A spa at home the sublimation of comfort

A spa at home the sublimation of comfort | Best Interior Design Firm 2023

A spa at home the sublimation of comfort | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

We can say that it is not for everyone, but for those who can. Having a private spa is all about space, even more than investment and space is something that doesn’t abound in most homes these days.

For those who live in an apartment building their spa, although it is not entirely impossible, it is much more complicated to have a permanent installation, since the plants leave very little room for maneuver to be able to dispense with a room.

But if you can afford it, then why not? It’s a dream come true. Its luxury and comfort in your own home with all the privacy it offers!

It is still not very common, but in the Nordic countries it is totally normal for even small apartments to be equipped with a sauna. It is culturally accepted as something that brings many benefits to the health and comfort of the inhabitants of a house, not to mention the fact that it was in these countries that the concept of sauna appeared… Yes, because when we talk about spas, no we are just talking about elaborate facilities, with various types of treatments, but something as simple as a bathroom converted into a sauna or Turkish bath, which can give you all the relaxation of a commercial spa.

The real spa inspires relaxation and well-being, whether it’s a minimalist, modern corner or a luxurious facility with all the amenities!

You can build a permanent spa, which will add great value to your home, or purchase portable equipment that you can use or not depending on your spatial needs. But for those looking for ultimate luxury, infinity is the limit… From indoor facilities at the level of the best hotels and spas, with swimming pools and running water fountains, to large heated outdoor pools that merge with the horizon, everything is possible, as you will be pleased to discover here at Interior A to Z!

How can I plan my spa at home?

A spa will only be perfect if it is for its users, so when planning yours you should take into account your style, not only aesthetic, but also your lifestyle.

If your home does not allow you to dream of a permanent spa installation, opt for portable equipment, which can transform a simple bathroom into a temporary sauna in just a few minutes.

If you have some space and want to move to a permanent installation, start by evaluating the space you have, the budget you want to invest and the style that suits you best. Do a lot of research and be sure to contact a professional to assist you in the process!

An interior designer and an architect will be the most suitable professionals to help you with this project:

– The first to provide you with the best use of space, with the best image within your expectations, and the second to guarantee the safety of the construction, and avoid the various problems arising from high humidity when choosing the right materials. At Interior A to Z you will find a large number of professionals from both areas to help you move from dream to reality!

Where can I look for inspiration?

It is often said that we covet what we know, and spas are no different. Possibly the desire to have an installation of this type came after visiting a hotel, a spa or even a friend’s house. And this will definitely be your first inspiration!

But don’t let yourself be limited! Here at Interior A to Z you will find not only thousands of tried and tested spa design ideas, but the professionals who developed the projects, so you can conveniently choose and get in touch with them.

Make one or more idea books that address your tastes and expectations, take notes on what you like most about each image, describe details, possible changes or what you don’t like about the model. These online documents can be updated and saved at any time, allowing you to virtually build your dream spa and leaving all the compiled information for you to provide to the chosen professional, so that the final result of your spa project is exactly as imagined.

What equipment will I need to have my private spa?

It all depends on your space, your budget and the style you choose. But, in addition to the specialized equipment, sauna, Turkish bath or hydro massage, any spa worth its salt should have a final shower, space to change clothes and plenty of relaxation spots, to lie down or recline!

A simple sauna consists of a closed compartment, with a boiler that heats stones and raises the room temperature to induce sweating, but it can never be called a sauna if it does not have at least a nice wooden lining, with a step for reclining or lying down. The body, and allow you to fully enjoy the feeling of relaxation it produces.

Even a simple hot tub can be your private spa, if it allows you the optimum comfort conditions with the style you choose!

Get inspired by the style of minimalist spas : – here you will find many excellent ideas, simple and simple, but very beautiful and inspiring for the greatest possible relaxation, and that is what a real spa is!

What precautions should I take when building my spa and purchasing equipment?

Above all, take into account the extreme conditions in which the installations and equipment will work, and therefore avoid extreme savings. Everything should be strong and easy to clean to last as long as possible in the best conditions.

Water filtration and cleaning systems should be simple but effective in maintenance. For this, your supplier will know how to indicate the best equipment and the most suitable products to maintain them.

If possible install eco-friendly spa systems, with low energy consumption and maximum water reuse, so that no guilt will cloud your pleasure when enjoying them!

A spa at home the sublimation of comfort | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Creating Your Own Spa at Home: The Sublimation of Comfort

In today’s fast-paced world, finding moments of relaxation and self-care is crucial for our overall well-being. While visiting a luxurious spa might not always be feasible, the good news is that you can bring the soothing ambiance and rejuvenating experiences right into your own home. Creating a spa at home is a sublimation of comfort, where you can unwind, recharge, and pamper yourself. In this blog, we’ll explore how to transform your space into a haven of tranquility and indulge in the ultimate comfort of a home spa.

1. Setting the Scene

The first step in creating a spa-like environment at home is to set the scene. Choose a room or corner that’s free from distractions and clutter. Dim the lights or use soft, ambient lighting to create a calming atmosphere. Consider using scented candles, essential oil diffusers, or incense to infuse the space with relaxing aromas like lavender, eucalyptus, or chamomile.

2. Luxurious Textiles

Upgrade your comfort level by introducing luxurious textiles. Plush towels, robes, and soft blankets can make a significant difference in how you feel during your spa experience. Opt for natural, soft fabrics that feel gentle against your skin and enhance the overall sense of comfort.

3. Soothing Sounds

The soundscape of your spa experience is equally important. Create a playlist of soothing, instrumental music or nature sounds. You can use a wireless speaker to play these calming tunes in the background, helping you relax and disconnect from the outside world.

4. DIY Skincare Treatments

Pamper your skin with DIY skincare treatments that you can easily prepare using natural ingredients from your kitchen. Treat yourself to a facial mask made from honey and yogurt, or exfoliate with a gentle sugar scrub. These treatments not only provide visible benefits but also contribute to the overall spa ambiance.

5. Relaxation Zones

Incorporate various relaxation zones within your home spa. Consider a comfortable lounge chair or floor cushions for meditation or reading. Create a space where you can simply sit back and bask in the tranquility of the moment, free from digital devices and distractions.

6. Hydrotherapy Delights

If you have the space and resources, consider incorporating hydrotherapy elements into your home spa. A luxurious soaking tub or a steam shower can elevate your relaxation experience to a new level. The sensation of warm water enveloping your body can release tension and soothe your muscles.

7. Mindful Practices

Spa experiences go beyond physical relaxation; they also encompass mental rejuvenation. Incorporate mindfulness practices such as meditation, deep breathing, or gentle yoga into your home spa routine. These practices can help you achieve a sense of calm and clarity.


Creating a spa at home is about more than just pampering—it’s a way to sublimate comfort and self-care into a daily routine. By paying attention to the details of lighting, textiles, sounds, and skincare, you can transform your space into a haven of relaxation and tranquility. The beauty of a home spa lies in its versatility; you can tailor the experience to your preferences and needs. So, set aside time for yourself, embrace the comfort of your own sanctuary, and let the stresses of the world melt away in the sublime embrace of your personal spa retreat.

A personal spa in your own home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

| A personal spa in your own home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

A spa at home the sublimation of comfort | Delhi NCR

A personal spa in your own home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

A dream for many, a reality for a few… But, if you want to have one, then you have come to the right place. No matter if you are looking for a personal or commercial spa, our professionals, here on Interior A to Z, have hundreds of spa and wellness space projects for you to browse through in order to get a little experience.

How should I design my spa?

Obviously, this is not an easy endeavor and you should seek help with your spa design. Remember though, the ambiance is just as important as the amenities: you won’t be able to relax in a hot tub with bright lights and gaudy colored walls. Also, a lighting specialist could also be of great help to you.

Can I create a wellness area in my apartment?

Sure! A few simple steps and a few purchases will allow you to create an admirable feeling of well-being in your home. An indoor sauna or Jacuzzi tub could be installed in your bathroom or basement, with some renovations. Don’t forget to think about the overall ambience of the room:  candles , pleasant smells and soft lighting will greatly contribute to your feeling of well-being.

What is the perfect spa?

Everyone has a very personal opinion on what constitutes the perfect spa. From the daring and modern spa to the more traditional spa or sauna, all will bring luxury and comfort to your living space. The ideal spa should evoke relaxation and well-being. It can be modern, minimalist, or even be a luxurious suite equipped with all possible amenities.

A home spa project can be a permanent addition to your home but there are also temporary options like portable home saunas that transform your interior space however you want. Indoor pools and hot tubs are great options if you want to transform your home into a luxurious living space. Infinite pools, saunas and steam rooms are perfect for contemporary spaces.

Spas: ideas and inspiration

On Interior A to Z, there are over 50 design ideas that have been tried and tested and that will inspire you throughout your personal home spa project. You can organize your favorite designs with the Interior A to Z idea book. The interface is easy to use and allows you to update your favorites at any time and add notes. All your updates are saved to your profile. So you have quick and easy access to all your ideas. If you need to connect with a professional who can help you achieve your ideal spa, Interior A to Z connects you with a network of thousands of qualified experts ready to put their creative services at your disposal.

How does the design of a home spa go?

The ideal spa should meet your needs and your lifestyle. For those who only want to indulge once in a while, portable saunas and some spa accessories can transform your space temporarily. If you want to add a permanent spa to your interior, a designer specializing in the design of wellness spaces can help you make your dream come true. Professional designers and architects will be able to prevent common building problems and provide you with useful tips for saving money in the long run. On Interior A to Z, there are thousands of skilled professionals and experienced designers who are available and ready to turn your design ideas into reality.

What should i consider when building a home spa?

When you plan to install permanent equipment in your home such as swimming pools, you must take into consideration the maintenance and long-term investment of your project. Filtration and cleaning systems must be easy to maintain and capable of ensuring the maximum life of your equipment. It is also essential to choose an ecological design to minimize the impact of your project on the environment. Investment in quality systems is essential and guarantees savings in the long term.

How to equip my home spa?

Home spas can be simple and include an indoor pool and sauna. They can also offer a complete relaxation experience with saunas, jacuzzis and massage rooms. Some essential equipment should be selected for their comfort and durability, such as recliners, lounge chairs and massage tables. Treatment and massage rooms require special equipment and swimming pools require their own repair and maintenance equipment.

What facilities should you have in a spa?

In addition to the basic amenities, all home spas should offer a private shower and changing room and sufficient reclining seats. Most spas have a built-in bar or open onto an inviting outdoor space to extend the experience. The Interior A to Z network puts you in touch with professionals suited to your needs. There you will find the inspiration to create a home spa that you will love. If you are planning to add an extension to your home, you can afford to distance yourself a bit more from the style of your home. However, all home spas should provide a moment of comfort and an experience of intense relaxation.


The sauna is an essential part of the home spa. With their steam and aromatherapy, saunas provide maximum relaxation. Saunas have been in use for several centuries, so there are a lot of traditional designs you can take inspiration from. More modern options also exist. Some designs will include lights integrated into the equipment and technologies that will release essential aromas and oils for your greater well-being. From traditional Finnish designs to very modern cutting edge designs, saunas remain an essential part of the home spa. You can’t do without!


It is the icon of modern spas. The jacuzzi can be used both indoors and outdoors. Jacuzzis are designed to receive and welcome guests, their contours must be particularly comfortable. Their design varies in simplicity and modernity. They should include easy-to-use remote controls and their maintenance should be straightforward. A Jacuzzi is the perfect extension of a swimming pool. It is also a piece of equipment that can be used outdoors all year round.

Steam baths

From traditional styles to modern steam cabins, these are key elements of home spas. Plan for more space if you want to be able to accommodate groups or personal cabins to enjoy moments of relaxation alone. Prefer easy-to-use controls for occasional use or schedule a regular aromatherapy routine.

The sauna: ideas and inspiration

At Interior A to Z, there are thousands of design ideas that will help you get your project off the ground. The Interior A to Z Idea book helps you organize the collections and ideas that appeal to you and match your personal spa project. If you need professional advice, Interior A to Z easily puts you in touch with the experts in the field.

What is the best design for a sauna?

The best saunas are those that have been designed with the idea of ​​providing maximum comfort to the user. For large spaces, saunas can be integrated into outdoor spaces and take on another dimension which makes them perfect for receiving guests. Portable Jacuzzis and Sauna are a flexible solution for those short on space.

How to build a personalized sauna?

When designing a custom sauna, pay close attention to the construction details involved. Permanent or semi-permanent structures like swimming pools may require a building permit. After having thought through the design that suits you, ask a specialist who will give you the advice you need to carry out your project. Consult an expert with enough experience to ensure the best possible success from your sauna.

What should I take into account when buying a sauna?

Before purchasing a semi-built sauna, make sure that the dimensions of your space and the equipment to be installed match. Your home space should have all of the electrical and plumbing services required for the sauna to function properly. Long-term maintenance costs must be taken into account. Also consult the customer reviews on the products you are considering buying, you will find relevant information there.

Other types of spa

The choices are endless. Opt for the modern curves and the equipment with technologies integrated in contemporary spaces or choose a more traditional luxury if you want to add a timeless and warm touch to your home. On Interior A to Z, there are thousands of design ideas for all types of spas and we also have professionals in various styles available to you.

The modern spa

Modern-style in- house spas take moments of relaxation to the next level. Their sleek and contemporary design combined with the latest cutting-edge technology enhances your well-being experience. From simple design swimming pools heated with precision to ambient play of light, heated floors and Jacuzzis, modern spas therefore offer a solution that can be customized to perfection. The infinite pools are the perfect example of the marriage between relaxation and modernity.

The original spa

If you want to display a unique design, the original spa is ideal for integrated personal touches. Custom Jacuzzis and Spas can transform key elements of your relaxation space into eye-catching points of interest. The heating systems and all the details of the equipment, inside and out, can be tailor-made and according to your tastes.

The classic spa

Even by opting for the classic spa option, you have a multitude of possibilities that invite you to personalize your home spa. The shapes of the swimming pools are often splendid and you can easily add your signature to the decorations and colors used. Centuries old, spas still inspire a timeless originality.

A personal spa in your own home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

A perfect dressing room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

What makes a perfect dressing room?

A modern and perfect dressing room is one that combines elements of the dressing table and the dressing room closet. It is a room in which designer dresses and shoes can be displayed and located at a glance in a single, tidy and bright space, a place where both the man and the woman of the house can spend time with them and plan what to wear that day. However, a dressing room is much more than that: it is also a refuge from the bustle of everyday life, a space where you can make calls and enjoy some time alone, as well as a place where you can have a cocktail or a glass of champagne with your friends before going out at night.

It’s no wonder that more and more homeowners are deciding to turn unused bedroom space into their dream dressing room.

Where can I find ideas and sources of inspiration for designing a dressing room?

With access to more than 55,000 interior design experts, Interior A to Z is the online portal where you will find a wide variety of ideas for your dressing room: from classic designs that never go out of style to the most cutting-edge accessories. You can register for free and, as a member, you will have the possibility to create a virtual notebook in which to collect images and comments, which is a very useful tool for anyone planning a dressing room to suit their needs.

What exactly can I do with my dressing room?

When deciding what to wear, being in an environment that visually stimulates your imagination helps a lot. For this reason, the dressing room is the part of the house in which the owners can give free rein to their decorative tastes, whether it involves the design of a very feminine environment in pink and purple colors or a golden vanity in the style of Marie Antoinette.

In any case, regardless of the decorative scheme, it is important to remember that the main purpose of the dressing room is storage. Therefore, the starting point for most designs will be to establish a series of cabinets and shelves, ideally open in structure, that is, without doors, to offer you an inspiring display of the clothing and accessories ensemble. With the perfect mix of symmetry and repetition,

What color should I choose for the walls of my dressing room?

As for the color of the dressing room, there are generally two approaches. One is to use a neutral color palette, such as various shades of off-white or natural wood tones, to provide a discreet background that highlights your clothes and shoes without distracting or clashing with other colors. On the other hand, the second option is to opt for bold colors and patterns in order to create a subtle atmosphere of fantasy, such as magnificent striped wallpaper for a vintage- style dressing table. Choosing one or the other depends fundamentally on whether you prefer your dressing room to highlight your clothes or whether you are going to use it as a meeting place where you can relax.

What type of flooring should I put in my dressing room?

A soft-touch carpet is usually the ideal choice for a dressing room, as it has to be comfortable to go barefoot. Pale pastel or neutral carpets work very well as they reflect light upward, making the dressing room feel bright and fresh. You can also opt for a soft wooden floor to give it an opulent touch, which you can combine with a few thick rugs positioned, for example, in front of mirrors, where the user will normally stand to try on clothes.

What design is the most suitable for my dressing room?

Obviously, there is a dressing room design for each person based on their individual priorities. For example, a couple who are planning a dressing room with a section for him and a section for her will probably want to avoid all those elements that add a touch too feminine and opt for a style that suits the taste of both.

On the other hand, a fashion lover who is looking for a space in which to display a wide collection is better suited to a dressing room without trivialities and with many storage solutions. If the owner is passionate about shoes, then these accessories will be the center of attention in the design of the dressing room, which will feature shelves of different sizes to place from heels to high boots. On the other hand,

Are there specific tips for decorating a dressing room?

There are a number of finishing touches that you can add to your dressing room to make it a pleasure to use, such as back lighting the shelves, angled shoe shelves, and bag lockers. Also, remember to add a dresser, a full-length mirror, and some kind of compact, versatile seat to try on your shoes. If you have additional space, you can also include a small sofa or a daybed where you can relax with your friends and enjoy a glass of wine. In a very large dressing room, a center island could also be incorporated to create a focal point, as well as a place to place a tray for drinks while the latest selection of bags, shoes and jewelry is displayed.

How can I use accessories in my dressing room?

Accessories can be a great way to introduce a fun and fantastic touch to a dressing room. The combination of innovative pieces with a couple of antiques creates an eclectic, unique and individual style that will qualify the dressing room as a special and intimate space in the house.

For example, a vintage chandelier provides soft and pleasant lighting, while a Victorian stool doubles as a multipurpose seat or coffee table. There are other quirky accessories to add to a dressing room, including ladders to reach items on the upper shelves, a hat rack and your favorite suitcase in case you need to quickly pack up to embark on a trip. Also, simple but useful accessories, such as padded hangers, should not be ignored.

And what if I have a small walk-in closet?

Even if you have a small dressing room, you also have the possibility to be creative. One way to compensate for the lack of space is to opt for extravagant decor: patterned wallpaper, gold furniture, bold print fabrics, and sophisticated carpeting that offer an optical effect of opening the room, which will allow the space to blend in.

feel less limited and have a quality look. From a practical point of view, it is essential to use every last inch of storage space in the dressing room through the use of shelves and the use of the spaces under the seats. In this way, you can collect clothes from all seasons, which can be wrapped in acid-free paper and stored in breathable boxes and bags to keep them fresh and safe.

Is there a specific style guide for designing and decorating a dressing room?

Interior A to Z gives you quick and easy access to advice and expertise from thousands of qualified home decorating experts, as well as galleries of inspiring high-resolution images.

Rustic-style walk-in wardrobes

A rustic style dressing room should feel fresh, calm and bright. The walls are usually painted in cream colors or neutral tones such as pale gray or green, along with wooden floors or carpets in beige, camel and similar tones.

The rustic style, featuring elements such as white painted furniture and arched compartments in the cabinets, often features a touch of French antique that can be very attractive without appearing picky or picky. It is especially suitable for the dressing room shared by the man and the woman of the house. It also works great in a vast space where cabinets and shelves can be expanded to create a strong and striking luxury effect.

Minimalist dressing rooms

The basic minimalist walk-in closet is usually simple, practical and designed to optimize storage space, so that everything is kept in order and so that the entire collection can be browsed at a glance. With clean, sharp lines and a palette of whites, grays, and blacks, this style is a perfect fit for modern homes of all sizes and is relatively inexpensive to come by.

A more elaborate minimalist style keeps lines clean but has a more striking palette that sometimes juxtaposes large areas of opposing colors; for example, a white shelf on a black background or a vibrant item with a more discreet floor color.

Classic walk-in wardrobes

The elegant and cosmopolitan decoration of a classic dressing room is like what you would expect in a luxury hotel. This style, which suits both men and women, often uses dark wood cabinets and shelves and different shades of gray, sky blue or dark brown for the upholstery and walls for a softly luxurious look that does not goes out of style. It is a style that fits a wide variety of homes and has a lot of market appeal, which is something to keep in mind if you are renovating your home with the intention of selling it.

A perfect dressing room | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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