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Fence and walls design ideas

Protection is a basic feature that provides  wall and fence . However, in addition to providing protection, the sketch is part of a structure that provides identity and beauty to the background. That’s why the choice should be made carefully so that the house becomes more valuable.

Today, we bring you a set of great ideas that can help you achieve great effects. Whether it’s for artistic, natural or ingenious recipes, you’ll definitely find good tips that will fit your home best.

Follow us, watch and be inspired!

White colored wood

This choice brings style, harmony and beauty to the garden. Matching with a steel-built balcony offers a beautiful result.

Natural wood

It is a beautiful and beautiful wall that appreciates the relationship of the house with nature. Simple and low cost, it is the best choice for different sized spaces. It is important to remember that these pieces need water protection and treatment to control termites.

Natural stems

A wooden fence is the simplest and best choice for  rustic and country houses . The handmade aspect adds simplicity and lightness to the home’s protection.

Simple fence in the recreation area

Homes are well-designed to protect homes with children and animals that need to be kept away from the pool. Protect with lightness and innovation.

Textured wall

Ideas with textures in Finnish are beautiful in preserving and valuing the personality of the home. They provide a unique beauty inside and outside the courtyard.

Rocky wall

They protect and strengthen the presence of natural elements in the home. They are a perfect match for modern and rustic homes.

Stand for vertical garden

In addition to the protector, the wooden fence is also perfect for cultivating the beauty of the vertical garden in the courtyard.

A combination of material and wood

In this project, the material base  is a perfect match for a wooden fence , where small pots decorate the space. Why not include a  gardener ?

Zen garden in the dust

The Zen Garden is perfect for relaxing and meditating. In this example, the stone wall is the perfect complement to the courtyard view.

Rural protection

This colorful and creatively decorated background has received the comfort of a stone wall. The combination with wooden planks and small garden is perfect.

Wood art

In addition to walls and fences, doors are more likely to find creative ideas. In this picture, there is a beautiful work with branches spread in a wooden basement.

Wood in double personality

The project consists of a wooden structure that inserts the wall into the interior space with the lightness of a wooden wedge and magnificent plates that cover the outdoor enclosure. In the courtyard, the light mode contrasts with the safe hole, intriguing curiosity.

Iron wall

This is another beautiful example of protection and gentleness. The wall with black iron bar provides excellent results.

Of bamboo

Bamboo is strong, light and excellent for protecting spaces. In this example, the courtyard is very light with this material selection.

Creativity in vinyl chloride

Vinyl chloride is a light and strong material. While its value is high with respect to natural elements, your choice allows for a wide range of design designs to save the yard.

Vanilla chloride on the slope

With the use of vinyl chloride in this other beautiful design, the geometric structure has brought a bright, creative and elegant look to the writing of space protection.

Small and fragile fence

If the idea is to offer more aesthetics than home security, then small fences are a good choice. With them, the home becomes more inviting and connected.

Collection with red bricks

In the example of this small fenced design, the combination with the brick wall gives the courtyard personality simplicity and peasantry.

Wooden fence and material wall

In this project, material safety has achieved the distribution of layout with the beauty of wood. Great choice for sophistication and discretion.

Curved blocks

In this creative project, the curved design of the blocks painted in white has made the beautiful garden even more interesting.

Bamboo + bushes + steel

For those who want to use more than one element to complete the wall, this choice is great with bamboo, bush and steel plates.

The color of the wall

If the idea is to save money, but also not to compromise on creativity, then painting the walls of the material in vibrant colors is a great suggestion.

Red bricks + oil wood

In this particularly beautiful environment, the background is preserved with a large red brick wall and warm wood colors with paint and varnish. The result is beautiful.

Stainless steel

Finally, we brought this beautiful fence with solid stone and steel plates. The differences in the head waves of the sketch have brought a modern look to the structure.

Small bedroom design

Many of us are familiar with small  bedrooms in which, once the bed is placed, they become useless in terms of space. And very little in terms of design and decoration, after all, like a kitchen with a small stove,  what good would a bedroom with only an old boring bed?

Don’t worry, here are some ways to give your  modern bedroom a stylish life and make it more practical – and here we are!

Contact our professionals for more refined and good advice  !

۔ Use room height (such as walls) for things like planks, wall art, etc.

۔ Is it even possible to dig into a wall and make a niche or a nest? So make it!

۔ Darker colors will accentuate the smaller room Mild neutrals are your friends!

۔ Mirrors not only increase visual acuity, but also spread light throughout the room.

۔ Every piece of furniture with built-in storage is as precious as gold!

۔ If you must have a TV, remove the TV stand and choose a wall mounted model to save floor space.

Fantasy lighting units for the beauty of your home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Achieving lighting that matches both aesthetic and functional criteria is not easy at all. It requires intelligence in choosing and creativity in application! Where it is required when choosing the lighting units for  your home that the first suit the nature of each room and the purpose for which it is used, for example, relying on dim lighting in the bedrooms, taking care to provide more lighting in the kitchen and the reception room, for example. colored spots, etc.

The wall and the ceiling.. they are both bright

Give the ceiling of each room of your house a different decorative touch, the lighting may be its title, just as it appears in front of us in  the living room. If you have one of the walls with amazing decorative touches, such as the bright green wall on the right with its diagonal lines, it is preferable to highlight it and highlight its brilliance through side panels that fall mainly from the ceiling!

Lots of lamps hanging from the ceiling

Choosing the appropriate lighting units for each room of your house is not an easy matter. It is required to achieve many criteria, the first of which is consistency in the colors of the units with the rest of the decorative elements in any room, and secondly, the amount of lighting that each room needs.

Colorful and luminous walls

Colored walls are one of the very genius solutions in the decor that provide light inside the room in a distinctive way, so beige, dark orange and white were used to achieve the ideal in the design of the room and consequently the feeling of more space, and lose the feeling of monotony inside that room, any feeling of monotony you can feel inside a room With those cheerful colors and scattered lighting everywhere in a delightful and distinctive way.

Segmented roof..isn’t it cool?

Creativity speaks for itself.. a fragmented ceiling with its charm and beauty, which gave the room more elegance and sophistication.

Multi functional furniture

Rooms with narrow spaces require order and accuracy in choosing furniture that is multi-use. Narrow rooms, when their furniture is poorly chosen and not organized in a good way, become uncomfortable at all, so be careful when choosing furniture and decorations for your home’s rooms that are narrow in space and stay away from sofas and chairs with wide and large legs because they It takes up room space.

Shelves beauty element

The view of the harmonious shelves filled with decorations and precious books is one of the most beautiful scenes that lovers of reading can see in the decor. and luminous.

Mirrors and a charming touch

One of the elements that enhance lighting and can make your room bright are mirrors and use them in decoration. Mirrors can reflect light inside the room and also enhance the feeling of spaciousness.

Decorations and curves

With these curves, the ceiling acquired an elegant and impressive touch that was reflected on the decor of the house as a whole, and was supported by the lighting element with its optimal use.

Mobile Spots in Parallel Rows

You can do without the classic chandeliers that line the ceilings of each room by resorting to movable spots that are hovering in the ceiling with iron panels installed in parallel rows, as here in this industrial style home.

Scattered spots

There are those who prefer to use separate spots for the ceilings of the living room, and there are also those who prefer to resort to enhance the lighting of one of the walls more, especially if it is decorated with wallpaper or one of the geometric decorations.. And there are those who resort to both, what is the case here in this model.

Black wall

It is a very genius method that can reflect light and lighting inside the room in a very smart way. If you have a dark black wall, you can add furniture and decor in light and neutral colors, and you will be surprised by that distinctive touch to reflect the light in an attractive way.

Lighting: how to enhance the feeling of comfort?

Did you know that lighting can enhance the feeling of comfort in rooms with a small area?! Yes, by its magic, it is capable of that, and the presented model is the best proof of this.

Featured Ceiling

In the decoration of rooms, we should not forget the importance of ceilings, they can completely transform the appearance of any room, this design of the ceiling of the room, as we can see, made the room very bright and added more space, thanks to the natural light that flooded the room and blending calm colors together.

5 things you should give up in your bathroom

In this important topic, we will discuss a set of things that you should immediately abandon in any bathroom, get to know them now, so that you can start implementing as soon as possible!

1- Towels

Immediately remove any towels you have in the bathroom, and here we mean that you put them on a metal rack as shown in the picture or on one of the shelves, and the reason is simply that the bathroom is one of the places where germs and fungi accumulate more, no matter how keen you are to clean it.

2- Baby bath toys

Your bathroom will never be neat and tidy as long as you keep your children’s bath toys in it, so you should remove them immediately as soon as they finish bathing, ensuring a flowery look to your bathroom.

The solution: You can put it in the storage unit that’s usually attached to the sink, or in any other separate closet in the bathroom, perhaps in the children’s room itself.

3- Make-up tools

Because bathrooms are always exposed to temperature changes, such as a sudden rise when using a shower box with hot water, and lower again by evening after leaving the bathroom vacant all day with an open window, and this temperature fluctuation is not ideal for makeup, which must be stored at a temperature Normal room temperature.

The solution: Allocate even a small space in your dressing table in your bedroom furniture to store your makeup.

4- Cleaning products

Despite the importance of these products and their role in cleaning the bathroom to make it more resistant to germs and fungi everywhere, their presence inside it is only one of the reasons that add to it a lot of chaos.

The solution: Dedicate a kitchen or bathroom cabinet for all of your cleaning products, and bring them only when you need them.

5- Medicines

We know it’s called a medicine cabinet, but your medicines should be away from moisture, ie away from the bathroom so they don’t expire.

The solution: Keep it at the appropriate temperature and follow the directions that are written on the back of each package.

Great ideas for designing a balcony in a modern style

Balconies contribute to creating new spaces in the house that can be used in more entertaining ways to get out of boredom and repetition, as well as open new horizons for receiving guests and meeting with the family through sessions that can be designed in them, we will provide us with many ideas about designing the balcony in a modern style that is available The required renewal and many forms of sessions that you can design through it simply.

Dining table

The balcony space can be used to design an attractive dining table with natural ingredients and beautiful plant accessories. For more privacy and tranquility, you can cover the balcony’s ceiling with transparent glass that blocks sound, wind and dust, but does not block the light. On the other hand, you should not hide the balcony view so that it is not just an extra room in your home is like the rest.

Bed and sitting

An outdoor bed inside the balcony provides you with a lot of relaxation sessions necessary to get rid of daily stress and boredom, as lying in the fresh air in a session like chaise longues will be enjoyable with the family with dim light and the presence of entertainment such as television, it will definitely be amazing.

Walking space and one seat

If you are a fan of walking and talking on the phone for a long time, you can design the balcony in a way that ensures that you have an additional space to practice your hobby, and enjoy the view by finding a place for one or two chairs in abundance if you like to stay outdoors for a while, while keeping the largest part of the space empty for freedom of movement.

Family sitting and vacuum ceiling

Family sessions in the open air are the most enjoyable, if your balcony can accommodate the presence of a session or a table consisting of 4 seats, you can count on this session also to receive guests and not only enjoy tea and appetizers sessions with the family only.

Various cheerful themes

The cheerful shape and colors that you can use on the balcony are different from the interior rooms, so things are definitely less formal and creativity levels are higher whenever you decide to design something different, of course. The presence of different colors and patterns on the balcony makes it one of your first options to enjoy your free time alone or with your family.

Arcade Interior Design | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The decoration of the corridors of the house is an integral part of the interior decoration, as they are not spaces that lead to the rooms of the house, but the interior corridors are of paramount importance in increasing the elegance of the beauty of the house and the title of its luxury.

Care must be taken to design its decor, choose its accessories carefully, and decorate it in an attractive and innovative style, especially those that lead to the reception section.

The corridors differ in terms of space, size and how to decorate them. When designing narrow and long corridors, it is recommended to use mirrors and light colors such as: white, pink or blue, as they are a very important element to give them more breadth and space through their reflections, and soft accessories that are not.

It adds a large thickness on the wall, such as paintings, picture frames, in addition to direct lighting if the ceiling is low, and if it is high, it is preferable to distribute the lighting units thoughtfully at levels such as: chandeliers, and the use of fragmented carpets to reduce the length of the corridor.

With regard to the decor of the wide corridors, it is preferable to put a wooden cabinet on one of its walls, and decorate it with simple accessories to reduce the width of the void, and it is preferable to paint the walls in dark colors, or cover them with wooden panels, and install floor lighting units with its illumination on the pictures and paintings hanging on the wall.

Here are some notes that you must have in the design of the corridor of your home..

Make sure to paint the walls and doors in light colors, and you can also use wallpaper.

Decorate one of the walls with a group of paintings of landscapes or your family members, and place mirrors on the opposite wall to give a feeling of spaciousness.

Do not put any chairs or pieces of furniture in the narrow corridors, but if the corridor is wide, you can put a wooden cabinet and decorate it with some accessories.

Use small rugs and stay away from long ones that are the size of a driveway.

As for the lighting units, the corridors of the house are usually devoid of a window or other ways to introduce natural lighting through them, which necessitates placing lighting units to illuminate the place, while one of the mistakes we make is that we are mostly satisfied with placing a lighting unit.

One chandelier in the middle of the corridor, considering that it is sufficient and fulfills the purpose, while it is completely better to place several lighting units of identical design in the corridor, in addition to that it will make the corridor more light, especially if we hang a number of frames on both sides of the wall, which needs passers-by. They can clearly see and look at the pictures, and the aesthetic view of the corridor is better and more elegant than installing a single unit.

In the event that the corridor is not relatively long in the way that we feel that installing two or more units will be crowding the ceiling, then you can simply replace that idea by placing a central lighting unit in the middle with a number of lighting units installed next to it, in this way we will have an elegant and simple decor and excellent lighting for the corridor.


The main entrance in the house is the space around the entrance door from the inside, which is the first place where the guests start their visit to you and the last impression they have when they leave, which makes it paramount to make the best use of that space or what is known as the entrance to the house.

The design of the entrance between the different styles of decoration and the various orientations of the engineers, as well as the tastes of the homeowners in the way they welcome their guests, especially if the house suffers from the lack of space and the urgent need for innovation and deviation from the norm to exploit every available meter, taking into account its basic function.

There are chances that the home entrance decor is the most neglected part, but by following simple decorative designs, you can make it the most elegant and beautiful place in your home. It matches the wall and floor paint, harmonizes them and completes the design.

The entrance to the house is a small area that cannot accommodate a sofa. It is just a space through which you go to the rooms in the house, but there are many reasons that make you care about this area of ​​your home. On the other hand, the entrance to the house is the most convenient place to put personal belongings such as keys, bag and shoes.

Every time you leave your house, the place where you put these belongings may change, which angers you, and when you pay attention to the entrance to your house and use it to store such things, it contributes to arranging them, preserving them and keeping them in place. On the other hand, just beautifying the entrance to your house contributes to making you happier when you Entering the house.

Fortunately, you can deal with all the problems in your house and at the same time make a suitable decoration for the entrance to the house. The system is the key to transforming the entrance to your house into a highly organized place, and you are always ready to leave your personal belongings in it. At this time, you have an attractive place in your house that attracts your attention when entering the house whenever you go to the door or come back from outside and that, regardless of the space, whether it is small or large, and thus there is no room to search for keys or bags.

Making mirror and shelves:

The use of the mirror in the entrance to the house with the work of some side shelves helps in organizing your personal items and keeping them in the place. The mirror helps in feeling the spaciousness of the place. The woman is a tremendous help in the expansion of the place.

If the entrance area of ​​the house is small and there is not much space between the entrance to the house and the living room, it do not think about the idea of ​​placing the woman in the entrance of the house, but it is a good idea to create order in the place. It is preferable that the woman have side handles or a shelf below them to put the keys, as it is an ideal idea.

Making a shoe cabinet at the entrance to the house:

Some like to wear shoes inside the house, but at the same time we do not like tripping over shoes and scattering shoes everywhere in the house, and sometimes they disappear in the corners of the house or under the furniture in the rooms of the house. The shoes in the house are arranged and organized that allows you to maintain the order and arrangement of your home. The shoe cabinet is one of the best options for arranging shoes in an easy and clean way, as well as adding elegance and attractiveness to the entrance to the house.

Making a hook in the entrance wall of the house:

The work of the hook in the entrance to the house also helps you to hang your personal belongings such as bags, shoes and keys, which help in organizing and arranging them without scattering everywhere in your house, which irritates you, especially if you are in a hurry to leave the house in the hook or ties. One of the basics of the entrance to your house is as an elegant addition to the entrance decor of the house; it provides a place to keep keys and personal belongings using individual hooks instead of a panel of hooks and allows you to choose what suits you.

Combine plate and shoe cabinet:

You can combine placing a painting on the entrance wall above the shoe cabinet you chose to give an aesthetic view of the decor and at the same time keep your belongings, shoes and bags.

Laying Accessories with Art:

Putting some accessories with paintings is a modern way to organize the entrance to the house. It is time to make the entrance to your house with a real character. This can be done in a small space. A large area or even a specific area is not required. Also, you can paint the entrance in a light color that helps to expand the place and when placing the paintings with attractive colors, the decoration will be complete, and whether the paintings are large or small, in the end, they add an aesthetic touch to the entrance to your home.

You can use an expert to choose the best design suitable for the entrance to your home and the corridors of your home.