When the humidity is high, it absorbs moisture to manipulate the humidity, and whilst the room is dry, it releases moisture to boom the humidity.
Placing charcoal all through the residence will assist cast off dampness and save you mold from developing at the wallpaper or flooring. It now no longer most effective regulates humidity, however additionally absorbs odors in every day life. Charcoal is only for the duration of the primary month, however after the scent adsorption ability has deteriorated, it is able to be reused with inside the following way.
Put sufficient water to cowl the antique charcoal in a pot, boil it, flip off the heat, and positioned the charcoal with inside the pot. After soaking for approximately 20 minutes, cast off the charcoal and dry it with inside the coloration to look the antique impact.


Candles also can be used as a herbal desiccant. Candles manage humidity and cast off ugly odors, making the room pleasant. If you operate an fragrant scented candle, you may anticipate it to behave as an air freshener. In addition, it has an insect repellent effect, so it is right to apply with inside the wet season. It eliminates odors with inside the residence and spreads a mild heady fragrance that isn’t always burdensome, similarly improving the surroundings of the space.
Let’s pick out the heady fragrance of candles in line with the season. You can examine more approximately the sorts and examples of candles that now no longer best have deodorizing and dehumidifying effects, however additionally ornamental effects.

Water and drinks

Steaming Coke gets  rid of the smell of the toilet bowl Don’t throw away the cola left over after eating delivered food or the cola that has leaked because it’s been a while since you bought it, and pour it into the toilet. If you flush the water after 30 minutes, the stinky dirt and smell of the toilet will disappear as well. In addition, the green tea bag is small in size, so it is good for getting rid of dirt in every corner and odor in every corner.

It is also good for removing the fishy smell left on the grill after grilling the fish and also for cleaning the scale of the sink. Also, when you smell the odor from the drain, thickening the salt water and pouring it is effective in removing the smell.


Onions are powerful in doing away with the scent after a clean paint job. If you break up the onion and location it in each corner and cranny, the scent of paint and the onion neutralize every different and the scent is removed. Although it does now no longer capture the dangerous additives of paint, the impact of eliminating the scent of paint could be very good. The techniques brought with inside the article dispose of horrific odors, however they do now no longer clear up the dangerous materials that purpose unwell residence syndrome.
It is higher to location plant life in your private home that manage now no longer best the scent however additionally the additives with inside the air, or get assist from a expert who gets rid of the purpose of unwell residence syndrome. Also, it’s far essential to put in a the front window and ventilate it frequently, just like the residence on First Avenue with inside the photo.
There is a way referred to as bake out as a manner to dispose of unwell residence syndrome, that is a way to elevate the room temperature and launch dangerous materials contained in constructing substances to the out of doors. It is ideal to do that earlier than shifting in as it may cast off 50% of the purpose of unwell residence syndrome through discharging pollution in a brief time.
In order to carry out bake-out, first, all home windows speaking with the out of doors have to be closed and all doorways of furnishings internal have to be opened. Turn at the heating machine and keep it at 35-forty tiers Celsius for approximately 10 hours a day. After that, open all home windows and ventilate for 1 to two hours. Repeat this method five times. In addition, if flora with huge mouths, tall houseplants, and succulents are grown indoors, it’ll now no longer best purify the air however additionally assist get rid of odors.


When meals smells with inside the microwave or oven, reduce a lemon and placed it in a bowl, then run the system for two mins to eliminate the odor with inside the system. When the odor of meals does now no longer disappear from the refrigerator, the fishy odor left at the reducing board or knife after trimming the fish is without problems eliminated through rubbing it with a lemon.
It additionally has a sterilizing effect, so it’s miles appropriate to be used in meals coping with spaces. Dry the leftover tea, placed it on a frying pan, and fry it for approximately 15 mins to create smoke, that is powerful in casting off the odor of paint. It smells like burning, however the heady fragrance of tea fills the room.

Baking soda

Baking soda is an important component for cleansing and deodorizing. Under the call of herbal detergent, herbal deodorant, and herbal desiccant, it’s far gambling a great position in numerous fields of housework. Put baking soda in a small field and positioned it with inside the fridge to neutralize the scent. Sprinkle baking soda on a slicing board, trash can, or drain hollow or rub it gently to make it smell less.
Baking soda neutralizes each acidic and barely alkaline odors, so it is ideal for disposing of numerous odors. Sprinkle baking soda at the carpet for an afternoon or so after which suck it up with a brush and vacuum to eliminate the scent of the carpet in addition to the vacuum cleanser that sucked with inside the debris.
When you get with inside the car, the scent of the seat or the shape of the car itself is occasionally extreme sufficient to make you sense dizzy. If you’ve got got pets, spraying baking soda at the muddle field or mattress will assist eliminate the scent.
A healthy way to get rid of harmful paint smells

Distinctive ideas for a more elegant living room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The small living room ideas and valuable decorating tips that we will share with you today will help you design a stylish and comfortable space for you and your guests. By itself, it opens up new opportunities for architects and designers, who are forced to come up with innovative solutions to provide a comfortable room for everyone despite its size.

Before you start decorating your living room or renovating an existing room, always take an accurate measurement of the available area, from a detailed plan, you can use pen and paper to depict your ideas on paper and take suggestions from an experienced interior designer.

Selection of fabrics and textiles

Some interior designers take note of the often overlooked decor choices. These options can easily give your living room a stunning makeover. And don’t worry. These are a great part of small living room ideas on a budget. Choose fabric with little or no embellishments at all. Monochrome upholstery that coincides well with the overall color scheme looks best in a small room. Pair with throws and pillows in vibrant colors and shapes.

Walls and decor in a small living room

It is very important to have a small decor in the living room on the walls, lively wall decor serves as strong distractions, however, I easily turn on the patterns. Choosing a wallpaper with subtle motifs or just decorating a wall, you can invest in an architectural wallpaper that creates a false sense of depth. Mirrors also help make a room feel more spacious, you can install contemporary or frame less mirrors in your living room.

Small living room design ideas

How to decorate a small living room? This question worries many homeowners. The design of a small living room does not have to be overly complicated. Always think about the most important furniture and décor items for this space. Once you put them in place, you start adding more decor items later. Try not to crowd it with too many items. Maintaining the interior’s breezy nature is key to designing a small living room.

Instead of walls, try to separate public and private spaces with glass partitions, portable wooden partitions, potted plants, or pieces of furniture such as a display cabinet. This will help you create a more comfortable and airy living space.


It is very important to purchase lighting fixtures that are able to beautify the space and make it appear brighter. A brightly lit room always looks more spacious and inviting than a gloomy one. A combination of ceiling-mounted focus light fixtures, elegant pendants, and table lamps should be used to brighten up the room.

While discussing small living room decorating ideas, we can’t stress enough the importance of making optimal use of available natural light. Install windows with panes of glass that help keep the room cheerful all day long.

Colors and coordination

Select a color scheme that helps make the space brighter and more cheerful. Shades of white, gray, pale blue, beige, yellow, lavender and some other pastel shades are usually preferred for a small room. However, you do not need to limit yourself to only these colors. You can easily mix different tones for the four walls and create a very attractive space.

If you’ve only chosen cool or neutral colors for this space, inject some vibe with the help of colorful pillows, fresh flowers, small art objects, framed photos, or lamp shades.

Distinctive ideas for a more elegant living room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Tips for insulating your home windows

Windows are one of the very important details in every home , so much so that it is impossible to imagine a home without them. Window designs, materials and colors have a great impact on the beauty of the facade.

For this reason, architects and engineers of all generations strive to give windows a special look. Windows, which keeps architects busy for a long time, that is window insulation, today we will discuss how to insulate windows to ensure maximum comfort for you and your family members.

Insulating windows and doors

Before we share windows and doors insulation ideas, let’s understand why proper insulation is important for your home. Proper insulation ensures a quieter indoor atmosphere, cool enough in summer but comfortably warm in winter. Insulation helps reduce heat transfer from one side of the window or door to the other, you can also maintain a healthier and more controlled indoor atmosphere.

Since it prevents air and heat intrusion, your ambiance feels more comfortable, this helps you design a more energy efficient home. Of course, it has a positive effect on your energy bill. Technological advances such as those seen in passive homes largely depend on proper door and window insulation to function properly.

Insulation does not cost you much compared to other aspects of design and decoration.

Choose high quality windows and doors

Before you know more about how to insulate a window frame, take some time to invest in windows, doors, and skylights with the following qualities. When designing a new home, renovating an old one or replacing old windows, choose the types of windows that are best for insulation. Contrary to what many people might consider, insulating glass windows provide the best insulation. Awning windows are also excellent for this purpose.

Window insulation materials

Double and triple glazed windows provide better insulation, often using mineral coatings as thermal barriers. The warm edges or plastic dividers that come with many modern windows prevent heat loss from the indoor atmosphere.

Krypton and argon, two different types of inert gases, are used to create a thermal barrier in double- and triple-glazed windows. Glass with reflective surfaces and thin plastic films that prevent heat absorption often increase a building’s energy efficiency.

How to insulate windows?

How to insulate windows for the winter? Is this a question that bothers you for a long time? You may have young children at home and you don’t want them to catch a cold.

A cozy home feels more comfortable and safe. Well these tips will help you tremendously in this regard. Check the current matching and weathering of windows and doors, they tend to develop cracks after a period of time. If so, remove them and do new caulking to prevent heat escaping.

Invest in window films that not only prevent heat from escaping outside, but also design a cooler living space in summer, as they regulate the amount of natural light. Many older homes were built with double doors or installed storm windows. It helps the interior to maintain its temperature in the winter, making it healthier and more comfortable for everyone

Simple way to insulate windows

There are some low cost ways to insulate windows as well. Decorate your windows with two separate layers of curtains. Make sure to use heavy fabric for one of the layers. Elegant satin, damask, taffeta or velvet can be very useful for this. You can invest in cotton curtains with heavy embroidery as well. This will prevent heat loss through doors and windows to a great extent.

Many people consider using bubble wrap to cover panes as an easy way to insulate windows, this may be a short term solution, you can use colored plastic sheets instead of bubble rolls as well, and questions have been raised about the effectiveness of window insulation film, it is one of the most effective insulation methods in terms of cost. How about taking some time to design a draft of exceptions for your windows? It is an old but effective way to insulate the house.

A multi-family home | Best Interior Designer near me

A multi-family home

As the name might suggest, a multi-family house is nothing more than a house where you can live with several families. The vast majority of family homes are independent and separate from their closest neighbors, but there are people who live in the same building and share certain common areas with their friends or relatives.

In these types of houses you often find a residential group, where several families live together. These individuals usually have no familial relationship.

People often live together out of idealism, but the reason can also be financial in nature. It sometimes happens that people take their parents into their home, or that the children, once grown up with their own family, return to the parental home.

In addition to finances, health can also play a role here. For example, if one of the parents is in poor health, it is nice to have family nearby who make sure that everything still runs smoothly at home and that there is someone close to you who can take care of it partially or completely. In today’s still competitive housing market, such agreements are mainly financial, but with the aging population in mind and the associated challenges, a multi-family home could also offer a solution for many.

Is an apartment a multi-family house?

In principle, it is the case that apartments are separate residential units and that they cannot be seen directly as a home. Yet it is true that several families live under the same roof. Of course they do not share the same front door and they are all separate homes.

You never see each other, you may have a little more contact with the immediate neighbors than with the people who live on another floor, but in general you have no other relationship with your environment than they are the neighbors who live in the same apartment complex.

Flats, or apartment complexes, can also fall under the category of multi-family houses, with communal stairs, entrances and garden. While each flat is usually individually owned, the layout and proximity to other residences is well suited for shared living with other families or friends if you so wish.

What are the pros and cons of multi-family housing?

One of the biggest and most obvious benefits to multi-family living is the financial benefits it offers. Sharing facilities and spaces with loved ones can reduce bills, as well as reduce travel time and other costs. This allows multi-generational families to share the duties and responsibilities in the most efficient way, i.e. grandparents can take care of the grandchildren while mom and dad are at work.

Also, older relatives can remain under the watchful eye of their family, allowing them to live longer in the company of loved ones. As for the downsides, living with multiple families can be a distressing experience if handled unwisely. Young and old should have enough space. It can also lead to tensions and frustrations,

Is a multi-family home a good investment?

As with all major decisions, the investment depends on your requirements and long-term plans. If you want to buy large real estate with a view to renting it out to friends, family or others, some of the investment can be recovered through rent payments. In today’s difficult financial climate, there are likely to be an increasing number of potential renters willing to try this lifestyle, making the home a sound investment.

How much does a multi-family house cost?

As with any other property, prices depend on the location, size and condition of the home you are considering buying. You should also consider whether you want to enlist the help of an architect. It is always best to consult an experienced professional to guide you through the process right from the start and point you in the right direction. If you are planning to build a house, you should do thorough research and plan well to avoid pitfalls. If you want to buy, you can start from a very rough guideline of 3050,000 Rupees.


If you would like some more inspiration for a multi-family home, take a look at the Interior A to Z magazine. Here you will also find more information about cohabitation with multiple generations and other informative articles.

A multi-family home | Best Interior Designer near me

A Guide to Using Tile Shapes: Designing with Creativity

Tiles can convert your living spaces into pieces of art since they are more than just practical surfaces. You have the ability to create beautiful patterns that showcase your individual style with the variety of tile shapes that are available. This book will go into the realm of tile shapes and offer tips on how to use them to produce eye-catching designs.

Embracing Geometric Versatility

There are many different geometric tile shapes, and each one has its own visual appeal and design potential. Squares, rectangles, triangles, hexagons, octagons, and even unusual shapes like fish scales and arabesque designs are some common tile shapes. You can create visually stunning patterns that give depth and character to any room by combining and contrasting these designs.

1. Harmonious Symmetry with Rectangles and Squares

Tiles with clean lines and enduring charm are traditional shapes like rectangles and squares. They are frequently employed in simple patterns like offset or grid layouts. Using sizable rectangular tiles in a vertical brick pattern could add a contemporary touch while lengthening the room and emphasising height.

2. Playful Patterns with Triangles and Hexagons

Triangles and hexagons bring lively patterns that can give your room a joyful, vivacious feel. Create chevron, herringbone, or pinwheel patterns by arranging triangles in different directions. Hexagons can be joined to create elaborate honeycomb patterns that are both eye-catching and one-of-a-kind thanks to their six sides.

3. Dramatic Flair with Octagons and Other Shapes

Octagon tiles can generate a sense of old charm and drama, especially when combined with dot or square accents. They are frequently utilised as decorative accents in entryways or on bathroom flooring. To add focus points and an aesthetic touch to your décor, explore with tiles that have more unusual designs like arabesques or fish scales.

Tips for Designing with Tile Shapes

  1. Color Scheme: Choose a colour scheme that goes well with the room’s general concept. The visual impact of your tile design is enhanced by a well-coordinated palette, regardless of whether you use monochromatic, contrasting, or complementary hues.
  2. Size and proportion: While choosing tile forms, take into account the size and proportions of your room. While smaller tiles work well for detailed patterns in larger spaces, larger tiles can help a small room feel more spacious.
  3. Layout Options: Try out several layout possibilities. To add movement, try using diagonal or staggered patterns. You can also add texture by combining different tile shapes from the same colour family.
  4. Accent Tiles: To bring emphasis to particular areas, such as backsplashes, niches, or fireplace surrounds, use accent tiles in unusual tile shapes.
  5. Color of Grout: The colour of your grout might affect how your tile pattern looks as a whole. Choose a grout colour that highlights the pattern you’re creating and goes well with the colours of your tiles.
  6. Examine the visual flow of your chosen tile shapes as they go from one region to another. A more harmonious design will be produced if you create a consistent visual flow across your room.


Tile forms are an effective design component that can turn your interiors into gorgeous, unique environments. You can design patterns that reflect your individual style and improve the aesthetic appeal of your home by experimenting with layouts, considering colour schemes, and exploring various geometric alternatives. Tile forms offer a flexible canvas for your artistic creativity, whether you want elegant simplicity or elaborate details. Thus, as you start your tile design journey, roll up your sleeves, experiment freely, and let your imagination lead the way.

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