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Interior design ideas about living room

The casual style is an interior that is perfect for creating a room where you want to relax. The interior is soothing and relaxing, so you can enjoy your time at home comfortably. So what direction should we take to create a casual style? Here are six different styles of interiors. Please find a style you want to challenge or an idea you are interested in, such as a cafe style or a hideaway style.

A casual style with a deep relaxing space

In casual style interiors, the furniture is often coordinated in a rough atmosphere, such as simple furniture that does not stretch the shoulders, a setting that makes you feel the warmth of nature, and intentionally not matching the shape of the furniture. thing. In this office, a large space is gently divided by a short bookshelf and foliage plants hung from above. By devising not to block the view, you can create a room with a feeling of openness. Also, the plants should relieve not only the eyes but also the feelings.

Fashionable with open storage

In a neat and classical interior, things are often hidden and neat. On the other hand, in the casual style, the open storage gives a glimpse of everyday life. In this open kitchen, small cooking items are stored in the fishing rack. Frequently used slicers, ladles, mugs, etc. are hung so that they can be easily taken out, making them look fun like decorations.

Lots of cushions instead of sofas

In a relaxed casual style, the furniture is not a neat design, but you can create a unique space by devising existing items. For example, here is a DIY fluffy corner sofa by placing the mattress directly on the floor and arranging a lot of cushions so that it fits in the space like the old factory ruins. By incorporating a colorful cushion cover to decorate the inorganic space, a fashionable room that women will be pleased with is completed.

A private space where you can relax with your car

Many people want to be surrounded by their favorite things in a place where they can relax. I think it’s common to have a space surrounded by your favorite books and music, but this is a pretty surprising interior! The living room in the dirt floor of this house. It is also possible to open the fittings, and it seems that the room can be arranged more spaciously when a large number of people gather. It’s a comfortable room for car lovers.

Incorporate pop into the wallpaper to create a bright room

By modifying the interior or renewing the furniture, it is possible to create a room with a completely different impression, but it still costs a lot. If you want to easily arrange the atmosphere of the room, you should pay attention to the wall.

Most rental properties have white walls, but just adding some color to them will change the mood of your room. Recently, wall stickers and wallpapers that can be removed cleanly are on the market, so why not look for them? When using something with a bold color or pattern like this, if you use it on only one side of the wall or only a part of it, it will not be too noisy and will be fashionable.

Bring out a sense of omission in Brooklyn style

When buying furniture, you will most likely choose a matching design, such as a living set or dining set. The style, which has become popular in recent years, is a little artistic and dares to coordinate furniture like a jumble of pieces. Especially, the point is to choose a sofa with vintage leather upholstery. The interior, where you can see the individuality of each piece of furniture, is rough and has a sense of omission, so it looks very casual. This is the recommended interior style.

Interior design ideas about Closets and chests of Drawers

Closets and chests of drawers are indispensable household items for anyone living. However, with the recent changes in housing conditions, it seems that the chest of drawers that was once brought as a bride’s tool has become less common. Instead, the number of built-in type costume shelves such as walk-in closets has increased.

Considering earthquake countermeasures, it is true that built-in furniture is convenient, but old furniture also has its own advantages. I want to use it properly depending on the clothing. This time, we will consider how to use these properly.

Should you choose a closet or a chest of drawers?

It is said that stationary furniture such as chests of drawers has become less popular in recent years. Instead, many new properties are equipped with a closet, such as a costume room. Even if you try to relocate or sell a chest of drawers, it doesn’t become geometric. The built-in shelves are certainly convenient, but are they working well? Some people may think that the chest of drawers is easier to use. I want to use different furniture depending on how to use it and the type of clothing.

How to choose the right one for your clothing

The main method is to hang the closet and put it away, or stack it on a shelf like a store. Certainly, it may be a convenient storage method for people who wear Western clothes on a daily basis. Choose furniture that suits your wardrobe.

Do you want to be minimal?

Long items such as jackets and coats are best suited to be hung up, but non-wrinkle clothing is compact to fold and store. This costume room has a chest of drawers with only shallow drawers.

The amount of space that can be put into each drawer is quite small, but depending on how it is stored, you can see what is there at a glance, so it seems easy to find what you are looking for. However, it takes space to line up chests like this. I would like to consider the size of my residence when choosing.

If space allows, all on hangers?!!

If you put all your costumes in a closet with a limited space, you have to fold them up tightly and pack them in a costume case to save space. However, on the contrary, if you have a spacious walk-in closet, you can hang everything on a hanger and put it away. Here, all jackets and shirts are hung on hangers, and trousers are also hung on special rails. It is perfect for men living alone because it can be stored without touching it after washing.

Customized to fit your room size

In new properties, many homes have a built-in closet, but in second-hand properties, costume storage will be made by modifying such things as renovation. If you don’t have enough space to make a costume room, why not customize a corner of the room to a closet the size you need?

At this house, we use one side of the wall to DIY the closet with a costume case and a hanger rack. You can customize the size and number of shelves to your liking, which is more reasonable than refurbishing furniture.

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