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As difficult because it could also be to hunt out the simplest investment furniture for your home, there’s many reason to proceed with caution and careful consideration.

Furnishing your apartment or home, or refurbishing it for that matter are often challenging as you fight the urge to rush to fill the space with practical and classy pieces by heading over to your nearest big box retailer and spending your budget outfitting your entire range in one go.

However, our decorators strongly recommend resisting that temptation. Though it’s going to be difficult, pace you. Like with everything aesthetic in life, spending longer sourcing pieces and extra money on fewer items now can pay off in no time.

Instead of spoiling your budget on generic finds which will sooner or later disintegrate, invest in interesting, quality, well-made pieces that you simply can use for a lifetime and beyond. It also pays off to believe how you’ll use pieces now and the way you’ll repurposed them afterward.

Source timeless, multipurpose pieces which will grow with you. Before spending your budget on a bit of investment furniture, ask yourself: Do I really like it? Will I still like it five years from now? Is it well-made and designed? Is it too trendy? Is it versatile? When it involves buying investment furniture, spend some time and money wisely for rewarding, long-term success.

That said, it’s not necessary and near impossible to shop for investment furniture all directly as no space are often decorated overnight. To assist you discover your way we’ve created a shortlist to guide you as you chart your plan of action.

  • How to choose furniture

    | Gurgaon | Gurugram | Design Firm


Consider a statement-making rug the inspiration of any room as it’s an excellent start line in defining the size of furnishings which will work from room to room. And an excellent looking rug will tie everything together during a luxurious manner – regardless of how old or inexpensive the furnishings it’s paired with are. Plus, as you carefully decorate your home over time a rug makes for a convenient placeholder if watching empty, open rooms feel a touch overwhelming.

to urge the foremost usage from a rug get on the lookout for sales both online and in-store and choose options that feature an artificial blend as they’re going to last longer and can be easier and cheaper to wash .

How to choose furniture


Like rugs, art can bring life to an empty or sparse space instantly. Framed posters are great and grown-up, but our interior designers suggest building a collection as a real life-enhancing investment. And it’s quite likely nobody else will have equivalent collectible pieces that you simply do.

Brilliant, bold, and expressive art can make even the foremost basic of sofas look costlier and polished when hung above. Consider buying a couple of smaller coordinating pieces to cluster together, or invest in one or two large statement pieces.

How to choose furniture | Gurgaon


An iconic, well-designed chair that boasts both personality and a worth defining maker’s signature will never decrease in value as long as you’re taking care of it. One from designers like also will stand the test of your time and only recover with age and use.

Choose a classic celebrated style which will work with a spread of design styles from contemporary to traditional settings and in many rooms, including your recreation room , front room , bedroom or headquarters because it are often great fun moving pieces around your house for quick room refreshes. Search for chairs and extra seating options that are made by a manufacturer with a reputation permanently quality and timeless design.


A handsome chest of drawers may be a basic yet universally appealing piece of furniture. They will work as an entry hall table, anchor a front room, or double as a superb bedside table or place to deal with a TV. You’ll also move it into a closet for extra storage.

A petite bachelor’s chest of drawers is additionally versatile and simply portable and may enter a smaller front hallway with a lamp and a catchall tray for mail and keys on top, during a front room paired in between two side chairs or next to your bed.

Even during a bathroom, a gorgeous chest of drawers is a chic thanks to store things. And they’re easy to maneuver. When on the search for a chest of drawers for the end of the day , again, it pays to seem for investment furniture that boasts timeless yet substantial styling, and interesting details which will set it apart while making it all the more cove table and unique.


A well-designed light fixture or lamp can instantly lend an area drama while elevating it to seem brighter and within the end costlier, especially in smaller spaces.

Each room should have multiple sources of sunshine, including table lamps, floor lamps, and sconces, alongside a statement-making ceiling fixture. Go bold and celebrate together with your options as lighting is to an area like jewelry is to an outfit. Just make certain that again, the lighting you usher in are unique, boast great design which will never leave of favor, and are well made by a trusted designer or brand.


As people use formal dining spaces less often than ever, buy a board which will do double duty in smaller spaces (a place to eat, work, and entertain) to urge the foremost use out of your investment furniture. Depending on what scale and elegance you select, a beautifully designed board can pay off over time as it’ll become a central feature in your home with guests and relations alike sitting around it conversing.


You may overlook it, but every home needs a delegated place to figure on a laptop, check mail, and type bills. Depending on the dimensions, a desk also can double as a bedside table, a console, an entry table, and even an arrogance table. Seek a desk that features ample storage areas which is solid in construction to urge the foremost use over time.


Though minimal trends lately have almost eliminated the necessity for one, a beautifully upholstered headboard may be a classic piece that won’t take up an excessive amount of extra space while adding a chic sense of drama and symmetry to any bedroom.


Since it’s easy to imagine that you’ll be spending tons of your time on your sofa, buy the best-made one you’ll find for your budget made in a simple to wash , durable fabric, with an excellent silhouette.

Though an easy neutral fabrication may come off as uninspiring initially, you’ll find yourself getting the foremost wear out of a more classic upholstery option than you’d with any print or pattern as your tastes changes over time. Once you do need a quick refresh, change accessories like pillows and throws seasonally as a cheap upgrade.

And do resist the urge to forgo quality over style as you’ll find yourself paying for it within the end of the day. Think of it this way; an iconic sofa isn’t inexpensive, but you’ll be getting tons for your money.


Keep in mind that not all investment furniture must be a staple. To feature a way of richness, warmth, and play, adds a final touch to finish each room with intriguing pieces that reflect your tastes, personality, and lifestyle while telling its own unique story.

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