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What is a multi-family home?

Multi-family housing is one of the most common types of housing. In our country where there is not enough land to build a house, multi-family houses such as villas or apartments are preferred. Multi-family houses have the great advantage of allowing multiple generations to live in one building. However, there are also various disadvantages such as noise between floors and privacy issues. If so, here is a brief introduction to multi-family houses.

What are the advantages of a multi-family house?

  1. Economical construction cost

Since multiple households can live in a single building, the construction cost burden per household is less than when each household builds a house individually. Therefore, parents’ and children’s generations often come together to build multi-family houses and provide a place to live.

  1. Exchanges between neighbors

As several households live in one building, exchanges between neighbors are relatively active. Residential space management can also be shared by each household, making it easier to manage.

What are the disadvantages of multi-family houses?

  1. Privacy issues

Even if each household lives on a different floor or room, privacy issues may arise because they live in the same building. For this reason, there is a disadvantage in that it is difficult to open the front door, window, etc. freely compared to a detached house. It is important to make rules, etc. so that privacy is not violated through sufficient communication between neighbors.

  1. Lifestyle Differences

In a multi-family house, there is a communal space for all households to enter and exit. Conflict situations may arise because each person has different lifestyles. Also, due to different lifestyles, there may be a problem of noise between floors.

What to consider when building a multi-family home?

  1. Structure to protect privacy

If each generation is not properly separated, there is a high possibility that problems arise due to differences in personal lifestyles, etc. Therefore, it is important to design a structure that protects each privacy as much as possible.

  1. Common space

Unlike single-family houses, multi-family houses do not have a garden or parking lot that can be used alone. Therefore, it is very important to provide a common space where all generations can feel sufficient satisfaction. Facilities that enhance the convenience of life, such as public parking lots, parks, and playgrounds, must be built.

How much does it cost to build a multi-family house?

Whether you are buying a multi-family home or building it yourself, the cost will vary depending on the value of the site, the size of the home, and the level of building materials used. Since the construction period of multi-family houses, which are mainly structures with one or more floors, is relatively long, the cost is generally higher than that of other single-family houses.

Multi-family houses are attractive houses with various advantages as above. If you want to build a multi-family house, get expert advice through Interior A to Z’s free consultation. Fill in your specific budget and requirements through our free online consultation request and you’ll find the most suitable expert for you.

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