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Common mistakes that make your home look smaller

As you know, we love to look for new ideas, especially for small spaces in homes and rooms. And today’s article we brought you many ideas for small rooms that may fall into the trap of appearing narrow or uncomfortable to transform them into larger spaces and give them a wonderful atmosphere.

1. Take care of natural lighting

We often decorate  room windows  with large and dense curtains, they certainly add a lot of elegance to the room, but they will make the rooms dark and therefore not as efficient. Natural lighting is not only beneficial and practical for our health, but also increases the beauty and spaciousness of the rooms.

2. Mirrors

When we have a small space available, we can use large mirrors, through which you can get a magnification of the rooms, especially if they are placed in front of a light source or a window.

3. Simplicity

Although there are endless options when choosing materials and colors, it is important to choose a specific material that will contribute to giving the room wideness and continuity. The best of these choices is to unify the colors of the wall with the furniture and also with the decorations of the different rooms to get the feeling of lack of elements.

4. Don’t be afraid to go for classic colors

The color choices make a big difference in the rooms, because the pure colors are always attractive and attractive to the walls. In small rooms, you must choose the color palette carefully, and the best of these colors are classic or neutral colors, with less explicit colors chosen in the accessories around the room.

5. Selection of tiles

Although we may think tiles are a great idea to add color to rooms by using patterned or colored tiles. But with small spaces, and if you want to get a more spacious room, you can use large and light-colored tiles, which will give you a great result.

6. Adequate Furniture

Furniture for your home should be chosen so that it is suitable for space and practical. As we can see in this example, open designs give a sense of extra space or spaciousness. If you want to close the tanks, you can get the same effect by using glass or transparent materials.

7. Not making good use of the spaces

A lot of times we don’t realize that we are wasting space with unnecessary, bulky furniture. To solve this problem and to save space, we can create built-in wardrobes to fit the rooms and take advantage of all possible spaces.

8. Fewer colors means more elegance

You might think that  warm colors give more elegance and a warm atmosphere in the house, but this example proves to us that this is not true. The white color is a perfect color and gives a welcoming atmosphere, especially if it is mixed with details of wood, which gives these details a mixture of modernity and traditionalism.


Who does not like to flood his home with elegant and colorful accessories. But care must be taken when choosing what can be used and what does not have a place in your home. Choose an elegant set with simple furniture, colors,  lighting elements and flowers to create an elegant and relaxing atmosphere.

Color your bathroom beautifully with nature

From a very long time ago to the present, most people want the same type of house. Is it because human beings are a part of nature from the beginning? Most of us want to live in a home that is close to nature and gives us peace of mind. In the busy city life, more and more people dream of a country house, and at least in one space of the house including the veranda, fresh green plants are placed to naturally breathe life into the whole house.

In addition, the bright and warm sunlight coming through the windows throughout the house gives the echo of light in the house. I tend to prefer a house that is colored with nature like this, but there is a cold and dull space in the house. That’s the bathroom. Bathrooms are often an exception to the subject of interior design. The bathroom, which is simply designed with white tiles, is not a healing space to relieve fatigue in warm water, but a cold and dull space where you can quickly see the chores.

But now  , how about transforming our bathroom into a space that heals our mind and body, who are tired of busy daily life? Just as stress is naturally relieved in the mountains, the sea, or at least in a green park near the house, let’s recreate our dark and drab bathroom as a healing space by beautifully coloring it with nature.

Installing windows with nature in them

If the moment comes when we finally build the country house of our dreams, rather than a housing type with a uniform design like an apartment, let’s try a bathroom interior that brings nature into the whole house as it is, like the bathroom in the picture. Just like the bathroom in Z-House, we break the prejudice that the bathroom is always a damp and damp space and provide an open bathroom with a large window like a living room.

Let’s do it. The open view towards nature relieves the stress accumulated in the heart just by looking at it. If you take a bath full of warm water, you can feel the relief and coziness as if you came to play at a resort in a remote corner of the country.

Warm brick bathroom

How about transforming your bathroom into a comfortable bathroom close to nature with bricks or corrugated bricks that can be obtained easily and economically? Let’s design the bathroom wall using red bricks that give a warm and cozy feeling rather than white bricks that give a simple and cold feeling. The red brick used for the exterior of the building enters the bathroom, giving it an industrial and modern feel.

The unique roughness of bricks and the soft red color that gives a warm impression gently harmonize with the charm of our bathroom. points will be The white smooth ceramic sink, bathtub and toilet counteract the image of a cold bathroom, while the red color of brick creates a warm change in the bathroom. However, when decorating a bathroom using bricks, instead of covering the entire bathroom wall, design only one side of the bathroom wall to be a point like the bathroom in the photo.

Plants placed near the sink

The first thing you see when you open the bathroom door is the sink. In a bathroom where white tiles are arranged uniformly, the white ceramic sink simply adds monotony to the monotonous bathroom interior. You can decorate a Mediterranean-style bathroom with colorful tiles that make you feel good just by looking at it, or you can create a luxurious bathroom with marble that exudes elegance just by looking at it.

However, if you are hesitant to change the bathroom easily due to complicated construction and insufficient economic circumstances, how about trying a bathroom interior that embraces nature by placing a plant full of green vitality next to the sink like the bathroom in the picture?

In particular, it is good to grow succulents that are easy to grow and attractive in various types and colors in a ceramic pot with a cute and compact size like the bathroom in the picture, or put the Skindapsus that cleans and purifies the unpleasant air. 

In addition, you can make a bathroom with a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere by having a water-loving plant called spot film and American ivy in the bathroom.

Using stone materials instead of tiles

Usually, the material of the bathroom wall or floor is limited to tiles. Of course, bathrooms with tile materials, which were limited to white or ivory colors in the past, tend to be designed with colorful tiles such as bright and lively yellow or orange or black tiles with a strong modern and sensual feel. However, it is not possible to maintain a cold and hard bathroom by limiting the material of the bathroom to only tiles.

How about using stone instead of tiles to decorate the walls and floors of the bathroom like the bathroom in the picture to make you feel comfortable and feel like you are somewhere in Europe? The three-dimensional effect of stones embedded in the wall will make the bathroom stand out, and the regular repetition of different colors will add cuteness to the bathroom. It can be said that it is a material that goes well with any bathroom, whether it is a dry bathroom or a wet bathroom, because it blends well with a simple white washbasin or bathtub, and also with soft wood furniture.

Pebble under the sink

In our busy daily life, we always want to go somewhere. Everyone is divided into people who like mountains and people who like the sea, but if my family and I have a tendency to relieve stress by the open sea, the sound of waves crashing against each other, and the sound of waves stroking pebbles, then the sea How about decorating the bathroom to remind you of Without the economic burden of designing the entire wall with stone materials, we can make a big difference in the bathroom with just small items. 

It is to place small pebbles reminiscent of the beach under the sink in the bathroom. If white, black and white to light brown pebbles are placed under the sink or on the bathroom floor, you can perform acupressure with round pebbles and gently transform the pale image of a tiled bathroom. You can create a bathroom where you can relax as if you are at the beach.

Furniture designed with raw wood

Why does the bathroom give the impression that it is cold and monotonous compared to other spaces? The cause lies in the color of the bathroom and the material of the furniture. When the walls and floor of the bathroom are designed with a solid color or achromatic tiles such as white or blue, and when the mirrors and other furniture are also designed with white color, the overall image of the bathroom becomes monotonous and cold.

In order to transform the cold bathroom with this plain image into a soft and comfortable resort bathroom, we can equip the bathroom with furniture designed with raw wood like the bathroom in the picture. A large log is cut in half and the washbasin made of wood, which has a rough feel as if it was left as it is, transforms the overall image of a cold bathroom into a warm and comfortable image.

In addition to placing the sink in wooden material, we can also place the cabinet in wooden material. If you’re worried about the wood warping or deforming because it’s a wet bathroom, the next best thing is to design the bathroom walls with wood-inspired colors and wood-grained tiles.

Rustic stone bathroom ceiling

The rustic interior, which means ‘rustic’ or ‘simple’, can be said to be an interior that gives us a chance to take a breather to those of us who are tired of life in the cramped city. As if to say that always living according to a set frame is not the right answer, the rustic interior gives the whole house a sense of serenity by introducing natural rough textures and unfinished materials into the house as it is.

The rustic interior, which is already loved by those who want to live a life one step closer to nature in Korea, can be applied to the bathroom as well. You can change the atmosphere of the bathroom by using the stone material to form. 

Usually, stone materials in bathrooms are used to decorate the walls of the monotonous shower booths or the walls of the space where the washbasin is placed. can say The uneven, three-dimensional stone material on the bathroom ceiling gives the entire bathroom a more unique and sensual atmosphere with the softly spreading orange lighting, adding depth to the space.

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Door materials

Wood: Wood is unique and timeless in the manufacture of doors ! Centuries go by, materials change and new ones appear, but wood is always the favorite material for house doors, both indoors and outdoors (although outdoors nowadays it is easier to find other, more resistant materials, finished in imitation wood).

Being a classic, the range of offerings in wooden door designs is immense. The wooden doors are very welcoming and perform excellently in both hot and cold climates. And if you don’t indulge in the extravagance of coveting an exotic wooden door, prices tend to be affordable.

Steel: Steel is a material that is very resistant to the passage of time and intrusion, without presenting corrosion problems. It is a very good material, both indoors and outdoors, although it is more common outdoors. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive (much more expensive than wood), which leaves it a little behind on the preference list.

Fiberglass: This material has an excellent performance in exterior doors; it is not very common to find it in interior doors. On the market we find doors made of this material in different shapes and styles, so you have a wide variety of solutions at your disposal. The price is affordable, but they last less than steel doors.

Glass: As an integral material, glass is usually only used for interior doors due to its fragility and inability to provide privacy. It is, however, quite common to find glass as a detail to integrate exterior doors, especially tempered hammered glass (to let in sunlight).

PVC: vinyl is a light material, very resistant to the elements and finished in a variety of styles. It is common to see PVC exterior doors, often with a finish to imitate wood, although they can also be installed inside.

Aluminum: This material should only be used for interior doors, due to the ease with which it corrodes. Inside, if the doors are well made, they tend to last a long time, but it’s a somewhat cold material, which if you don’t have the proper finishing treatment can be unpleasant. Aluminum doors have a wide range of design at an affordable price.

Hollow metal: Doors in this material are very durable, perfect for interiors and exteriors. They are very resistant to harsh climates, with wind and rain, but they rust after a while and have no insulation, so the energy performance is not the best.


When it comes to security, the doors and windows on the ground floor are weak points that must be reinforced. Inside, the need for security is not that great, but a key may still be needed to ensure privacy.

So we have the following systems:

Privacy locks – zero security level – are the common locks that are installed on interior doors. They allow the door to be locked to prevent untimely entry, but have no security value.

Recessed lock – low security level – This is a type of lock that is very well known and is mainly used in interior doors, or doors that have access to the outside. These are very simple locks, but useful in these functions, because of the tilt of the latch that allows the door to be closed without the need for a key (but not open), on both the left and right sides.

Visible lock – low security level – This type of lock is visible, installed on the face of the door . It is mostly used on garage and exterior doors. It can be installed on very thin doors that would not support internal locks, which makes them advantageous under these circumstances. It’s not a very attractive model and it’s always visible, but there are several models available and there may be one that suits what you want.

Entry locks – medium security level – These locks work with two, so that the door can be locked both from the inside and from the outside. The inner side may have a lever or button type instead of a key entry, which is needed to lock from the outside. The button or lever can serve to “lock” the system, preventing any movement of keys and/or knobs.

Locking locks – high security level – are the most secure locks, ideal for entrance doors. These locks do not have springs in their operation and therefore are only operated manually with the key. It has locks, or latches, in solid and resistant metal for added strength and security. The latches are longer and penetrate at least 3 cm into the door frame.

The lock can be double (having to lock and open with a key on both sides of the door) or simple, with a lever or button inside the door.

The activation key of this system is normally coded and also quite resistant. This lock is very secure, so if there is an accident or you don’t have the key, forcing the lock will be quite difficult (which in itself can represent some degree of danger.

Types of doors

Traditional doors: Traditional doors may have panels of the base material, and some glass inserts with ornamental scroll work or colored panels.

Handcrafted doors: These are usually made of fiberglass or wood, and most often have a window at the top.

Modern doors: it’s normal to find doors of this style with different color panels and/or glass inserts. Usually have lines that are clean and straight, debugged.

Rustic doors: These are made of heavy materials such as wood, metal and possibly even a stone cladding. Its thickness is significant and its weight is high.

Arched doors: the curves of these types of doors give them a unique, very distinctive aesthetic appeal.

How long does it take to install a door?

The door installation time will depend directly on its degree of complexity and the type of lock chosen. Obviously, the higher the degree of security of the lock, the more complicated its installation.

Removing all structures from a single door (including the frame) and replacing them with equally simple ones takes an experienced professional about 3 hours or more. The same work on a more elaborate door, in iron for example, can take up to a day, or more work. And here we are only referring to the removal and installation work itself, not including measurements, orders and deliveries. Installation by the professional can include the lock, but it can also be another specialist to do it.

With these facts in mind, it is easy to see the complexity of something that seems very simple at first sight. Therefore, we advise you to consult a professional in the area (the door supplier, or potential supplier, is always to be taken into account), either for the installation to be done by him, or just to ask for advice about the installation of the door you purchased.

How much does it cost to install a door?

Once again it is an absolutely variable value. The cost of a door, and its installation, varies with the complexity of the door, its location, its material and the type of lock associated with it. To get a more concrete idea, we can tell you that an interior door varies between 300 and 3500 rupees (indicative values) and an exterior door starts at values ​​around 3000 rupees for an aluminum door and can be leveraged to a few thousand, with different types of materials and different complexity.

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How to turn your living room into a cozy bedroom in 10 seconds!

When guests visit or live in a studio, we need to be able to use one space for two purposes, and create an atmosphere just like any other room. A living room where you can sit comfortably on the sofa and live freely can be transformed into a bedroom where you can sleep and end the day and start a new day . Also, when a guest stays for a day, the living room becomes the guest’s bedroom.

There are moments when the living room transforms into a cozy bedroom. So today, I want to show you how to turn your living room into a cozy bedroom. Usually, for deep sleep and true relaxation, the bedroom is decorated separately from other spaces, and it is a space that needs special atmosphere and cleanliness.

Creating a space like this in the living room is not as difficult as you might think if you pay special attention to a few things. Let’s watch the free living room transform into a cozy and comfortable space through the tips introduced today.

Sofa bed

To effectively turn a living room into a bedroom, save space and use transformable furniture that can be used for multiple purposes. The sofa, which defines the living room, and the bed, the beginning of the bedroom, are used together. First, the sofa bed, which combines two products, a bed and a sofa, not only saves space, but also has many advantages because it can be freely transformed according to need.

In particular, even when unexpected guests arrive, we can provide a bed without any problems. In this way, the first step in turning a living room into a bedroom with a sofa bed is to prepare a bed. There is no need for a separate bed, and you can sleep comfortably on the sofa bed. If you have comfortable bedding along with this, the first step in transforming a living room into a bedroom is complete. You can freely choose from a variety of sofa beds that fit your space size and style.

Separating space usage

As a space is used for two purposes, it is important to clearly define and divide the space. In other words, when used as a living room, use objects and objects suitable for the living room, and when used as a bedroom, keep it clean and tidy. As cleanliness is important for a comfortable night’s sleep, you should refrain from eating or engaging in leisure activities when changing to the bedroom.

It should only be used for sleep purposes. In this way, one space can be used for two purposes, and the room can be kept neat and comfortable through proper division. Separation of space is important because when two rooms are combined, the room can be easily dirty and the function of the space can be easily changed. You can have a more complete living room and bedroom if you use different items appropriately for the room division.

Creating a comfortable and comfortable style

Creating a living room and bedroom that feels comfortable and comfortable at the same time helps you use the two spaces more efficiently and stably. First, if you use fabrics such as cushions and rugs with a warm feeling along with the sofa bed, you can not only eliminate the boredom and plainness of the space, but also decorate the room more warmly. In addition, by layering the curtains in two styles, you can use the curtains that are dark and effectively block the light in the evening to better divide the space and sleep.

Also, you can easily create a comfortable feeling. In addition to creating a comfortable style using these fabrics, you can decorate the space more uniquely and individually by arranging a comfortable and stylish one-seater sofa or chair where you can take a proper rest with a sofa bed. Not only is it practical, but it also effectively fills in the blanks of the space. In addition, let’s decorate the living room where you can feel comfortable and comfortable at the same time with various accessories.

Arrange furniture for clothes or accessories1

In a small area of ​​your living room, consider a small cabinet or shelf for personal items such as clothes and accessories. In addition to the table, if you prepare a special storage box for your things, you

can keep clothes and accessories neatly without mixing things. Since the living room is the same as the bedroom, it is good to separate the living room items from the sleeping clothes or clothes you were wearing. So, it’s good to choose furniture like the one in the picture that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Not only is it suitable to be placed in one of the living rooms, but it can also change the living room more stylishly with a simple design. If this kind of furniture is a burden, a small chest of drawers, shelves, or clothes hangers are good options.

Arrange furniture for clothes or accessories2

You can hang a clothes hanger on the wall along with a stylish and sensual mirror, and use a box or storage box to store small items like a photo. You can store things and decorate your living room in a stylish.

Placing Books or TVs

Arrange a book or TV for a comfortable rest. Let’s direct the living room as a space with books and TV. Books and TV are one of the necessary accessories for both the living room and the bedroom, and are suitable for a comfortable rest. However, placing too many books can make you feel cramped, so use it in moderation.

If the TV is placed with a suitable chest of drawers, it can easily create a modern and simple feel. If you have other items you need for comfort, place them within easy reach. You can arrange a music player to listen to music, or use a small table or a simple table for simple tasks to make the space more convenient.


Apply suitable decorations for both the bedroom and living room. Try using a picture or picture frame that can fill the boring space. You can decorate the room more stylishly and individually by hanging a picture frame of various frames or your favorite picture on a blank wall. Also, light your favorite incense for a relaxing atmosphere.

You can use incense candles, use a diffuser to decorate the interior, and change the room to a nice scented room. In addition, placing small pots or flowers together can make the space more cozy and beautiful.

However, try to choose accessories that match the furniture and fabrics in your home. Also, don’t forget the sense of proper arrangement without being too excessive, and let’s use your favorite flowers, paintings, and interior accessories. You can see how the space changes through small props.

Prepare the lights

Let’s use the living room and bedroom more conveniently by using lighting that helps to complete the space. First, you can illuminate the living room with full light. You can also use a single direct light on the ceiling to illuminate the space. In addition, by using a pendant light with a beautiful and unique feeling, not only light but also interior effects can be obtained. In addition, several indirect lights can be used to illuminate the room.

You can use a stand or small lights on a table or shelf. Also, lighting is essential when transforming a living room into a bedroom. Use brown and red lighting to create a cozy feel to your bedroom. It is better to have a style of lighting that can help you express your individuality and add fun to the space rather than ordinary lighting.

Use lighting along with the furniture, fabrics and decorations described above to make your space cozier and more beautiful. You can easily create an ideal and convenient space for the living room and bedroom to coexist. If you are curious about more different lighting styles to illuminate your home.

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