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What makes luxury design … luxury? Like most design terms, “luxury” is difficult to define. However, most luxury spaces have some common features that bring them together. Luxury real estate focuses on comfort, elegance, and individual touches to embody the highest pedigree of interior design. You basically know it when you see it.Here are six things to consider for your next luxurious interior design.


In luxury homes, comfort is often a priority, but not the lazy boy’s version of comfort. No, we’re talking about 1000 Series slabs and designer tile floors. Whether it’s a fluffy duvetor a relaxing foot bath, a luxurious home is all about elegant comfort. Soft and inviting carpets and upholstery, spa-worthy showers and tubs, soft drapes and cushions, and seating that looks as good as it feels are essentials in a modern luxury home. Luxury interior designers combine style, fun, and ease in all aspects of everyday life, choosing materials and space designs that are in fashion while maintaining an inviting softness and utility.Say goodbye to ugly armchairs, rough sheets, hard carpets, and uncomfortable spaces in your luxury home.


Luxury design is as much an expression of self as it is an exercise in style and comfort. Luxury interior designers encourage their clients to bring a bit of their own personality to their designs and incorporate it in a luxurious way. Examples include using a child’s artwork in a large floating Plexiglas frame with brushed gold hardware, elegantly hanging on a prominent wall, or upholstering a beloved sofa in a contemporary fabric.Whether your tastes are eclectic or subtle, a stunning accent piece with a touch of luxury will truly make luxury design your own. A unique wall, an unusual sculpture, or a beautiful lamp are excellent places to show your presence.


It’s the little things that count, especially in places like the kitchen and bathroom. Detailed tile designs and beautiful furnishings can enhance even the gloomiest of rooms. The luxurious design also includes pieces with unique accents, such as unusual carvings on the back of the chair or unique accessories on the wardrobe. Interior designers with luxurious tastes use such subtle details to add character and personality to a room, even when viewed up close!


Gone are the days of unsustainable furs and parquet floors. Today’s luxury homes feature touches and materials that are as kind to the earth and her creatures as they are elegant. VOC-free paints, sustainable woods, and cruelty-free upholstery and panelling are the order of the day. We use vegan products whenever possible, so you don’t have to worry about your four-legged friends when you entrust us with the luxurious interior design.


You must have access to the newest technologies if you want to live successfully in this century. That’s not always the most attractive thing, especially when it comes to cables and wires, which is the problem. In order for their clients to benefit from all the ease of technology without leaving fingerprints, luxury interior designers are figuring out ways to conceal technology. We’ll keep your devices out of sight and out of mind until you need them, whether it’s a covert charging station in a kitchen drawer or a cabinet to conceal your TV.

White bathrooms and plenty of space | Gurgaon and Gurugram

The large space is one of the most beautiful initial qualities that makes you optimistic about reaching the design of dreams inside your home, and perhaps the bathrooms, due to their vital versatility, are among those rooms in which we are most interested in having a reasonable area for ease of use and the ability to accommodate all the necessary and recreational purposes that we would like to add in the decor of our home bathroom According to our directions and aspirations.

We will present us with a set of distinctive ideas for elegant bathrooms painted white despite their good area, considering that the white color is the first way to escape from the narrowness of space; It will be shown to us through this book of ideas that it is also one of the most important means to make your large bathroom more beautiful.

Excellent ideas

In this distinguished bathroom, the use of sanitary ware was completely white, but in the walls there was a regression in the color gradually to become gray gradually, to achieve more balance due to the spaciousness of the space, and this was a good reason to use completely different floors with parquet wood as a background Suitable for all this distinctive gradation in details.

The splendor of mirrors with white color

The use of mirrors in a white or light space dominated by the bright side is one of the most ways to double the space and increase its brilliance significantly, and it suffices us to note in this design how the use of the mirror in the light of this white and perfectly lit surroundings had a great impact on our feeling of double the spaciousness of the bathroom More than it seems.

White and a marble finish

Marble is a natural material that goes in line with the white color and suits its different details and degrees, and its use in this bathroom was one of the features in it, as well as the use of green balances represented by green plants were excellent and very impressive and evidence that simple accessories can make a huge difference sometimes.

Classic splendor

Ornate windows and carefully divided cabinets are among the most important points that we can pay attention to in this wonderful design. Mirrors versus white windows and floors and their harmony with the pale color of the walls and then the gradation of light white completely in the ceiling is an issue that is studied in the decor with all impartiality.


The white color looks strong even in the midst of contrasting colors and this is an important rule when you use it in your large bathroom where you have to create some contrast to show the strength of the design and your good taste in choice and coordination, notice in this bathroom how the green natural area surrounding the house was the hero through The windows scattered all over the walls, so the interior combination of white, black and wood was the most beautiful possible, with a very impressive balance.

Carefully divided space

Glass is one of the materials that increases the value of decoration in any room, not just the bathroom, and we can use glass barriers to achieve this between the different components of the bathroom, for example, between the shower area and the vital area of ​​the bathroom represented by the toilet and the sink, and it is a good idea to separate the bathtub, for example, from the view of the guests if The bathroom was formal with the use of frosted glass in that case to achieve more privacy at the time.


Our homes have incredible power that can transform the way we live. A boring and uninteresting house will only evoke boring and uninteresting feelings. A beautiful and vibrant home inspires creativity, joy, warmth, and even nostalgia. That’s why we firmly believe that we should all make the most of our space. Because life is too short to be boring. Whether you’re looking to bring your space to life through interior design, a home renovation, or a new construction project, we’re here to help you discover and build your dream home. Interior A to Z is passionate about designing super-efficient homes that support and celebrate your unique lifestyle and aesthetic. What really makes you yourself? Maybe you don’t even know the answer to this question. But at the end of our home design process, you will. As we strive to create spaces that are functional, relaxing and timelessly beautiful down to the smallest detail, we discover all the little things that make you smile and give you all the thrills. With thoughtful architecture, layout, and elegant design, we ensure your home inspires and reflects your unique vision. Some might call us interior designers, but we’re part mind readers, part therapists, and part magicians.



The furnishing from A to Z contributes to an inspiring, timeless, and, above all, unique style. A good interior designer will not make your space cliché or boring. We see every new interior design project as an exciting new challenge and a new canvas for the imagination. What is your imagination hiding? We have amazing ways of understanding and bringing this to life so that no two homes are alike. As interior designers, we are passionate about refreshing your space in a way that suits you and your lifestyle. Need a place to tweak to your favorite Big Freda album, or looking for a place to store your old ukases? We make sure you are insured. After all, changing a room is not just about restoring furniture or fabrics; it’s also about rekindling the zest for life. But, of course, with high-quality interior equipment. But it’s important to remember that a project is never finished. Trends are ever-changing and personal evolution and seasons dictate what colors and styles hit. We’ve positioned your home to be as “you” as possible now, but it’s easy to update and subtly change things here and there as the seasons change. Think of us as the master blender for your needs. When you work with us, you are working with a full-service interior design provider, which means we take care of everything from start to finish. We start by presenting the conceptual work, budget and room layout, then move on to the specifications of the furniture and fabrics, the choice of colors and materials, desires for custom furniture, bedding and fittings, and all appliances and accessories. With shipping, shipment tracking, and final assembly, we make everything perfectly transparent, which leads to an authentic and personal final presentation. We look forward to helping you create your space the way you’ve always dreamed, so your home is always your favorite place.

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