The velvet sofa | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Best Interior Designer

The velvet sofa | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Best Interior Designer

Autumn and winter temperatures tempt us to create cozy warmth and cosines at home. We combine upholstered furniture, blankets and pillows in all their diversity. Velvet sofas, velvet armchairs and velvet covers clearly belong in this canon of comfort.

Velvet is a type of fabric that combines gentleness and luxury and can be combined with other textiles. But what exactly is velvet? What is the most elegant way to combine your velvet armchairs and sofas? This idea book deals with a number of looks and briefly reports what velvet actually is.

The velvet sofa

The velvet sofa. Expression of the cultivated attitude towards life and never reserved for a specific group of people. Its dusty image was a thing of the past, it has long since made its way into the designs of modern furniture manufacturers and interior designers .

However, there is one thing that the classic has not abandoned in a new way: A velvet sofa demands your attention, both in its ideally central position in the apartment as well as in care and use.

What is velvet

Velvet is a fabric that consists of a) a carrier fabric and b) a pile worked into it. A pile, on the other hand, is a vertically woven in warp thread or weft thread system.

This basic form of velvet is called either warp velvet or weft velvet . It differs from other production-like textiles such as velour or plush because of the length / height of the pile.

Manufacture of velvet

Originally, velvet was made with silk on a cotton or linen base fabric. A pile warp in warp velvet or a pile weft in weft velvet works the so-called pile nubs or loops into the carrier fabric. At the end, these are cut open so that the structure and appearance typical of velvet is created.

What is puncture velvet?

With panne velvet, the tufts are ironed or flattened after they have been cut open. This can be done in different patterns, which in turn causes these familiar stroking directions of the panné velvet.

What is corduroy?

Corduroy has velvet-like longitudinal ribs and originally comes from England. The weft thread is exposed in rows and, as with other types of velvet, is cut open at the end of the manufacturing process.

What is flock velvet?

Flocked velvet is basically faux velvet, as no warp or weft thread is worked into the carrier material. The traditional manufacturing process is only imitated and velvet flakes are simply glued onto a carrier material.

Velvet in the furniture industry

Velvet gives furniture a classy look. Thus, various decorative styles with velvet sofa and Co. are combined, in that they are allowed a certain degree of precedence.

Velvet furniture is not made for a restrained interior. They give your home that certain amount of luxury and want to be treated accordingly.

Modern velvet sofa in the living room

If it is an upholstery made of real velvet, the price of the piece of furniture will be comparatively high. You can get the shiny structure by brushing the sofa regularly with a soft bust.

If a fresh stain needs to be removed, you can usually mix some soap with water and dab the lye on the stain. As soon as this has disappeared and the area has dried, you gently brush over it.

Coloring of upholstered furniture with a velvet cover – green

Dark green sparkles like a lush pine forest. Here, naturalness and decadence are combined in a very special way. Soft cushions offer a high degree of comfort and they will not let you get up from this island of well being .

Velvet sofa colors – gray

The gray velvet sofa with a silvery sheen takes a slightly different route. Here, the focus is on elegance and the look suggests a slight hypothermia.

But that’s the genius of velvet: As soon as you stroke the surface, you feel warmth and well-being. An invitation to cuddle up.

Colors of the velvet sofa – yellow

While gray / silver is a little more open with regard to the wall color design, a yellow velvet sofa sets the tone. Its surroundings must harmonize with this central piece of furniture so that it comes into its own.

Monochrome colors confidently give way to the yellow sofa. Color accents should only be used sporadically.

Lounge chair with velvet cover

In the most stylish hotel bars and lobbies, they are part of the basic equipment, the velvet armchairs. They are not just something for retreats in public spaces. They also turn out to be classy companions in private properties. For example in the living room, the library or the hall.

Velvet armchairs in the hall

Positioning a velvet armchair in the hall is a particularly elegant form of welcome.

Inviting and at the same time arousing trust, he greets your guests and invites them to take their places to take off their shoes. A velvet armchair promises a stylish home and it stands for the self-confident appearance of the house residents.

Classic velvet sofa designs

And then there are the absolute classics in furniture design. There is no room here for half measures. Luxury and comfort are celebrated and go hand in hand in their most classic form.

Urban villas and country houses provide the space it takes to appreciate these designs. And to toast life with champagne!

Velvet and a mix of styles – naturalness meets decadence

Velvet and silk, the textiles of the upscale way of life. Velvet sofas and armchairs are quite affordable, even if they are usually a little more expensive to buy than other upholstered furniture.

With good care, the velvet upholstered furniture will give you many years of pleasure. It respects its environment when it offers space and appreciates it.

The velvet sofa | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Best Interior Designer