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Great ideas for designing a spa at home

You can spend a lot of money in intervals to have fun times at the  spa  outside the house, but have you ever thought about the way to enjoy without spending a lot of money and inside your home so that you use the spa and gym when it comes to you and without prior reservation or attendance confirmations, here is the solution, luxury is within the confines of your home without any additional expenses by designing an integrated spa and spa with great ideas that are easy to implement in different places, but they remain under your eyes and at home..

Spa with poetic lights and distinctive wooden design

Inside the house in a separate room, you can close it with heat- and steam-resistant wood in this way and design a group of light houses and spots in a distinctive way buried in the wood to spend an enjoyable time that may accommodate more than one person. Less spaces and may be suitable for one person only and not more than 4 people as in this design.

Outdoor Spa, Stairs and Tent

In the open air, the feeling will be mixed with some joy and release. In the terrace of your house, which needs a large space, you can allocate part of it to be a spa with a resort and a spa, and you close it in this way of tightness and separate it from the floor level of the terrace to design the drainage and steam lines comfortably below it as well as We note the presence of this ladder for the purpose of beautification and for another practical purpose is the design of pipes and ejection systems below.

Perfect atmosphere above the roof

Above the unused roof, you can use wood to design a special spa bathtub designed and covered with wood floors, and it would be great if there was no one around you that would injure your privacy. .

Inside the house next to the bedroom

Inside the walls of the house is a great opportunity to design a private spa that relies on tranquility and sensuality, and perhaps in that case you will only need a spa bathtub that can accommodate two or three people to spend a wonderful time with the family as well.

Overlooking the view

In one of the corners in the living room or bedroom, you can design a spa bathtub and glass walls to allow the wonderful view to complete the charming scene that you will never get bored of, taking into account the design of the spa bathtub floor in a color that fits with the walls of your home, as it is a part of it anyway

Next to the bathroom

Dark ceramics and lights can customize the part of the spa bathtub to the fullest, as well as decorate and decorate the floors with dim light and candles, it has a great effect on the entire corner with allocating a special part for the steam and sauna with wood at the end of the available space you will have an integrated spa inside the house

Integrated design

The splendor of marble and ceramics and the circular municipal spa in the middle, with the allocation of poetic lights and more than wonderful coordinated colors. This design is one of the luxurious designs for the spa inside the house.

Garden room

In a very private way, you can allocate part of your garden to enclose a complete cabin to design your integrated spa comfortably and without being restricted to the home decor because it is an independent part by itself and also likes the difference to be prominent in the garden in an attractive way.


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