How To Reject Interior Designers?

Everyone knows that dealing with rejection is hard, but few people understand that dealing with rejection can be hard.When it comes to the final selection of an interior designer, tough decisions must be made. Chances are you’ll have to say no to many interior designers, most of whom have put in the time and effort to discuss your project. In general, nice people have a hard time rejecting others, especially if that person has been nice to you. Rejection is generally considered blunt in many situations, but there are benefits to rejecting an interior designer early on if you are confident that is not the right candidate for your project.

Be Direct

Being totally honest when it comes to turning down an interior designer is always good advice. If you’ve already made your decision, clearly explain why you decided not to go with her. Most if not all interior designers are used to being rejected in the industry, so don’t feel too embarrassed about rejecting someone. After all, renovations are expensive projects and the builder has the right to choose who they think is doing the best job for their money.If you communicate your decision early and directly, both parties can move forward.One could even say that it would be fair to fire an interior designer when needed rather than raise false hopes. Avoid saying something like “I’ll call you back in a few weeks” when you’ve already made up your mind.

Give Feedback

You may not know it, but any sensible interior designer would prefer you to know exactly why you chose another company. Good interior designers are constantly striving to improve and take rejection as an opportunity to think of ways to improve their services. A helpful way to provide unbiased feedback is to get clear on the strengths and weaknesses of the interior designer you think you have. Studying the interior designer rating will also give you more clarity and confidence to go further with whoever you are considering hiring.


Rejection doesn’t always mean resentment. Showing sincere appreciation to an interior designer who has taken the time and effort to serve you is a kind gesture that would cost you nothing.

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