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Tips to decorate your living room without overspending

Tips to decorate your living room without overspending

When we think of the house we want to move to, we tend to put the most importance on the size of the house, but no matter how big the house is, if the furniture is not properly placed, we will not feel that the space is a home. Even in a model house, a spacious bed and dressing table are placed in the bedroom, and an elegant wine glass is placed on a wooden dining table in the dining room. Therefore, it can be said that the furniture that fills the house is the most important factor that makes the house a home.

However, just because it is the most essential element in the house and it fits my heart, it is difficult for us to buy furniture that is completely my taste in front of us. Of course, there are people who hesitate to purchase whether considering the harmony with existing furniture, but the taste is usually firm, so if you look at the items we have, there will be many items with similar tendencies. Then, what is the biggest reason why it is difficult for us to easily buy furniture right away? The answer to this is a reasonable purchase within a limited budget. In particular, it is very difficult to select furniture within a limited budget for the space of the living room, where we spend most of our time with our family besides mealtime  . It is a space where you can communicate with your family, so I want to pay special attention to it, as it is a part of our house where invited guests spend a lot of time outside the front door for the first time. So today, we are going to look at how to decorate our living room in a stylish and well-rounded way without overspending.

Discover our style for a personalized living room

When we say living room, we usually have an image embedded in our minds as a space where family members spend time together and chat. But these days, when we don’t even have time to spend on ourselves, we sometimes wonder what shape our living room should be decorated in. There is no time to turn on the TV and no time to talk with family members to decorate the sofa in a cliched form, such as a sofa, a table, and a TV over the sofa. For that reason, it is also worth considering that we abandon the conventional image of the living room and have our own unique living room.

These days, the living room is not only a space for our family, but also a space for me. Then, it is most important to understand what kind of person a person is. This is because, depending on what I like, the furniture placed in the living room and the overall design and atmosphere that come to mind in my mind are all different. However, since the living room is a space that I should not think of, it is good to review once again what the tastes of the members living with me are. Like a living room designed by a domestic company  & company , you can put the electric piano in your living room and enjoy your own hobbies whenever you have free time, reminding you of the piano you learned at least once as a child. Or, for my family who likes to travel, it is a good idea to have travel-related books in the living room, and a wooden table where you can write your travel journals on your blog.

Plan to fit your budget

After understanding the tastes of the family and having already finished the conversation about what kind of living room would welcome us in the house, it is important to realistically figure out how much money we can currently spend. This is because, various and reasonably priced furniture that can express our individuality is already waiting for us. Usually, when inviting guests, the living room is the space where they spend the most time, so they seem to have an obsessive idea that the living room should be a neat space for some reason. For this reason, the design of the living room is usually uniform, consisting of a TV, a sofa, and a mini table. Rather than a boring living room like everyone else, how about a living room as a practical space that reflects our family’s personality well? For those of us who suffer from various things without even having time to watch TV, the living room can be a place for a new storage space. However, there is no need to reduce space efficiency and make it closed by arranging large storage cabinets in the living room. The small and cute cabinets are different colors, showing off their different personalities. A chest of drawers made of wood with an open shelf can be placed in harmony with the wooden mini table in the living room. Of course, you can also place a small chair with a blue cushion to match the light blue iron chest of drawers. Furniture with legs and space under the drawers looks visually elegant while at the same time dispersing the warm sunlight and fresh air coming through the large window in the living room.

Choose essential items for your living room at an affordable price

The living room is the space where you spend the most time with your family or if you invite guests. Of course, since the entrance is the part where invited friends and other guests first step into our house, most think that the impression of the house is influenced by the entrance. It’s not wrong, but I can’t completely affirm it either. Because the guests spend a significant amount of time in the living room, feeling the unique atmosphere of our family, and forming a unique image of us. In addition, we must not forget that the living room is a space where we meet face-to-face conversations with family members and form bonds after being hit by our busy daily lives.

In this way, it is worth giving more attention and affection to the items to be placed in the living room, since the living room is where our family and guests stay for a long time. First of all, it is certain that the seat must be comfortable so that you can relax and have an open conversation. In a living room with only a glass table and a hard iron chair, who can open up and have a sincere conversation? You won’t be able to shake the feeling of a hospital or a psychiatrist. So, it is important to choose a comfortable sofa. However, considering that our budget is limited, we have to think about the type of sofa. Compared to a hard and cold leather sofa, in addition to being reasonably priced, a cozy and warm  fabric sofa is a stylish choice.

A space that is greatly affected by the size of the family, the living room.

As mentioned earlier, we naturally choose the living room as a space where families spend a lot of time together. Therefore, the space that is naturally affected by the size of the family is inevitably the living room.

In the case of a house where only a single person or a couple live, the interior of the living room has a similar atmosphere to that of a cafe compared to other types of families. In the living room with a large window, even the curtains are cumbersome. Just put on white blinds and lower the blinds on sunny days. On a sunny or rainy day, raise the blinds and occasionally watch the scenery through the window, and talk or read a book in the living room filled with the scent of coffee from the coffee machine. Or, at a wooden table placed right in front of a window like a cafe, contemplating a trip that will give a point to our boring daily life, or drinking coffee while beating a laptop in preparation for a job change, our space has an atmosphere comparable to that of a cafe and improves concentration. transformed into a stylish space.

In the case of a family with children, the whole house naturally moves and is designed for the child. Learning-related drawings and toys designed as colorful character goods are scattered throughout the house. However, how about creating a calmer space so that children can draw various colors in their heads, create new things and have a variety of perspectives? To stimulate the senses, place a variety of books on the living room shelves and place a minimum of toys with the books. Naturally, in a space with a lot of books, your imagination can be enriched and you can grow up to be a creative child. Reading and feeling each sentence of the book, it is a natural process for the child to image each sentence in his/her mind and improve his/her language skills. A calm living room like an open library is also a living room atmosphere that can be created within our limited budget.

price check

In order to decorate the living room well within a limited budget, we need to find out the price of the furniture we have chosen in mind before buying. For those of us with a limited budget, this procedure is natural. However, we have to carefully examine whether furniture with reasonable prices is making our living room rather crude or can make it our own unique living room.

First, let’s designate a color that will be the focal point of the living room. How about a yellow one-seater sofa that gives you warmth and softness at the same time and gives you a comfortable feeling? You might be worried that the yellow color is too unique, but these worries can be a good opportunity to brighten up our living room as a bold attempt. In addition, concerns that the color might be too eye-catching may actually lower the price. In a society where most of us are afraid of jumping out and reassured of being like others, we live by killing our individuality. Due to this tendency, the price may vary depending on the color of the furniture. Let’s show off your uniqueness even in our living room and brighten up your living room at a reasonable price. There is no need to worry about the harmony with other furniture. By placing the same yellow fabric cushion on the monotone sofa, it can give a sense of unity and at the same time blend naturally with the unique yellow sofa.

It is also effective to decorate one side of the wall with a picture frame. There is no need for a large family or wasting space by placing a large leather sofa in the living room as a decorative cabinet. Of course, it can be said that it is premature to worry that there is only a sofa and a table for simple work, so it may not look like it is put in the living room. This is because, if one wall is decorated with small picture frames containing photos full of our memories, the eyes will be distracted and you can feel that the space in the living room is enriched whether you look back on each photo or introduce yourself. However, if you design with the frame’s layout in mind, you can make a fun living room.

Take advantage of sales and flea markets

If you are still frustrated and worried about whether interior decoration is a difficult task within a limited budget, think a little more broadly. If the price of furniture that is already locked in our minds exceeds our budget, there are several ways to consider. First, let’s aim for sales and discount products. Products with slight defects or displayed products can be purchased at a significant discount. In addition, even when the season has passed, you can purchase items at a fairly large discount rate. However, even during the sale period, there are times when the furniture we wanted to purchase is not included in the discount. Just in case, we can consider the flea market. Unexpectedly, many people change their furniture frequently according to their change of heart, and there are many cases where families preparing to immigrate or families with children who are studying abroad put out unused furniture.

Other purchase options

Aside from choosing sales and flea markets, furniture for assembly or overseas direct purchase may be one of our many options. In the past, it was only a single option to purchase only finished furniture made by large companies at high prices. Now, we can inquire about furniture for ourselves at a reasonable price from various small and medium-sized furniture companies, and You can also consider furniture for assembly, or you can bring exotic design furniture into our home through direct purchase overseas. By expanding the options, our living room can be decorated in a cozy and stylish way, even on a limited budget.

Various modern living room ideas

The interior design starts with the living room. It occupies the largest area and is the first space you encounter when entering the front door, and it influences the overall atmosphere of the house. The living room is shared by family members and is a space for receiving guests, so it is burdensome to apply too strong styling. So, it is good to give points with point wallpaper, pendant lighting, various props, etc., and direct it in a way that adds a touch of style.

Even if they aim for the same modern style, the space may look different depending on which design elements are used. For example, while playing color, it is necessary to consider which color combination to use and which part to apply those colors to. Let’s discover ideas that can be applied to your space through various examples of living rooms created in a modern style. Introducing a variety of modern living rooms with different charms  .

Point color and distinctive wall finish

The geometric patterned wall finish divided by irregular diagonal lines is an impressive styling. An industrial touch is added to the exposed concrete with a natural texture. It is a gray tone-on-tone, giving it a colorful feeling without being complicated. Curtains and sofas were also connected in gray series, and yellow cushions gave a light point. If you use only gray, you can give it a cold and hard feeling, but warm wood was used for the flooring and the dining tablehttps://interioratoz.com/dining-table-ideas-with-various-functions-and-shapes-gurgaon-noida/

to create a comfortable feeling.

If you want to use a vibrant primary color for the living space, try combining it with gray like this. If you use gray for a large area and color for a narrow area, you can increase the attention to color while maintaining a sophisticated atmosphere for the overall atmosphere.

Point color and props

As in the case above, this is a production using a combination of gray and yellow. I used yellow color for the home bar, and the sense of using a similar yellow color for the frame stands out. The black chairs were placed together to create a strong contrast. In particular, the use of various accessories stands out in this living room. First of all, the steel track lighting blends well with the textured ceiling finish, giving it a sensual feel. Stand lights and pattern cushions also help to bring out the style.

Warm modern style

It has a warm feeling by using beige instead of white for the finishing materials and furniture. The dark blue carpet with low saturation calms the space, giving it a sense of stability. By combining beige and dark colors with low saturation, you can easily create a modern and luxurious feel. I gave a point to a space that could have been boring with a check pattern curtain. Track lighting and an indifferent picture frame placed against the wall add a modern touch to the living room.

How to make black & white

Black & white is one of the most basic ways to create a modern look, but as it is styling for the living room, care must be taken not to make the contrast too intense. A strong contrast easily attracts attention, but on the contrary, it can easily tire the eyes.

In the living room in the photo, neutral tones that can neutralize the contrast between black and white are placed everywhere to complete a natural modern living room. White was used for the walls and ceiling, and off-white with a slight tone added to the floor. A heavy black leather sofa is placed on the wall, and the medium-tone rugs and curtains harmonize well with the space. A large picture in black & white is hung on the sofa, making the living room look more sophisticated and sensual.

How to make black & white

It is a living room style that gives a cool feeling. The bold use of black for the flooring gives a modern and sensual feel. The track lights focus on the wall, making the space look spacious and bright. Cushions of various colors and materials, striking pendant lights, and small ornaments on the TV cabinet make the living room in black and white colorful.

Directing with lighting

It is a fairly large living room, and a structure that crosses the middle of the ceiling was dug and recessed lighting was installed. Indirect lighting was installed in the place where both walls meet so that the light spreads smoothly. It is not easy to create a large space consistently with only furniture and accessories, but it is also a good way to create a bold and cool look by using lighting like this.

Directing with lighting

It is a styling that gave a point with a colorful ceiling light. A diffuser of various colors is inserted between the grids of the black frame. Although various colors are used, the combination looks sophisticated by using light colors that are consistently toned down. It has a design that is very different from the commonly used living room lighting, and when the light is not turned on, it looks like a work of art. A similar design structure was added to the shelf on the wall to give a sense of unity.

Directing with lighting

The symmetrical arrangement around the hearth and pendant lighting are impressive styling. If you have a living room that doesn’t have a lot of furniture and furnishings, you can boldly use a large pendant light to give it a point. The chairs on either side of the fireplace give it a sense of stability, while the bold black lighting above it gives it a unique feel. Bright colors are used throughout the space to make the black lighting stand out more.

Geometric pattern styling

Among the numerous patterns, the geometrical pattern is particularly useful for creating a modern style. A tile stone manufacturer  , and a modern living room is created by applying monotone damask tiles to the wall. The cushions and rugs also have different patterns, but the consistent use of monotones makes them look sophisticated and uncomplicated. If it is burdensome to put a pattern on the entire wall, there is a way to put a pattern in a specific shape only on the desired part.

Geometric pattern styling

It is a styling that uses a light zigzag pattern. Small items such as fireplaces and animal horns are usually used in classic or country styles, but by directing them with geometric patterns, a modern feel was elicited. The cushions have the same pattern but different colors to avoid monotony.

Tips for a cozy living room by style

If you are greedy for interior design, you must have had a particularly difficult time directing the living room. This is because the living room is a communal area, not a space for alone, and harmony in various elements is required in the interior. Furthermore, living room furniture is relatively bulky, making selection and placement more difficult.

Some people emphasize communication above all else through the living room, while others prefer the living room as a design space that harmonizes with other spaces. As such, the living room is a space where communication takes place and influences the impression of the house according to various needs. However, if there is one thing everyone wants in common in living room design, it is ‘cozy’. Here are some ideas for creating a living room with a comfortable atmosphere and a space where you can relax. We have collected ideas of different styles to meet different needs. Let’s take a look through the photos one by one.

Ideas for a different living room

On a holiday afternoon, sitting on the sofa in the living room, drinking tea, playing with the children while piling up toys, one of the most relaxing times is probably spending time in the living room. Renovating a living room where body and mind can relax can mean the same as changing the overall image of your home.

Since it is a space where you spend a lot of time, here are some ideas to decorate your living room more beautifully with a heart full of affection. Among the endless ideas, let’s find out what the living room feels like that suits you the most and makes you the most comfortable.

Warm rugs in the winter living room

Carpets and rugs are indispensable for interior decoration in winter, when the colder days are, the more time is spent at home. A thick rug that maintains a warm temperature and has a high decorative effect creates a cozy atmosphere throughout the living room.

In particular, winter rugs show various feelings depending on the thickness and weave of the threads, and they come in various sizes, so you can choose according to your taste.

Clean floor

In a relatively spacious living room, the floor plays an important role as well as the furniture. A clean floor can give a flat feel. If you want an orderly and calm interior atmosphere, we recommend light pastel colors or monotone carpets.

If the surrounding accessories such as small chairs and cushions are decorated with similar colors or materials, it will become a comfortable living room with a unified feeling.

A cushion that can easily change the atmosphere of the living room

The easiest way to give a point to the atmosphere of the living room is to use a cushion. You can give a cozy and warm feeling by layering several cushions of various sizes, or you can simply give a point with one or two colorful cushions.

Like the living room in the photo, the red patterned wallpaper and the pink color matching the red lighting and the intensely designed cushions create a luxurious yet full living room.

Fabric material

Another accessory that can give the living room a point is a wall decoration. Watches, frames, and mirrors, as well as ornaments made of warm fabrics, make the house more cozy.

Unified color living room design

This living room, made in pastel shades throughout, gives a cozy and warm feeling. The luxurious sofa and cushion materials, the bookshelf filling one wall, and the color of the wallpaper are unified, giving a bright and stable feeling.

The table, located straight in the middle, also maintained a sense of unity with the same color as the sofa, and the colorful mirror gave the point of a calm room. The single sofa and lighting in lavender color make the living room more stylish

Turn your living room into your own cozy theater

If you often end the day with a great movie, how about creating your own theater-like living room? If you are looking for a living room with the best sound system and wide screen, refer to the living room design in the photo.

The living room, which pursues minimalism with minimal furniture and decorations, only needs a comfortable wide sofa and cushions to lie on, rather than additional decorations.

Stylish coffee table

There is no rule that says the coffee table should be in the center of the living room. Considering my movement, placing a sensual design in a more comfortable location will create a different living room.

A small change in an ordinary living room can unexpectedly make a big change and give it a different feeling.

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