What is the advantage of working with an interior designer?

There are many benefits of designing interiors and working with an interior designer. Saving money, saving time, a professional appraisal, a qualified connection, access to resources and contacts, and the creativity of a professional artist are just a few of the many benefits of working with an interior designer.

Do you offer 3D drawings?

Yes, we offer 3D design services. 3D designs can be charged extra; details of the work.

How do you charge?

We charge a flat rate based on an estimated number of hours that reflects the scope of the project. Design maintains industry-competitive design rates, charged as a flat rate based on project scope and capped at a set number of hours.

Does the design fee change after the design process has started?

We rarely have to go back to a client to ask for more money on project expenses. This happens on rare occasions when major issues and project delays have increased our workload. If the scope of the project changes or expands, you will be notified of the issues and we will discuss with you the possible increase in workload and the need for an addition before we continue our work.


Depending on the project stage, you will receive weekly project reports to keep you updated on the project status or to schedule appointments throughout the process if needed. Open communication plays an important role in the design process. We will contact you with any questions or concerns and encourage you to do the same. Urgent questions will be answered within two to three hours. However, you can expect a response to most emails and phone calls within 24 to 48 hours on business days.

What is included in the initial consultation?

Most of our design services begin with an in-house consultation of up to two hours to determine your needs and set the direction of your project. We conduct an on-site analysis to get to know you and your goals, and to understand your specific design and space requirements. The initial consultation also includes the following steps:Discuss initial thoughts and ideas and suggest direction for design and styling Walk through each room to determine your design needs Prepare initial furniture arrangement advice, discuss initial budget, project plan and other design ideas Discuss the design process or any issues related to the design process

Do I have to schedule an in-home consultation?

The in-home consultation is an essential part of the design process. It is our opportunity to see your home firsthand and to start the conceptual approach. It is an information-filled session where we provide you with our best ideas and expert insights for your project. We also take this time to talk about the design process and what to expect. All our design advice happens on-site verbally and our obligation ends at the end of the meeting.

In-Home Exploration Meeting

At the home exploration meeting we will arrange a site visit to confirm the scope of the project. This meeting lasts up to two hours and allows us to go over any details that have escaped us over the phone. During this time we also take notes and photos of your space. After the home consultation, we create a detailed SOW (Statement of Work). The SOW lists the project scope, the spaces and areas to be designed according to our discussion during the internal consultation, the estimated project costs, the estimated schedule, the payment structure, the expectations and the design process.After receiving the signed SOW and deposit, the design process begins.

Difference between Designer and a Decorator?

Although there is some overlap between interior design and interior decoration, they are fundamentally different. Interior design is the art and science of understanding human behavior to create functional spaces in a building, while interior decoration furnishes or embellishes a space with decorative elements to achieve a specific aesthetic. In short, interior designers can decorate, but decorators don’t design.designers have completed formal design training at an accredited school. The work required typically includes color and fabric research, computer aided design (CAD) training, drafting, space planning, furniture design, architecture, and more.Designers are familiar with planning the space and can assist in the design and renovation of the interior, from developing the initial floor plans to setting the final decorative touch. Designers not only improve the appearance, but also improve the function of the part.

Back orders

We will update you on the progress of projects and assignments based on the information I have at the time. As I work to complete the project in a mutually agreed upon reasonable timeframe, there will be times when our schedule changes. The best we can do when this happens is to be flexible and keep lines of communication open.

Should we start with an Architect, Builder, or Designer first?

The most successful projects are those in which the architect, client and interior designer work together. In this way, change costs are reduced and an efficient and smooth project flow is achieved.

Will you coordinate with our Builder?

Builders love having us on the project. We create detailed workbooks with fixture surfaces and piece-by-piece construction details that minimize questions and unknown variables, reduce communication time, and ensure a smooth and delay-free project flow.

What is your style?

We have no style. The customer determines our style. We’ve done a variety of projects, from modern minimalism to globally inspired maximalist space. A common thread underlying our design is the layering of textures, old and new, to create an inviting, layered space.

Do you install everything?

We are a very detail-oriented firm, and we keep an eye on every detail. We install everything for you, so space is in a picture-perfect move-in ready condition when you come back.

Would I be given choices, or do you do the whole space and show the final result with no room to change?

Design is a collaborative process. We design homes for the people who live in it. We like to tell the homeowner’s stories through our design. We try to show 2-3 options for most selections unless our Client instructs us to limit choices. We discuss various options and get your feedback on the selections before they are finalized.

Do you work with the existing furniture that I want to keep?

Yes, we believe in incorporating as many existing elements into your design as possible. We are also happy to bring pieces from your collection to your space.

Do you work with me to incorporate my style and taste or put your signature on the space?

We sincerely believe that every home should be a true reflection of the people who live there. We take the time to understand your taste and style and use this as a starting point to create your design.

The most important thing to remember is that we are on the same team. We care more about your project than you do because for us your job is to expand and represent who we are as a company and as people. Our goal is to help you become a winner whenever possible. And remember, trust is the most important ingredient in this whole equation. You must trust us with your home and we understand that with that trust comes a great responsibility and we take it very seriously.We are a team working towards a common goal: to transform your home into a beautiful home for you and your family.

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