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Country house – Garden house in India and around the world

The need to live in society is increasing; especially the desire to live and work in a spacious, airy and fresh space, close to nature is a top priority. To meet those criteria, the gardener is a smart choice. However, the knowledge about this type of housing of homeowners is still limited; this article will answer frequently asked questions for those who want to have beautiful and modern garden houses.


What is a garden house?

The garden house, as its name suggests, is a residential building built in a large area of ​​land with many trees, even lakes, creating an airy, peaceful and close living space. .


How is the garden house in each country in the world different?

The garden house in Russia, also known as “Dacha”, began to appear in the 17th century, a wooden house of only 1-2 floors is usually built on a large plot of land in the suburbs, and around the house the owner will grow flowers. , vegetables and even fruit trees. Although now there have been renovations and become more beautiful and modern, garden houses in Russia do not seem to appear in the cities but are still built in the countryside.


The garden house in England is completely different, the “country house” to the British in the old days was a magnificent castle built on a large plot of land in the suburbs and owned by landowners. Until now, garden houses in England are only built from 1 to 2 floors and are surrounded by beautiful gardens like Russian garden houses.

Despite importing garden architecture from many parts of the world, architects also made changes to make garden houses more suitable for India’s people.


Basic characteristics of garden houses in India

Because homeowners come to garden houses when they want to enjoy nature, the construction area of ​​the house only accounts for 40%-50% of the overall campus, the rest is the garden.


-Must be able to bring nature into the house, for example, the living room and kitchen of the house has a door facing the garden, even some plants can be brought into the house.


-The interior is usually rustic, simple. Choose two main materials, wood and stone, to create harmony with the whole.


-The “open” criterion is emphasized in the design of the garden house, which means that the spaces will be unified; it is not advisable to build walls to separate the areas, but only use shelves, shelves or hanging curtains.


-Garden houses usually have 1 to 2 floors; the house is built backwards, creating a distance from the road.


Advantages and disadvantages of the gardener



-Open house space, usually built in a less populated place, is an ideal place to reduce stress after stressful working hours, reduce noise, live close and relax with green space every day.


-The space is completely private to the homeowner.


-The quality of life is improved.



– Expensive construction and maintenance costs, so it is only suitable for families with economic conditions.


-Only suitable for construction in the suburbs due to the need for a large area.


Notes when building a garden house

-Choose flat ground for better bearing capacity and longer life of the building because inclined lands when built will create an unsafe feeling.


When designing a garden house, it is necessary to pay attention to the flow in the house to create harmony. It is advisable to design houses on higher ground and ponds and lakes at a lower place so that when it rains, water flows down to a low place.


– Plants around the house should be arranged high and low, alternating bushes to create paths.


-Should choose the materials outside the house, brick, stone, and wood arranged reasonably to create richness for the garden, avoiding boring eyes because there are only trees.


-The interior of the house should choose two main materials, wood and stone to create harmony with the overall.


– Planting grass fills the vacant land to prevent erosion due to rain.


-Do not plant trees that are too tall and large to cause danger in stormy weather.


Cost and time to build a garden house

Depending on the size and location of the construction, the cost and construction time are different. To be able to have the most specific, clear and economical advice, homeowners should look to garden experts.

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