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Low budget Interior Designer in Gurgaon

With a creative team of designers in Gurgaon, Interior A to Z, located in Delhi, works in the field of interior design. Many residential, commercial, and architectural projects’ interior designs have been successfully created and finished by our team. With the assistance of our recognized designers, we have developed some of the best designs.

We think that through innovative exploration, ergonomics and aesthetics can be balanced. We appreciate the unique qualities of each material and take pleasure in using natural materials like wood, metal, cane, jute, etc. to create timeless interior designs that showcase their lovely grains, textures, and colors. Our work is customized for each assignment, allowing us to produce unique handcrafted products in the allotted time and money.

Design consultancy company “Interior A to Z” was established on 2009. With a current vision, we design for the interior, exterior, structural, and architectural fields. Even though the founder only began consulting in 2011. The hub of the new Chhatarpur Delhi, where our regional office is situated.

“Interior A to Z” is persistent in bridging the gap between ideal spaces and financial limitations. Regardless of their wealth, we believe everyone deserves to have a home or place of employment they would enjoy returning to each day. As project managers and designers, we uphold our fundamental responsibility to collaborate with customers to achieve this.

The art and science of upgrading a building’s interior to provide a healthier and more aesthetically pleasant atmosphere for those using the area is known as interior design. A person who designs, investigates, coordinates, and supervises such improvement projects is known as an interior designer.

Bedroom Interior design Gurgaon Affordable and low budget Near Me

Bedroom Interior design Affordable and low budget Near Me

3D Visualization (Interior & Exterior)

We construct architectural 3D models utilizing sketches and elevations to better comprehend interior and exterior design. Then, our professionals add textures and materials to the model to create a live 3D environment.

A hugely important aspect of your life is your house. And creating it is like realizing a dream. We are all very passionate about it, from the use of colors, ideal flooring, matching furnishings, and choosing the best furniture design.

Future Design is a reputable interior design and decorating business that can provide you with a wide range of cutting-edge interior design and lifestyle-altering interior decoration services. Focus on both classic and modern styles for your house, flats, apartments, bungalows, and business spaces. As a result, we are able to establish ourselves as some of City’s top interior designers and decorators in Gurgaon.

We are regarded as one of the top interior design firms in the area since we have experience working on projects that provide value via interior and architectural design and implementation for all of our valued clients. Our ability to handle a wide range of abilities has allowed us to complete large-scale projects with the highest level of accuracy. We at Future Design are quite proud of the fact that the volume of our interior work is expanding so quickly.

In today’s sophisticated corporate, commercial, retail, hotel, and residential design, Interior A to Z is a multifaceted business that offers specialized architecture and interior design solutions.

We think that a place’s atmosphere changes from person to person and influences a person’s mood and lifestyle. We guarantee that you will shine in our space. We place a strong emphasis on our own ideals, quality, and innovation. With a talented staff that specializes in architecture and interior design, we are willing to try anything.


We think that a building’s architectural design should be intrinsic to its surroundings and that the best structures enable occupants to completely appreciate the local environment’s light and natural beauty.


Interior Designers in Bulandshahr Low Budget and Luxury Design Near Me

Interior Designers Low Budget and Luxury Design Near Me

Every interior, in our opinion, should convey the client’s ideas, aspirations, and ambitions. It should also open up exciting new possibilities that have never been considered, as well as transform the client’s dream and vision into an original and unmatched design.


Commercial design differs depending on the type of business and its requirements; we develop interiors that reflect the business type and convey information about it.


We take great care of the environment. We generally employ landscaping well and make every effort to emphasize the importance of landscaping in interior design and architecture.

Interior A to Z in Gurgaon

A team of skilled specialists offering clients around the nation extensive services in architecture, interior design, and structural consulting. The company continues to have a varied practice. While committed to projects, she has a wealth of interior design, architecture, and commercial space experience.

Our clients’ needs are our top priority. We are accustomed to contributing as a team player and offering our services on a project. Projects are carried out with a dedication to quality and are meticulously planned to meet the needs of the client and the project’s limitations. The emphasis is on offering the necessary and suitable services based on the requirements of each specific project.

Ireo Skyon Luxury Interiors in Gurgaon | Best Interior Design Firm

Creative ideas to decorate the walls of your home Gurgaon

Creative ideas to decorate the walls of your home Gurgaon

Free bohemian style interior

Bohemian fashion indoors layout originated in Paris, France with inside the nineteenth century. Inspired through artists, writers, performers, and nomads who believed that creativity turned into really well worth greater than money: the authentic bohemian. As their cultures, ideals, and rejection of regular matters converge, they commenced an indoors layout fashion through accident. Named after nomadic artists, the bohemian fashion sought to overturn the same old of splendor through leaving behind the guidelines and embracing the unconventional. Today’s article introduces bohemian fashion interiors with areas adorned through indoors designers.

Bohemian style

Bohemian fashion is described via way of means of a loss of structure, choosing carefree layers of patterns, textures and coloring instead. There are a few not unusual place practices for the bohemian look, however there aren’t any strict and speedy policies like contemporary-day or minimalist. The essence of the bohemian aesthetic is that it’s miles private and comfortable. Bohemian fashion is your fashion, now no longer your fashion for the leisure of others.

Free feature

The common appearance is as complicated or easy as you need it to be. More is more, that is a fashion that isn’t too alike. All forms of furnishings from chaise lounges to ground cushions to conventional sofas and pillows paintings on this aesthetic. This fashion isn’t always approximately growing clean lines, it is approximately growing an ecosystem of enjoyment.

Bohemian color

For bohemians, there aren’t any fashionable base coloring or accessory coloring due to the fact there aren’t any rules. A easy look, a ambitious style, you could pass someplace in between. For a easy look, pick out a ambitious color for textiles, or layer the decor to pick out a impartial base along with white or tan. For a bolder look, pick out shiny pink, amethyst purple, clementine orange, avocado inexperienced or sky blue. Pick a hanging color in your partitions and upload greater color thru your ornamental choices.

Bohemian decoration

With an artist-inspired history, it makes sense to accommodate handicrafts such as paintings, quilts, rugs, macrame, sculptures, or ceramics. Layer rugs, pillows, throws, and more throughout the space. Create a cozy atmosphere by adding a plethora of lights such as pendants, candlesticks, lamps or candles . Add plants like ferns or succulents for a refreshing color.

Bohemian style props

Creative ideas for small homes in Gurgaon

Creative ideas for small homes in Gurgaon

Good examples of bohemian merchandise to be used in domestic interiors encompass antique bohemian fashion pillows, traditional ground poufs and bean bags, and local rugs in a combination of colors and textures. This consists of blending substances consisting of burlap and smoother substances.

Ireo Skyon Luxury Interiors in Gurgaon | Best Interior Design Firm

Low cost kitchen storage ideas

Interior Designers in Lucknow Low Budget and Luxury Design Near Me

Interior Designers in Lucknow Low Budget and Luxury Design Near Me

Creating excess storage in the kitchen can never be a problem. However, coming up with alternatives which are cost efficient can be a bit of a challenge. Whether you have a full-size kitchen or a compact one, there are various options that you can consider when it comes to storage ideas, we will highlight eight beautiful yet low-cost kitchen storage designs that can be incorporated in any home.

1. Fiber cabinets

If you are looking for a lightweight material to create your kitchen storage then opting for fiber panels is a great idea. These panels are available in a variety of thicknesses as well as colors. Also, most of the times you can get these kitchen counters prefabricated in the market.

2. Laminated storage

In case you want a wood-like effect on your kitchen counter and cabinets, but you are not willing to spend a lot of money. Then the best alternative is of using lamination sheets. Lamination sheets are known to showcase different patterns which look exactly like real wood.

3. Combination of materials

You can even try combining different materials in order to build a unique looking kitchen. Here the designer has used wood along with fibre panels to give it a distinctive look. It creates a design which is modern yet rustic.

4. Pull-out shelves

Another great idea for incorporating low-cost storage in your kitchen is of pull out shelves. These shelves make it convenient for you to grab the items placed inside without having to dig deep in the back.

5. Reused wood

Wood is one of the most commonly found raw materials in Pakistani homes. That is why reusing it to create your kitchen storage can be an excellent alternative. This way you get rid of the excess wood lying around and get new cabinets without additional expenses.

6. Glass door cabinets

One of the most irritating things about a completely sealed cabinet is not being able to see what is kept inside. To deal with this situation, you can create glass doors for your storage area. Also, this gives the kitchen a modern look.

7. Open cabinets

Open cabinets are also a fantastic choice for kitchen storage only if you can keep them clean. Since you do not need doors for these cabinets, they are less expensive than the other options.

8. Floating shelves

Last but not the least, your kitchen storage problems can also be sorted with the help of floating shelves. The depth of these shelves can be adjusted according to their position.

Interior Designers in Rampur Low Budget and Luxury Design Near Me

Interior Designers Low Budget and Luxury Design Near Me

Small bathroom design ideas

The immediate problem of a small bathroom in the house is the optimization of space: how to solve it, whether it is functional or practical. And also that it looks beautiful and stylish?

But creating the most space in a small bathroom doesn’t mean having cabinets or shelves behind the toilet. Improving space for a smaller bathroom also involves more.

  1. Includes an efficient organization
  2. A simple and charming decoration
  3. Choosing the right furniture
  4. A practical distribution of shower and sink,
  5. In addition to choosing the ideal items do not recharge the design of the space but can make it practical when designing.

We offer you more tips in this magazine section to find the best advice on storage options, accessories , and the best bathroom design  in the small bathroom decor  . But you  also have to stay in touch with designers, bathroom subject matter experts and their specialties.

1. Small Bathrooms: How They Work

A small and efficient  bathroom  should offer a comfortable environment to relax after a day’s work under hot water. There should also be a dynamic environment to start the day with energy before leaving home. They are:

– A small bathroom should have a sink with a minimum storage area for used items such as a toothbrush, air freshener, soap and towel that can be easily reached and dried.

Your toilet should be one that works without any leaks.

Your bathroom should have a shower or tub with an open space so that one person can easily enter and go to the shower.

– There must be the right faucet to work properly: so that hot water and cold water can be mixed.

Ideally here is a mirror above the sink in a small bathroom.

– The separation between the shower and the rest of the room can be through a single slope or small wall.

– Towels must have hooks or handles to hold.

There must be a free traffic zone between the door, toilet and shower. The most active distribution for small bathrooms is that the zones are placed on one side of the space and the transit is a kind of corridor through which an activity or rotation takes place.

2. Small bathroom decoration: functionality does not lag behind

The following points complement the style and elegance. The elements that you can use to put a good personality in this small bathroom. They are:

Sink: Every bathroom has a sink, so why not make it better? There are granite, steel, wood, ceramic and even locker sinks / basins.

– Cup or toilet in small bathroom: choose modern model. They are also very beautiful in design with water saving, slim, high cups and hidden levers.

– Hooks for hanging towels: Select the hooks that reinforce the chosen style of decoration. Artistic iron racks, recycled drawer handles, aluminum or steel hooks can be used.

Small bathroom windows: Curtains look good from the outside. Can also be used in place of pots or flowers for beautiful views.

Interior Designers in Hapur affordable and low budget design Near Me

Interior Designers in Hapur affordable and low budget design Near Me

Walls in a small bathroom: they contain small, real, but spaces. Select one or two boxes of the color you want to use for decoration in front of the sink or in front of the toilet.

Textiles: Take advantage of the fact that towels are hung with a hook in a way that is easy to use and easily accessible to the hand.

Lighting in the bathroom: Install a light bulb in the mirror or around it with the light in the middle so that the bathroom looks clean as well as open.

3. Storage in small bathroom

Storage space is essential for any bathroom. But for small bathrooms it is very important!

The ideal place to take advantage of this is under the sink. It doesn’t matter if the room is at least 60×60 cm. You can make room for everything in the shower with doors and drawers to hold things like towels and clothes.

In this bathroom you can also use decorative boxes / cans on the wall fan or toilet where you can put lotion, cream, rolled towels or candles for decoration.

4. Design of wash basin and OVA lines in small bathrooms

We have a lot of space in a small bathroom. But there are different suggestions for improving different sizes and materials. Here we are going to tell you which sinks are best for a small bathroom.

– Oval shaped granite wash basin with square or square shaped tub.

– The remaining surfaces with granite tub basin on top of wood can be used to hold equipment.

– Washbasin made of polished concrete or cement, which should be prepared to withstand moisture without coating. It is ideal for small modern or industrial style bathroom design.

Gorgeous transformation of wooden planks- Interior using wooden planks | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Vintage-style interiors using wood materials and atmospheric interiors are attracting many people’s attention. Since the entire interior concept of the house is made of wood, more and more people prefer wooden dining tables, chairs, and tables. In addition, for furniture that is used for a long time, it is necessary to spend money to choose good quality wooden furniture. Another accessory that helps to create this kind of interior is wooden planks. If you use wood planks for various purposes, you can add a sense of unity to your home and complete the wood plank interior at an affordable price. However, wooden planks are not only suitable for interiors with a wooden atmosphere. In fact, there are a variety of wooden planks available at different prices on the market, so you can use them to fill in the gaps in your home.

As interest in self-interiors has recently increased, you can start self-interiors using wooden planks. There are many people who are semi-professionals who decorate the entire house themselves, but in fact, it is not easy for beginners to decorate the entire house from the beginning. This is because there are many parts that require large and small professional skills. However, even beginners can easily challenge the interior design by using wooden planks. We can make various props using wooden planks at a lower price than we think. Today, we are going to learn about the colorful transformation of the board. Let’s find out together how an ordinary wooden plank transforms.

Balcony table and chair

A good piece of furniture to make by keeping the shape and texture of the board is the table. In particular, it is very suitable as a material for a balcony table. When using cheap wooden planks, I don’t use them often, but I like the balcony tables that I need occasionally. Since the balcony table does not need to be very wide, beginners can challenge it without difficulty. However, care must be taken to properly trim the sharp edges of the planks to avoid injury. It is good to use a wooden plank chair that matches with the balcony table. Decorate your balcony with a matching pair of balcony tables and chairs.

Wall deco

There are many ways to decorate a boring wall, but wood planks can create a unique atmosphere. Let’s try a vintage but atmospheric interior by pasting or boarding the whole wall on one side. You can draw a picture or desired text on it, or add fun ideas to decorate a boring wall. Only one part of the wall can be used freely by attaching wooden planks in a unique shape.

Low Budget Interior Desingers in Gurgaon Near Me

Low Budget Interior Desingers in Gurgaon Near Me

Wood plank wall outside house

You can also cover the entire exterior of your home with planks. It will be a unique tree house.
It can create an atmosphere that is less rigid than a concrete wall. By connecting with the outdoors, you can make a wooden plank chair or a wide wooden plank floor like in the photo.

False wall

Temporary walls are needed to separate the kitchen from the living room, divide the kitchen into small pieces, and separate spaces throughout the room. However, temporary walls tend to give a feeling of stuffiness, so there are many cases of using furniture other than temporary walls constructed using concrete to separate spaces. However, finding suitable furniture is not easy. A wooden plank can be easily used in this case. A thin pillar is first erected where a temporary wall is needed, and then a board is attached to it. If you make an appropriate empty space between the wooden planks and attach them, you can create a perfect temporary wall without feeling stuffy. You can also hang the necessary items by hanging the hangers on the wooden planks. Wooden plank temporary walls are natural and can be used not only in the house but also on the balcony if they are placed together with flowers or flowerpots. Let’s make a natural-looking temporary wall using wooden planks.

Flower pot shelf

A flat wooden plank is great for placing things on top of it and making it a multi-storey storage box. Since it is made of wood, its beauty is especially enhanced when it is combined with other flowerpots or flowers. If you need a shelf for your flower pots on your balcony, consider using wooden planks. It is good to use several wooden planks to make a flowerpot shelf on the 2nd floor and 3rd floor. Rather than simply arranging flowerpots in a row, if you put them on top of each other, it looks good and can be used in a small space. In addition, if you paint the wooden planks in various colors or decorate them with paints, you can complete a more unique and individual flowerpot shelf. Keep your balcony and flowerpot more beautiful by using a simple but effective wooden plank.

Balcony ceiling

If your patio or balcony needs a suitable sun shade, consider using wood planks. As shown in the photo, if you use wooden planks, you can complete the balcony with adequate sunlight and a warm atmosphere. It is not a boring balcony, but a wooden plank that provides adequate sunlight and blocks the wind is highly useful on the balcony. Instead of simply using fabrics or parasols, use wooden planks to decorate your balcony with an atmosphere.

Low Budget Interior Desingers in Gurgaon Near Me

Low Budget Interior Desingers in Gurgaon Near Me

Furniture – table

If you want to see the true transformation of wood planks, make a table out of wood planks. Perfect as a small coffee table or a table to fill in empty space. You can freely choose the height, length, and size, and you can paint it in any color you want. You can use the color of the wood as it is, or decorate it with your favorite color such as white or blue. However, you need to sand it well so that there are no sharp edges. You can use the wooden plank as it is, or you can add a small piece of cloth over it to create a unique look. Also, if you install one more board under the table, you can store small items and use it more comfortably. Decorate it with various colors and shapes using wooden planks, and complete your own table that no one has.


Decorate a boring space in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom using wooden planks. First of all, wooden planks can be used as shelves. If you drill a hole in an empty wall and attach a wooden shelf, it is good for decoration by putting incense candles or small items on it. You can decorate it simply and decorate it with any color you want. In addition, if there is something you want to cover in the kitchen, you can use a wooden plank as a lid or shade as a tool that does not harm the overall interior atmosphere. You can complete a sensible interior by making use of wooden planks for the trash can in the bathroom or the storage box in the room. Also, it is perfect for making a simple bookshelf or shelf, and it is not too difficult, so even beginners can make it easily. In this way, planks serve a variety of roles in many places, more than we think. Let’s use a plain wooden plank and turn it into a unique prop of your own. You can complete beautiful furniture or shelves without spending a lot of money. Use wooden planks to decorate every corner of your home.