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  • Door design ideas | Best Interior Designer

  • | Door design ideas | Best Interior Designer near me

  • Door design ideas | Best Interior Designer near me

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Whether it is a front door, a front door or an interior door, the door always gives people a sense of protection. It protects the world we are exposed to and makes us feel safe. When choosing a door, there are many things that need to be paid attention to. If you don’t spend a little time thinking about it, it may have a negative impact. So let’s do some homework and take a look at the door’s information and FAQs!

What is the function of the door?

If it is a gate, it can block the home and the outside world to prevent strangers from entering your private space. The front door leads the visitors and their families back to the warm indoor space. If you spend more time on the design of the front door, the appearance of the house will also add points. The indoor door allows the family to come to an independent and completely different living space. Opening a door can be said to be like opening another world. If the room does not have a door, not only the privacy cannot be fully enjoyed, but also the sound insulation is not good. Therefore, it can be said that the door is definitely an essential accessory in the home space.

Common types of interior doors?

1. Gate

-Outer entrance door: The first door to enter is the outer door, most of which are made of stainless steel, also called anti-theft door.

-Inner entrance door: The second door that the door enters is surrounded by the inner door. The basic function of the inner door is sound insulation and fire prevention.

2. Room door

-Wood fiber door: The characteristic of the wood fiber door is that it is durable and not easy to deform. The hard solid wood fiber is formed in a three-dimensional shape, and the density is more than 50% higher than that of ordinary wood.

-International door: Boeing panel material is used, the surface is hard and scratch-resistant, paint-free, good maintenance, and durable.

-Solid wood door: As it means, the solid wood door uses natural wood and solid wood material combination. It has a good natural texture and geological sense, is invariable, durable, and has the functions of heat preservation, sound absorption and sound insulation.

Solid wood paint-free doors: most of the common solid wood paint-free doors on the market are PVC pasted facades. The interior door of the solid wood composite door is processed by the process of PVC. Because the indoor solid wood paint-free door does not need to be painted, it is more environmentally friendly and healthy. Moreover, it is formed in one time and the manufacturing process is short, which can enable consumers to shorten the time to obtain the goods.

Solid wood paint door: The solid wood paint door is roughly the same as the solid wood paint-free door. It uses logs from the forest as the door core, after drying and processing, the process of baking paint on the surface of the door makes the solid wood composite paint door more shiny and bright. After baking paint, the facade is not easy to be worn out, which improves the service life. The solid wood painted door presents a better color overall, and is also equipped with a variety of decorative patterns, which adds to the beauty of the door.

Pure solid wood door: Pure solid wood door refers to the use of pure solid wood materials to make it into a door. The wood is dried and processed by various techniques. Due to the high purity of the material, the pure solid wood doors are mostly made of precious wood materials, so the quality is relatively high. Installing pure solid wood doors in the home environment will make the entire home environment more high-end and atmospheric.

3. Bathroom door

-Plastic steel door: The surface of this type of material is very smooth, waterproof and easy to clean. It is very suitable for damp and fireproof spaces.

4. Other species

-Three-in-one ventilation door: door leaf, screen window and anti-theft decorative strip in one, inner fan is equipped with glass, and the outer layer of the screen door is equipped with aluminum horizontal grid design, which has anti-theft effect and is convenient to open. Door noise, good waterproof performance

-Plastic sliding door: plastic material, easy and fast to install, generally used as a compartment to isolate kitchen fumes and prevent air-conditioning from leaking.

There are many mosquitoes in Taiwan, so screen doors are often installed. What kinds of screen doors are there?

1. Hidden pleated screen door

The feature of this kind of screen door is that there is no need to worry about disassembly and assembly, and it can be opened freely, which is very suitable for opening doors and sliding doors.

2. Ventilation and anti-pattern screen door

This kind of screen door uses high-tech nanotechnology to embed the deforming active ingredients into the gauze net, so the mosquitoes will be automatically wiped out once they are attached to the net.

3. Three-in-one ventilation door

The function of the ventilation door is to have a door leaf, a screen door and an anti-theft decorative strip. The ventilated inner fan is equipped with a clamping device, two-stage adjustment, and three-stage opening, allowing natural convection of fresh air, which is safe and comfortable. The inner fan of the four-wheel drive 4WD slides symmetrically up and down, increasing torque drive, super-weight inner fan combination, and has a fine-tuning function, pulling light. Suitable for kitchen/balconies with rain and terraces.

4. Special screen door for Iron Gate

Iron doors in homes are often very poorly ventilated, even if glass is used for lighting. After removing the glass, install high-perspective mosquito-killing gauze to enhance the ventilation effect.

What are the styles of the door?

1. Country style

If you want to match the rustic style, it is best to choose a wooden door, and then you can match the glass window frame on the top of the door, and then choose to use logs or paint in different colors according to your wishes.

2. Nordic modern style

If you want to follow the Nordic modern style, then a simple and clean pure white door is definitely the most basic and safe choice. The style of the door strives to be simple and neat, and there must be no complicated carvings on it. In addition to white, light-colored wooden doors are also a good choice.

3. Mediterranean wind

The shape of the Mediterranean-style door is very distinctive, the focus is on the arc above the door, and many people also choose to paint the door in sky blue, so people know that it is Mediterranean style at first glance!

4. Japanese style

Like the Mediterranean style, the Japanese-style door features are also super obvious. Japanese paper sliding doors have window panes and use wood as a frame to give people a peaceful Zen. If you want to try a different design, you can also change the white paper door into a wall sticker with different shapes and patterns.

There are many types of door designs and materials. If you are not sure what design and structure are best for your home, I suggest you talk to a professional first!

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