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Boy’s room

Everything that has to do with children’s rooms is difficult to put under one heading. There is such a wide variety in that area that you should definitely describe the various types of rooms separately. The boy’s room world is one we want to take you to right now. Because when your son grows out of the baby’s room, it is certainly time to tackle his room. And the possibilities are very diverse. Do you choose to make it into a nursery or are you someone who doesn’t like to change the theme too often? In the latter case, you can opt for a design that can last for a number of years. To help you on your way, we have listed useful tips and ideas for you.

In what style do I furnish a boys’ room?

The room for your son, what theme wills you uses to design that space? That theme is important to choose, because you immediately know what kind of style you can use. For boys, so globally in the age of 3 to 10 years, you can think of themes such as cars, jungle, sports, forest, pirates, and cartoons and so on. In such a case, your child’s interest can be the deciding factor and you often already have an impression that a three-year-old loves. If you have chosen this theme, it is important that you choose a leading color.

For example, red for cars and green for a jungle. Still, it is best to choose a more neutral color, because then you can easily adjust the theme at a later time. And if you’re busy with that theme, then you can also immediately think about the style of the furniture. Because of course they also have to fit in well! If we also link it back to the various styles that we use at Interior A to Z, you can think of the eclectic or modern style. A bit of an industrial slant can be a lot of fun too!

The color scheme

Once you’ve decided on the boys’ room style and theme, it’s time to finally pick out the color scheme. Classic colors you can think of are blue, brown and gray. Beige, green and white can be a bit more neutral, but orange as a basic color is certainly not a bad choice. And since it largely concerns the walls and the paint, you can certainly choose to look for nice wallpaper. Because that also gives a very specific color and atmosphere to a room! That certainly applies to any other random (bed) room. Do you want to give the theme just that little bit more power? Then choose wood or stone on the wall, for example!

The furniture

The walls are beautifully painted and papered. Then it is time to ensure that there is a beautiful floor. We would certainly recommend laminate or linoleum. Fabric forms of floor covering can get dirty very quickly… Once the floor is in place, it is time to buy the furniture. And there, some essential pieces of furniture for a beautiful boy’s room are certainly of great importance. First of all, the bed. Do you opt for a normal bed or will it be a loft bed? The latter is something that guys often really enjoy. Or you choose (depending on the theme) for a bed in a certain shape, such as a racing car.

You can get something like this from just over. In addition to a bed, a wardrobe is also a necessary thing. Here too it is nice to purchase a cabinet that fits well with style and theme, but a more neutral one is also very good. The most important thing is of course that you can store all your clothes in it. If you’ve purchased these two essentials, then you’re not done yet. For example, how about a desk for the moment your son has to start doing homework?

You can also optionally opt for bookshelves and furniture that can form a nice play corner. For example, how about a desk for the moment your son has to start doing homework? You can also optionally opt for bookshelves and furniture that can form a nice play corner. For example, how about a desk for when your son has to start doing homework? You can also optionally opt for bookshelves and furniture that can form a nice play corner.

Boy’s room decoration ideas

Walls, floors and furniture: you may be done now. But what about the decorations and accessories? They should of course dress things up a bit nice! The lighting is also essential in such a case. A large lamp on the ceiling, some nice mood lamps for next to the bed and on the other furniture and a night light so that your child is not afraid of the dark. You can also cover the walls with wall stickers or nice paintings. And letting your child draw something himself can also be a very nice idea. A chalkboard can also offer a solution in such a case. Add some cute pillows and curtains (not to mention a cute duvet cover!) and the boys’ room is ready to go.

Storage ideas for optimal use of space

Isn’t that boy’s room you’re looking at that big? Then we have a few handy tips to be able to organize everything spaciously. A bed with storage space is certainly not a bad idea. Or how about a pull-out bed so that friends can stay overnight? But other multifunctional furniture can also have hidden storage places. Ask a carpenter to make something nice for you. And everything will be fine now with that boy’s room!

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Gather the information you need to know to build the house of your dreams.

Help you answer the following concerns:

  1. What Is The Process To Build A House?
  2. Budgeting – What’s the Cost?
  3. Some Notes for Smarter & More Economical Design and Construction
  4. Who to Consult When Starting Construction?
  5. In What Season Should You Build A House? When?
  6. Which Architectural Style Should I Build? How to Build a Beautiful House?

What Is The Process To Build A House?

・Apply for a construction permit: in order to ensure that our house is not subject to legal risks during the construction process, we need to understand the regulations in house construction such as: building permit regulations, regulations during construction, handling cases of construction without permits… In this regard, you need to consult legal experts or find out by yourself and then coordinate with the architect if any.

・Prepare design drawings: let the architects help you get the drawing you want. Currently, the average price of a drawing is from 30 Rs square meter used. This investment will help you build more efficiently with the contractor, avoiding misunderstandings between you and the construction team. You can find the architect closest to you.

・Construction: choose a suitable contractor, purchase materials, supervise the construction situation of the contractor and have a careful and appropriate house acceptance report. You can also find a builder near you.

・Choose a good day to break ground

Cost – Cost

In the process of building a house, there will be two main types of costs you need to pay much attention to: Basic construction costs and Costs for furniture.

・Basic construction costs are fixed costs including skeleton construction, finishing touches such as bricklaying, wall painting, etc., and labor costs. Currently, we usually calculate this cost per square meter with an estimate of 10 – 30%. You should talk to architects and contractors to get more accurate numbers!

  1. Refer to newly built houses to calculate the construction price of 1 m2: the current price of construction materials and workers. For example, a house built last year cost 1 million per m2, this year the cost of construction materials and labor are 5% more expensive, so 1 m2 of house this year will cost 1.05 million dong. From there, spend 80 million to build a house, you will build about 75 m2. Only 8/10 of this area can be built into a room, the remaining 2/10 is for aisles, toilets…


  1. According to the needs of the family to decide how big and wide to build to fit the existing budget. If the house has 4 people, it only needs 2 to 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room.


  1. The foundation of the house should be a long-term investment, when you go to the floor, you don’t have to redo the foundation. Manicure costs usually account for 30% of the total cost of building a house.


  1. The decor should be simple and unpretentious. Decorators are much more expensive than normal construction, so if they can be simple, they will save money.


  1. Specific design: If you can’t afford to hire a designer, you can refer to the available designs, free of charge, and then adjust a little to suit your home.


・Interior decoration costs are subject to change based on our design budget. Depending on the budget, with the same home style, we can choose for ourselves expensive luxury items or more affordable prices for ourselves. Furniture can be purchased gradually after the house is finished to avoid the initial investment amount being too large. Due to gradual shopping, you must have a plan to buy things for harmony and synchronization. Should buy furniture with artificial materials or industrial products to reduce the use of natural wood, contributing to environmental protection.

Some Notes for Smarter & More Economical Design and Construction

・Make the most of sunlight and wind for bedrooms and kitchens. Stairs, corridors, toilets may be less bright; a little less airy if there is no land condition (for example, next to a neighbor’s house).

・The height of the house in the range of 3.3 – 4.5m is both airy and saves construction materials.

・The size of the bedroom, living room, and kitchen inside is about 12-15 m2 (or 3.3m wide x 3.6m – 4.5m long; the narrowest room should be at least 3.3m for easy storage). Windows and doors should be moderate, note that the cost of making wooden doors can be up to 30% of the entire house construction cost, be careful not to put furniture, the house is prone to rain. , the sun shines…

・Building bricks: increase the use of unborn bricks (to help protect the environment) such as silicate bricks, lightweight concrete bricks or popular local materials such as limestone, late rite…

・ Paving tiles and walkways should be left with maximum soil for the purpose of absorbing rainwater, heat in the dry season, self-inserting brick walkways or other materials that allow rainwater to penetrate, the floor can be considered as tiles. Stairs can be paved with factory granite or for on-site construction workers ・Septic tank built with biogas cellar to recycle organic waste as fertilizer and fuel for the kitchen.

・Water tank should have 2 types, low-rise rainwater tank & roof top water tank; consider stainless steel tanks for convenience in construction and maintenance. Limit the use of well water to keep the groundwater level and avoid subsidence in the future. Hot water for kitchen and toilet can be burned by gas (if there is a biogas cellar) or solar water heater.

・The roof should not only be poured with a flat roof, so consider the roof slope with tiled roofs to avoid hot sun and easy to drain rain water. It is recommended to use unborn roof tiles or new roofing materials. Homeowners need to make a trough to collect rainwater into the tank to take advantage of this clean water source.

・Power lines should go in pipes, if going underground in walls because it is difficult to repair later. Lighting bulbs and household electrical appliances should use energy-saving types.

Who To Consult When Starting Construction?

・Representatives of relevant government agencies: To know the necessary procedures when building a house and prepare documents carefully.

・expert: If you believe and want your house to bring you luck, consult an expert to choose the right direction and design.

・Relatives, family: Especially those who will stay with you in this house. Just like ourselves, everyone has their own design ideas and it would be great if we could reconcile all opinions and keep everyone happy.


・Construction contractor: You should meet many contractors to choose the most reputable and affordable one!

・Yourself: It is advisable to ask yourself prepared questions in advance about what style you like, how much is your budget, etc. This will be extremely helpful when you start building.

In What Season Should You Build a House? When?

In Vietnam with two rainy and sunny seasons, we often wonder about which season to start construction. As outsiders, we often think that building houses in the dry season is better than the rainy season. However, according to the construction principle, this is not a completely correct conception.

・Dry season: In fact, concrete will dry faster in the dry season, helping to speed up the construction progress. However, this season’s concrete structure will be prone to cracking due to thermal expansion if not properly maintained. The only strength of construction in the dry season is that the progress of the work will be faster, but the quality is difficult to guarantee and it is difficult to check for construction errors. This error is only seen in the rainy season next year, by then it is too late.

・Rainy season: According to experts, construction in the rainy season will give better results, and the walls will be more durable over time. However, the construction time will be longer due to interruption in the construction process and also easily dangerous to workers. Therefore, homeowners should carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of each season to make an appropriate decision.

Which Architectural Style Should I Build? How to Build a Beautiful House?

・This will be decided by the owner based on personality and personal preferences. We always believe that a house is only truly perfect if it makes the owner happy and happy when he returns. To do this, we should not follow the trendy trends of society, but should calmly feel what we really like the most. Because, the house is yours, you are the owner; it is your dream and the place to embrace your family!

・If you’re still wondering which style will interest you the most, check out the range of ideas with hundreds of design styles.

How to avoid ants in your home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

During the summer, the rates of insects in your home increase in  a way that is beyond your control for several factors, the most important of which is the temperature that allows insects to go out to search for their food or be loaded in the air, or the environment is suitable for the presence of such organisms that we cannot rest while in our house, Today,  we will present us with the most prominent ways that you can resort to to prevent the presence of ants in your home in a healthy way, away from relying on the idea of ​​​​insecticide as the first option.

Plants and roses are ideal places and a desirable environment for ants because of their complete disappearance from our eyes and from our insecticides.

Take care of cleaning and spraying pesticides on roses and trimming the plantings in your garden, and try not to drop any pieces of food from which ants gather and make them colonize your garden, so always try to avoid any behavior that leads to this, such as eating while you are walking or throwing candy wrappers and food in general On the garden floor.

There is no need to eat on top of the bed

Food in the bedroom is the first reason for ants to reach it, and it is one of the most difficult rooms in which ants can be combated. It is a place to sleep and any insecticide sprayed in it will affect it, so be careful from the beginning that it does not reach this limit.

On the other hand, try to check your bed linen and the curtains of the room near the window day after day, as perhaps some of the ants flying in the air have stuck to it while you open the window for moments of the day or night.

Even if there is a place in the room to eat and watch TV, it is not preferable to do this on days other than cleaning, because there is an uninterrupted possibility of leaving residues that attract ants to it.

In the bathroom is another story

The issue of cleaning the bathroom with chlorine and chlorine is one of the most important reasons for the ants to leave your bathroom, especially since the reasons that make them enter the bathroom are slightly different from the rest of the apartment, as food remains are essential, but in the bathroom, the drainage holes are the largest outlet for these insects in the summer and winter, so be careful with the provisions Close those openings, whether the sink or drain the sink and the electric washer, try not to have any outlet that allows anything to enter.

Cleaning floors with Dettol and Fnik

In the case of wooden floors, there are double risks for insects to nest, especially if there are holes between the parquet that allow water or insects to seep into the interior to be in front of a real danger. The technician, as well as you have to maintain the parquet first hand so that there are no openings or cracks in the future.

Kids trip

Good cleaning of the children’s table and the floors under it and the chairs surrounding it is never a matter of luxury. It is one of the daily and momentary necessities after your children eat food because it is the first reason for the arrival of ants to the house due to the large number of food residues falling from the children and staining their hands with sweets.

Outside the house, around the pool is one of the most common places where ants can be found, especially around the white frame between water and greenery.

First, the pulp chirping should be avoided in the garden of your house and around the pool. Throwing empty chips and biscuits also will ensure that ants are a heavy guest in your house.

Make sure to use the vacuum cleaner on any carpet in your house to clean every two days, for example, which will ensure that it does not contain any insects, not just ants.

You should resort to this trick if your home carpet has thick hair, since it is considered a breeding ground for ants and insects in general.