Big Mistakes When Decorating Your Living Room Best Interior Design Firm 9891050117

Big Mistakes When Decorating Your Living Room | Best Interior Design Firm | 9891050117

Big Mistakes When Decorating Your Living Room | Best Interior Design Firm

In this article, we explain every mistake in the decoration of our living room or another room of our house, and the main reason for this type of mistake is to be made in a rush.

We get confused after buying furniture, choosing the wrong color on the wall or getting a small rug, for example. The mistakes we made that we must learn from Of course, it is better not to make them and get them right at the beginning, but for this we need to plan everything very well.

If you are looking for a living room without mistakes, I share with you 5 mistakes you should not make. In this article that puts you on the right path while arranging the room.

1. The wheel in planning

The first big mistake many make when they decide to decorate the living room or another room of the house is rushing, right? Have you ever chosen your home furnishing impulsively?

We should never buy a piece of furniture or a piece of decor for the room without thinking well. It is important to think and mature the idea, for example when preparing the living room, you must focus on all the details.. and planning is the key to the solution. Write everything down on one sheet of paper: color palette, lighting, furniture sizes, style of room arrangement, and more.

A beautiful living room should be harmonious and all its parts need to communicate with each other, even if the style is different. Do not be deceived by anxiety and urgency.

2. Excess things

Using too much furniture makes our living room very crowded and there is nothing left of space and here, we quickly make another huge decorating mistake, and a living room can never become beautiful. We must always keep in mind that the least is the best thing.

A beautiful living room, as in the example above, needs to be pleasant and comfortable. Having too many furniture needs more work when cleaning.

3. Unsuitable furniture size

This is the third point where some make the mistake of decorative and furniture sizes, in fact, when we buy, impulsively, we cannot be careful about the size of the furniture and this mistake is fatal.

It is important to maintain the proportion and harmony of space and furniture for the room in which we have it. There should be room for movement, without having to walk or jump over the sofa to pass.. As such, the room should not be filled with bulky furniture, if you have a small living room, for example. Balance must be maintained.

4. Don’t bet on comfort

If there is anything that should be in the living room it is to be very comfortable. It is one of the most important areas in your home where we try to get comfort and luxury, as such, it should be a comfortable choice. Before buying chairs, chairs should be tested first.

In this sense, comfort and functionality should be the most important thing before buying. Don’t be fooled by the look just because it’s beautiful and the trend, of course, when we can combine the two, it looks better.

5. Don’t neglect the lighting

Designing a beautiful living room begins with the observance of lighting, both artificial and natural. If you do not consider it will look bad in your living room. Choosing the colors you prefer should brighten up the design and layout of your living room by leaving windows and not creating barriers.

Big Mistakes You Make When Decorating Your Living Room | Gurgaon

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Big Mistakes When Decorating Your Living Room | Best Interior Design Firm

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