Interior Designers in Rajpur Khurd Extension

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Interior Designers in Rajpur Khurd Extension

Rajpur Khurd Extension- interior designer for living rooms

The living room is the room in your house that is most active. It’s where you build relationships with your guests, spend time with them, and make a lot of special memories with your loved ones. Everyone looks towards the living room when they enter a home. With our living room ideas for your house, you can increase the chances for special moments of connection. We are Rajpur Khurd Extension’s top interior designers for living rooms. Our designs are carefully made to meet all of your particular demands and to make you feel special and at ease.

TV set

Almost every home has a TV in the living room. We all enjoy the cosines and warmth of curling up on the couch with our loved ones, enjoying some snacks, and catching up on our favorite TV shows. Your TV unit’s design must be up to par and complement our more sophisticated and stylish television sets.

The focal point of the living area is the TV unit. It is constantly at the centre of the room’s furniture. The TV set gives your space a shiny shine and uplifts its appeal considerably. As the top living room interior designer, we adapt our designs to your preferences and provide you with imaginative designs.

Units for crockery and bars

Crockery unit: Although crockery units are a type of furniture that may not be present in every home, their design and elegance improve the appearance and ambiance of a space. Crockery cupboards have long been a necessary component of Indian houses, used to store glasses, cutlery, and carefully gathered trinkets. As crockery units are the centre of attention, we design them precisely and creatively by using features like charcoal panel shutters, mirrored shutters, and membrane shutters to give them an ultra-chic, opulent appearance.

Bar unit: Adding a home bar to the interior design of your living room doesn’t have to take up much room. If you frequently host family and friends, you just cannot live without a well-designed bar unit in your house! A home bar expands your home’s storage choices in addition to giving it an upscale, royal appearance. Everything in your home is designed not merely for aesthetics, but also for complete utility and space management.


Interior A to Z creates the coziest sofas that are practical and seamlessly match your home’s overall design aesthetic. We create sofas that are made just for you and your needs. While improving the aesthetics of your living space, we offer numerous couch styles with the most comfortable cushioning. In addition to conventional sofas, we now offer sofa beds with storage and three-fold sofa beds with storage. Our sofas are sturdy and were made with you in mind, providing you with the highest comfort and tranquility while you’re at home.

Top interior designer for living rooms in Rajpur Khurd Extension. Interior A to Z is the top interior designer for luxury living rooms in Rajpur Khurd Extension. We provide a wide range of beautiful choices so that you can genuinely live in style. Not only do we design your area, but we also meticulously research and accessories it. Want to add some life to the interior design of your living room? We’re only a phone call away!

Opulent wall decorator in Rajpur Khurd Extension

Since home is where the heart is, let us help you beautify it! Interior A to Z offers a stunning selection of opulent wall decor for calm and vibrant walls. Every time you gaze at your walls, these will make you want to fall in love with your house. Give your walls Interior A to Z touch to instantly up your décor game! Your home’s interior design speaks volumes about you and reflects your personality.

Interior A to Z is the best one-stop shop for your individualized demands and the best luxury wall designer in Rajpur Khurd Extension as a result. We comprehend your ideas and incorporate them into your décor. To help you get the most out of your investment, we’ve included some wall design ideas that can amp up your decor and make your room look lush and magnificent. Our wall designs can really overhaul and transform the look and feel of your space.


With our high-quality wallpapers, you can easily yet effectively update your home’s interior design and add grandeur to your space. It’s a fantastically economical solution! Our selection of luxury bedroom wallpapers ranges from modern regal eye-catchers to simple sage, changing the atmosphere of the space and making it appear beautiful.

Trims and Wall Bidding

Wall bidding is an easy way to give your space more personality and design points. Wall bidding is unquestionably in trend; by attempting a variation of this design, the area will exude much more grace and elegance. Wall trimmings can provide a lovely accent to the wall and give your space a classy, refined look.


The living room has an unusual backdrop thanks to the wall grooving. It has a simple yet elegant design that will stand out and draw the attention of your visitors. Grooving makes your home appear lavish and provides the place a very clean appearance.


Louver Wall Panels offer an affordable, realistic, and incredibly durable alternative to conventional 3D wall panels. They are the ideal fusion of a modern and classic decor. Our louvres come in a variety of colors and are resistant to humidity.

Mirror Work

Mirror work gives your home extra depth and brightness. Mirrors provide attractiveness, make a statement, and intensify the illumination in dimly lit rooms while also emitting positive and pleasant energy into your home. Mirrors are available in a wide range of styles and hues, including rose gold, gold, and bronze.

MDF Panel 3D

Compared to solid wood or plywood, 3D MDF Panel can withstand fluctuations in humidity and temperature far better. MDF sheet is a good material for innovative décor attempts. It is employed to produce textured walls with 3D relief work, including organic patterns and waves.

Metal or CNC Jali

The greatest alternative to highlight complex workmanship in the room is CNC Jali/Metal Jali. Geometric patterns and designs, as well as ornamental elements, are resurfacing. The finest alternative for you if you’re seeking for the most intricate wall designs is a CNC Jali design! We are Rajpur Khurd Extension’s leading CNC jali designers.

Graphite Panel

A charcoal panel wall might help you modernize and brighten up your house. Also, it’s an environmentally friendly choice! A room has an earthy atmosphere thanks to charcoal panels. Because they are strong and simple to install, they are the ideal and most upscale option for any room.

A stone façade

Your home gains a wonderful new depth with stone-clad walls. In contemporary buildings, stone cladding is a thin front made of a natural or synthetic material that is affixed over the foundational concrete layer. Stone-covered walls give your room a really opulent and imposing appearance.


POP (Plaster of Paris) is frequently used to add some flair to plain walls, giving them depth and personality. You have a wide range of design possibilities for 3D POP wall paneling to select from. These panels are produced in factories and have repeatable designs that come in set sizes.

Concrete sheet

It is simple to handle, install, and maintain cement sheet. The cement sheet adheres to the wall flawlessly and gives your area a beautiful, upscale appearance.


A cheerful home is one that is colorful. Your home looks clean and new with a fresh coat of paint. Painting the walls can change a space, infuse it with fresh life, and protect them from damage. To make your home aesthetically pleasing, there are various types of wall paint.

Rajpur Khurd Extension’s top wardrobe designer

A wardrobe is a finishing touch for a bedroom. Each of our wardrobes is carefully crafted to maximize your space while taking storage volumes into account and featuring luxurious yet practical designs. A wardrobe is much more than just a piece of furniture for storage; it gives a space so much character and elegance! A wardrobe is so necessary that a room without one appears empty. We provide the following selection of custom wardrobes based on your preferences and way of life.

Latching wardrobe

Wardrobes with hinges can be incorporated into both traditional and modern design elements. Traditional wardrobe styles are more prevalent and never go out of style. Wardrobes with hinges come in a wide range of designs with elegant door handles.

Our modern wardrobes come in a wide range of designs, unusual and stunning finishes, and abundant sizes.

Laminate surface

There are several different color palettes available for this finish. Using a laminate finish has the benefit of allowing multiple colors to be used on the same shutter. With this finish, you may also decorate the wardrobe with your preferred wallpaper.


This coating gives the wardrobe sheen and makes it appear radiant and alluring. It’s affordable and gives your wardrobes a really upscale appearance.

Membranes Complete

The membrane finish’s ability to fold makes it particularly appealing; in addition to providing a seamless finish, it also enables designers to experiment with various themes. With a membrane finish, anything is possible, from a contemporary design with built-in handles to giving a space a colonial vibe or an Indian traditional theme using its molding feature. The bedroom gets a boost from a wardrobe with a membrane finish.

Finish acrylic

Your clothing will look stylish and costly with an acrylic finish. In addition to being offered in a variety of colors, it also mirrors, making your area look more spacious, energetic, and appealing for years. Wardrobes with an acrylic finish are the ideal option for a contemporary, elegant house.

One of the most expensive alternatives for hinged wardrobes is PU finish. The versatility of PU allows for both glossy and matte finishes, color mixing, and allows our designers to create eye-catching color combinations for your wardrobe. In order to give our PU-finished wardrobes a polished and appealing appearance, we now provide fluted shutter panels. These shutters are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and amp;

Vertical Wardrobe

Obtain the most elegant and upscale wardrobe designs with the least amount of room! Sliding wardrobes typically give your space a sleek, modern appearance and go great with modern, minimalistic décor. As they don’t restrict the room’s circulation area, they are the greatest alternative for smaller rooms. This makes it easier to organize the area and design the room accordingly. The sliding wardrobe design is modern and a fantastic addition with a variety of storage options, including built-in shelves for folded clothing and roomy drawers for daily jewellery storage and more.

We are aware that investing in a cabinet is a long-term decision. Interior A to Z is the top sliding wardrobe designer in Rajpur Khurd Extension, and we provide a wide range of designs, sizes, and finishes. Also, if you choose to work with us to create a sliding cabinet, you’ll be sure to get the greatest prices, materials of the highest caliber, and a first-rate post-delivery experience. We evaluate your available area and create the ideal addition for your house. We don’t simply put in a wardrobe; we also give you a piece of furniture that enhances the design of your room and gives you a lot of space.

Sliding wardrobe that reaches the ceiling

Bedrooms with sliding floor-to-ceiling wardrobes provide a majestic appearance. Although these wardrobes are not brand-new, they have gained popularity in recent years due to how well they fit into contemporary homes. Sliding floor-to-ceiling wardrobes are quite stylish and offer plenty of room for your clothing and accessories.

There are countless design options for sliding floor-to-ceiling wardrobes! These closets provide us the opportunity to express our creativity and make use of a range of materials, such eye-catching wallpaper, opulent charcoal panels, fabric, and digital images, which improves the beauty of the space.

Mirrors make a room appear larger by reflecting the lights in the space. Cloth offers your wardrobe a wonderful texture, and it can complement your headboard wonderfully to retain the room’s design.

Simple lacquered glass to add glimmer and style to your clothes. The room is fully lit as a result of the light’s reflection from the glass.

Your clothing will have a majestic and opulent feel thanks to charcoal panel. Because they are strong and simple to install, they are the ideal and most upscale option for any room.

Wallpaper to accentuate your wardrobe’s thrilling and lovely patterns. It can aid in effortlessly synchronizing design with the wall.

Making your closet more personalized with digitally printed lacquered glass that features a photo and design of your choice.

Rajpur Khurd Extension’s top wardrobe designer

Interior A to Zs is the top wardrobe designer in Rajpur Khurd Extension; we constantly provide you with a wide selection of stylish design that glam up your complete space. Our wardrobe designs provide a place for everything and make sure that your choices blend together without being cluttered. Apart from that, everything is accessible to you quickly thanks to the excellent functionality. Our wardrobe designs have magnificent profile knobs that make sliding the door easier while also visually enhancing the space’s opulence.

Various Services

We at Interior A to Z are the best one-stop shop for all of your servicing needs. From civil works to electricity, plumbing, POP, soft furnishings, painting, and many other services, we handle it all. We have an in-house staff for all the services we offer and will deliver your ideal home above and beyond your expectations to ensure that your journey is hassle-free.

We have a talented group of in-house designers who can not only design your lovely home but also assist you in choosing all the accessories by offering end-to-end solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Civil Work

The creation and enhancement of the infrastructure and services we depend on every day is considered civil work. It is a concrete piece of work that is difficult to change. By tiling, renovating the bathroom, knocking down any walls, fixing the kitchen platform, etc., we modernize and renovate your property and improve its aesthetic appeal.

After correctly assessing your space, careful planning, and meticulous detailing, we carry out civil work. We are the ideal one-stop solution for all of your interior needs, whether they involve remodeling your bathrooms, tiling partitions, installing wood flooring, or even eliminating walls. With more than 5 years of experience in this field, we can quickly plan and maintain your home and ensure that it is constructed using immaculate designs and long-lasting materials.

Electrical alterations

The most important improvements to make are to the electrical system because they typically need to be determined by the interior design. You may get everything at Interior A to Zs, from expert interior design to even electrical upgrades that will make your life incredibly convenient and boost the style quotient of your home. To improve your level of living and create a futuristic house for you where everything is controlled with the tip of your finger, we assist you with home automation from beginning to end.


A cheerful home is one that is colorful. Your home looks clean and new with a fresh coat of paint. Painting the walls can change a space, infuse it with fresh life, and protect them from damage.

The most popular false ceiling material is POP Plaster of Paris (POP). It provides a seamless, smooth finish and has a beautiful appearance. It may be molded into any shape to suit the design, and the surface can be painted to match your home’s decor. They are strong and lightweight, making them perfect for use in houses that need indirect artificial lighting.


PVC ceilings are an excellent option to stop leaking from the ceiling because they are lightweight and moisture-resistant. Although they are inexpensive to produce and install, PVC ceilings still give the area a highly upscale white appearance. They come in a wide range of colors and are readily available.

Reflective ceilings

A reflection makes a home appear larger and more opulent! Mirrors provide attractiveness, make a statement, and intensify the illumination in dimly lit rooms while also emitting positive and pleasant energy into your home. If you wish to balance the room’s look, you can tint it with various colors.

Interior A to Z’s employs a group of exceptionally brilliant designers and productive workers who make the process of complete interior design and civil work hassle-free. With our gorgeous designs and innovative concepts, we as Rajpur Khurd Extension’s best luxury interior designers raise the bar for your house and way of life.

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