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Girl’s room

Perhaps one of the most fun bedrooms to set up for a mother is a girl’s room. Because you can be sure that you will also have a lot of youth sentiment around the corner! The options out there in this area are also very large. From traditional pink to bolder colors and everything in between. Naturally, we at Interior A to Z are happy to lend you a hand to ensure that that girl’s room, but also that boy’s room, looks top notch. After reading the practical directions, ideas and tips, you can get started on your own or with the help of a professional to give your daughter the room she has always dreamed of.

How can I furnish a girl’s room?

Decorating a girl’s room can ask quite a bit of you and is not always very easy. We would like to come back to the specific elements of furnishing in detail in a moment, but the main thing now is that you get a global impression. The most important thing is that your daughter is satisfied. But you also have to be satisfied, especially in terms of budget. And it is not unimportant to take into account the age of your little girl. Especially when they get a bit bigger, they have a strong will when it comes to taste! So make sure that you look good together and that you also choose a style and theme that can last a few years. After all, you don’t have to think about having to tackle things all over again in a year!

Ideas for a little girl’s room

As much as you’d like to, it’s not always about giving your daughter a really big girl’s room. Especially if you have more children, space is limited at some point. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that a small children’s room ca not also be great fun. There we also listed some ideas for a little girl’s room. The golden tip in such a case is to make sure you keep it simple. Not too much furniture, a little neutral colors and of course a lot of light. Also opt for handy multifunctional solutions such as a bed with storage space underneath and nice pillows that also turn the bed into a sofa in no time. Hanging cabinets on the wall can also ensure that you still have a little space left.

Color ideas

As we mentioned at the beginning, when you think of a traditional girl’s room, you naturally think of pink. And we certainly don’t want to dismiss this option immediately, but there is of course a lot more than just that to think of. How about fun pastel shades, for example? But green and orange can also be a good starting point! In this case we are of course also talking about the color of the walls. You could also consider a nice motif in the form of wallpaper or you will work with your daughter to make a nice painting on the wall. Plenty of options and possibilities! If you’ve decided on color, it’s also important that you make a choice about the floor. A fabric floor covering can feel warm, but it attracts a lot of dust and is difficult to clean. Laminate or another floor may come in handy. And do you want the bed to feel soft and warm when your daughter gets out of bed? Then just put a nice rug there!

Bed and furniture in the girl’s room

A nice color on the wall and a beautiful new floor are nice, but of course the room is not complete. A bed and furniture should take care of that! Perhaps it is mainly the price of these parts that you are a bit hesitant in the meantime. Don’t worry too much about that! See it above all as an investment, because if your daughter is already a bit bigger, you just buy her a large single bed that she can enjoy for a long time. You can buy something nice for about Rs 1000! And that’s still okay. And if your daughter likes it (and the space is not that big) you can always opt for a loft bed. Handy to use the space below as a play corner or to set up a desk in advance. And that desk is definitely needed for the bigger girls when they have to do homework. Furthermore, a wardrobe is of course not missing. And if there is still some space left, you can also consider a nice seat.

Decoration ideas for the girl’s room

We would like to conclude with some nice decoration ideas for the girl’s room. Provide nice mood lighting and some nice things that your daughter is attached to. Of course, a nice poster or a beautiful painting on the wall should not be missing. And that way you will probably work it out together and your daughter can enjoy a lovely room.



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