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6 tips to restore calm and positive energy in Ramadan

The month of Ramadan passes and leaves a great impact in our lives, and after the end of this holy month, it must leave an impact even in our homes. them together.

1- Revitalize the house by adding cheerful colors

The month of Ramadan is an opportunity to renew your life and restore what we neglected throughout the year in terms of spirituality and family relations, and because it is a month that brings all the good, this spirit must be reflected on the house, and there is no better way than to revive the house by lighting some vibrant colors that radiate joy and warmth, Which fits with your home decor, and it’s okay for this addition to be in the form of oriental accessories that reflect the Ramadan atmosphere in a modern way, and you and your family can paint the accessories yourself for more bonding.

2- Plants and flowers for a refreshing home in Ramadan and all year long

For those who are looking for peace and quiet at home, the house would not be perfect and really help to relax without a glimpse of nature, and plants are the safest way to achieve this, there is no dispute about the impact of the presence of different flowers and plants on any home.

3- Perfect outdoor meals

Make the balcony or the garden the main place where you eat meals in the month of Ramadan. what created designer here from the perfect atmosphere, you can follow this style in your home.

4- Tanks free of negative energy

A house that is filled with a lot of accumulated objects is filled with negative energy, not only because these objects carry dust and a large consumption of space, but because the presence of unused objects in the hope that they will be needed in the future creates a psychological burden on a daily basis that we do not realize. As for the house that is moving towards the simplistic method in Cabinets are full of freshness, so you have to make this holy month an outlet to acquire an annual habit that benefits you and others, and any items in the treasury that you do not use, sell it or give it to those who need it. In front of every empty storage space, the house will gain more fresh air

5- Incense and natural aromas

In our Arab and Egyptian homes in particular, incense is part of basic rituals and ceremonies in the reception of this blessed month, and even constitutes an essential part of receiving guests as well, as these scents bring a state of calm and warmth that is unparalleled in any industrial perfume, and it has a magical ability to hide any Unpleasant smells, but after knowing these wonderful positives about natural perfumes and incense, why not make it a routine part of the home that is not limited to occasions only? Surely this habit will keep a warm and comfortable home for your senses.

6- Healthy daily habits

Because we strongly believe that the home and its atmosphere are the basis of any healthy habit, daily or side, we must remind you of the importance of a healthy life and a proper daily routine, and how can you be near the end of Ramadan without starting to acquire healthy habits in the kitchen first? It is the month in which we strive for everything that is healthy and benefits us throughout the year, so this should be reflected in the kitchen, so that it is a void free of everything that is harmful, so replace bad habits with healthy ones, from the foods and ingredients available to the appropriate quantities and healthy method of storage, then All the way to natural cooking equipment that doesn’t harm the environment or your family.

Kids Room Interior Designing | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Kids Room Design

It is not easy to make a sleeping space for babies and children that are safe, easy to supervise. Then you can follow these tips:

Rules and Tips for Designing a Baby Room

Always Use Boxes That Comply with Applicable Safety Standards

This is a place where your baby will spend a lot of time alone, and it is very important to know that the crib you use is in the best and safest condition. However, if you must use a used crib, make sure it meets applicable safety standards and has no missing or damaged parts.

2. Use a Tight & Tight Mattress

If you can fit more than two fingers between the edge of the mattress and the side of the bed, the mattress is too small. Your crib manufacturer should be able to recommend the right mattress for their bed. Also, remove toys or decorative pillows and excess blankets while the baby is in the crib.

3. Bed

Pillows, loose blankets or blankets, stuffed animals and toys should be removed from the crib when the baby is at home. These loose items can be a hazard to the baby.

4. Cat

If you are planning to paint, always use a high-quality, water-based, lead-free paint with low or no volatile organic compounds. There are many great options on the market today, including organic paints. Make sure the room is well ventilated and air out for 2-3 days before occupying it.

5. Window Treatment

Do not place your crib near the curtains, as the baby could pull it onto the crib, which could cause strangulation. The ideal place is the opposite of the window, or as far away as possible. Opt for cordless window treatments In general; it’s a good idea to keep all strings, cords, etc. away from babies.

6. Large Furniture

If you have large items, such as refrigerators and vanity tops, secure them to the wall with an anti-tip device. Many manufacturers will include it in your purchase, but if not, buy it at your local hardware store.

7. Floor lamp

When the baby starts to crawl, remove the floor lamp. Toddlers who are sure to use anything to pull away.

8. Changing the tray

If using a changing tray on a vanity, be sure to secure the tray to a larger area to prevent the tray from rolling over. And, NEVER leave a baby unattended, not even for a moment. Keep changing supplies, such as powders, lotions and gels, on shelves out of baby’s reach.

9. Toys

Store your toys in toy boxes with soft closed hinges. Also, be sure and grab a toy at the end of the day, to avoid tripping over while putting the baby to sleep.

10. Outlets

Don’t forget the protective plug for unused electrical outlets. Also, keep each strap out of baby’s reach.

What furniture and accessories do I need for my baby’s room?


One of the most important baby care needs is a crib. Whether you opt for an elaborate crib or a simple bassinet, your little one’s crib is likely to be the focal point of nurturing. Baby Sleeping Baskets have different variations and prices.

2. Changing table

There are thousands of dirty diapers in your baby’s first year. While you’ll become an expert at changing these diapers quickly, it’s always a good idea to have a regular changing table in the nursery.

3. Wardrobe

Babies often go through several clothing changes each day, making an organized wardrobe a much-needed parenting piece of furniture. A baby dressing table should have at least three drawers and a feature compartment for socks, bibs and other small items.

4. Glider / Rocker

Try it before you buy. Babies love the soothing back and forth motion, so having a glider or rocker in the nursery is usually worth it. Finding one that’s comfortable for you and your partner is key, so make sure you both try it (lower priced gliders can be cramped in particular). Which one you choose is really up to you, although there’s the benefit of most gliders coming with a locking mechanism now, a handy safety feature if you already have a toddler.

5. Trash can

Whether you opt for a diaper bin or a simple container with a scented trash bag, you’ll appreciate the proximity of this item to the changing table. When the trash can is nearby, it’s easy to remove diapers, wipes and other items to keep the baby’s room clean.

6. Storage

All baby toys or others can be stored in one storage container and kept out of reach of babies.

7. Baby high chair

Which highchair you choose depends on where you feed your baby and how to feed the baby, how much cleaning you’re willing to do each day, and how much space you have in your kitchen or dining room. There are larger high chairs that stand on their own so you can sit around your desk, or anywhere nears your baby’s face.

If you also want to build a bedroom for girls or boys, don’t hesitate to consult directly with  our professionals .

Furnishing and decorating home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Choosing your 1st house is one among the most important choices you’ll ever build. Choosing AN area, then finding a fittingly sized house which will accommodate you and your family within the coming back years, and at last selecting a property, could be a huge process. It’ll be stressful, exhilarating, time intense however most of all, it will be extremely rewarding.

Therefore what next? You’ve settled on a house, and are currently able to move in and make it home. The home is bare, and wishes to fit out and embellished from prime to bottom, and this can be an enormous task in itself. The simplest factor concerning shopping for your 1st home is having the ability to furnish and embellish it specifically however you want.

If the task ahead is trying a touch daunting, ne’er fear. We tend to determined it absolutely was about time we place along a listing of our ten best tips for furnishing your new home. With a touch of careful planning, list writing, budgeting, and not speeding into things, you’ll build your new house a home, whereas not payment quite you can afford, and hopefully with a couple of less headaches and sleepless nights.

Begin neutral

An honest start line is deciding that neutral could be a good roof of the mouth to induce you off the ground. Selecting whites and blacks, timber tones and everything in between we expect is a wise initial decision. Neutral tones can invariably work, and might always be simply dressed up with a touch of colorize components reminiscent of floor rugs or cushions within the future.

Build lists

Dearly-won and time intense tasks such as decorating your terribly own residence would like careful coming up with and budgeting. You can not merely dive in and ‘wing it’. Write down all the things you presently own, write down all the items the factors you need, and write a wish list of belongings you would like to own within the future.

Invest in an exceedingly quality bed and bedding

We tend to pay a 3rd of our lives in bed, therefore it looks logical to have a high quality bed and bedding. currently that you just won’t be moving for a protracted time, and if your bed is one thing that you are reluctant to replace, perhaps now’s the time.

Have a budget

As mentioned before, similar to creating a list, it seems smart to have a budget (and to stay to it). When dropping but several thousands of pounds on the deposit, cash goes to be tight. After you shopping for brand new piece of furniture and decorations, it’s straightforward to become frantic and pay money you don’t have. Don’t let a saleroom or a salesman allows you to re-examine your budget, and research for deals and price for money. And, if you’ve got some money to spare after protrusile to your budget, you’ll merrily get one thing from your wish list while not the guilt.

Recognize your room’s dimensions

This may appear sort of a no-brainier, however you’d be stunned at what number individuals bring home a brand new couch or table, solely to search out it doesn’t work well within the room. an out sized open saleroom can build things look smaller than they really are, so be good and live the size of your rooms, and also the hallways/doors to confirm you’ll actually get the piece of furniture in.

Don’t get everything quickly

This ties in with the wise move of constructing lists, and protrusile to a budget- don’t buy everything at once. Of course, if you’re going to get a reduction for getting heaps furnishings for one room in bulk, for example, then go crazy. However as a general rule, it’s higher to buy around to ascertain what’s available, and to measure in your home for an amount of your time before deciding what you truly need, and what’s going to work best and so on


Painting is usually the easiest, most affordable, and most impact thanks to bring an area to life. This fresh room directly stands out from the gang with its daring alternative of colors. the attention pop inexperienced and black seen here may not be for everyone, however you get an inspiration of the visual impact a straightforward lick of paint will have.

One area at a time

very like a tutor in class would have told you once getting ready an out sized assignment- unfold it out over time, and break it down into smaller, a lot of manageable parts. Identical concept is often applied to decorating your 1st home. The overwhelming price or concern of obtaining it ‘right’ will be suppressed if you’re taking your time, and have intercourse one room at a time.

Mix and match

If you’re unsure of specifically a way to embellish your new place, why not choose a mixed-and-matched theme, and alter it up usually with smaller ornamental elements, till you discover what’ right for you?


And last however not least, relax. You simply get your 1st home once, therefore fancy it. The simplest a part of shopping for a brand new home is the endless freedom to try to what you prefer with it, so embrace this freedom and commemorate with it.

Interior Styles | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Top Design Firm

Are you confused about how to arrange or rearrange the interior of the house in what style? There is always a solution for your interior problems. Here is a list of the various types and best spatial designs that can definitely make your dwelling more dazzling and comfortable, of course. There are many examples for all kinds of interiors and characters. There are also special layouts for large houses, tiny houses, and apartments.

What are you waiting for? Let’s enjoy a beautiful journey with various types of interior designs from various countries. We’re sure you’ll love it.

Classic, comfortable and super beautiful

The kitchen, dining room and family room in one room is a solution for a narrow house. White color should be dominant so that the house looks spacious.

Tenderness at first glance

This is a layout that anyone would love, beautiful without a lot of detail.

Classic style living room

Classic doesn’t mean old fashioned. The vintage furniture here looks harmonious with modern furniture. The key is to match one element to the other elements in the room.

Simple and minimalist

If you’re always busy every day, choose a simple layout that doesn’t take long to tidy and clean.

Enjoy the view

If the house is surrounded by interesting panoramas, build a special room to enjoy it. Don’t forget to take care of the surrounding environment so that it can be enjoyed all the time.

Strengthen the relationship with nature

Folding doors that can be opened wide are perfect for enjoying nature without going far from home.

Modern retro taste

Old furniture that is still in good condition can be combined with modern furniture. Make sure they have something in common. For example, the color of the seat cushions are the same.

White and luminous

A well-lit room not only looks more spacious, it also makes activities and mobility easier.

Rich texture and air

Small open space in the house will launch air circulation. The house will feel cool in any weather. The wood panels in this picture are installed as a sweetener and protect the air holes from thieves.

Indoor living room and outdoor living room

This room is quite cute, so the terrace is also used as a living room. There will be ample space for small parties and a choice of places to relax in the house.

Sensational eclectic style

Bright colors usually imply a dynamic and open personal home owner. Use colors that match the other elements in the room.

The mirror of the kings

The shape of the windows, chandeliers, walls and very high ceilings are reminiscent of castles where kings lived. Even though the color of the furniture and walls are all dark, the super large windows and mirrors manage to brighten up this room.

The cheerful living room

Cheerful people usually have many friends and close friends. This room is suitable for those of you who have a friendly character and are often visited by friends or relatives.

Timeless classic

Classic style does not die. Watching the raindrops while lying on the sofa near the window would be fun.

Minimalist limelight

Fireplaces are not commonly used around us. If you like this design, you can replace the stove with an aquarium or ornamental plants.

Beautiful with an ethnic touch

Carpets, wall hangings and cushions with ethnic Creole motifs match the other elements of the Mediterranean-style room. Are you interested in trying it?

Heaven on the edge of town

If you have a television this wide, it feels like you don’t want to go anywhere on the weekends. Weekend nights can be enjoyed by watching comedy films, concert videos, or football matches with your partner, children, or friends.

Natural wood dwelling

A house made entirely of wood feels warm in cold weather, cool in hot weather. If you want your house to stay cool without air conditioning, you can try this option.

A sky-high roof

This one residence is unique because it utilizes a former factory or warehouse as a place to live. The owner did not repaint the entire wall, only the ceiling, support beams and one part of the wall. The result is a home that is simple but okay to have.

Beautify your home with color

The grayish green color will indeed give a dark effect. To balance it, use white kick-knacks.


In addition to shelter, home is a place where we work and create. This room is suitable for those of you who are starting your own business or are self-employed. A place that can motivate and deserve to receive guests.

Elegant, simple and modern

The chandelier above the dining table is a touch of simple luxury in this room.

Bright colors for a cheerful heart

Don’t underestimate the effect color has on our mood. Bad moods for no reason can be overcome with bright colors. Try changing the chair cushion cover or tablecloth with pink color, so that the cloudiness in your heart ends quickly.

Friendly minimalism

True, the rectangular ornament on the wall is the center of attention in this room. Therefore, no need to put a lot of furniture. The furniture used is also simple and without many curves. This design is suitable for those of you who like pink and wood elements.

Kitchen, dining room, living room in one

This is an alternative to dividing the land into several rooms without a dividing wall. In addition to using different furniture, each area uses lamps with different designs.

Elegant and sturdy concrete

Unfurnished concrete walls and roofs can give your home an industrial touch. Do not forget to combine it with matching furniture.

Narrow is not a problem

The beige color can also give the impression of being spacious for a narrow room. Especially when coupled with wooden furniture. Terrible!

Pop art for Andy Warhol lovers

Who is Andy Warhol? He is a pioneer of the pop art genre and his works inspire artists around the world. This all-white room full of graphic works is sure to be liked by anyone who admires the maestro.

Comfortable high-low area

We can outsmart the uneven ground surface conditions by making high-low areas like this. The sofa area like a nest is definitely fun to relax in.

Small and warm

If it is still feasible to use, old furniture should be used. Once refurnished, old furniture will help bring an eclectic feel to your home.

Warm all the time

Covering the house with wood and wooden floors can keep the air temperature warm. Can be applied to homes located in mountainous areas.

White and bright color

White color is very easy to match with any color. Including flashy colors like light blue and orange.

Rustic pillars and ceiling

The thick rustic nuance is seen in the shape of the ceiling, pillars, and floor ornaments. The modern sofa makes this room a meeting point of old and new.

The hiding place of the nerd

If you are already engrossed in reading a book, the nerd will forget the situation around him. Therefore, it is necessary to make a special room for him so that he is safe from all disturbances. A comfortable sofa and sufficient lighting are needed here.


Want to travel to France but haven’t done it yet? Try applying a French-style interior to cheer up the heart. Here we see a harmonious blend of rustic and classic styles. Although it looks old, it is not outdated.

High-ceiling-ed kitchen, dining room and living room

The high ceilings of the room are used as air inlets, and additional floors on the sides. Smart solution to overcome the problem of limited land.

A retreat in Patagonia

Wooden roofs, wooden walls and tiled floors can also match. Choose the type of wood that suits the climatic conditions around you at this time.

Rustic and tropical are also charming

The large glass window serves as a room divider. Tropical ornamental plants and brick walls are a marriage of tropical and rustic style in this home.

Minimalist nest

The high ceilings are just below the living room. This design style produces a nest-like living room that protects its owner from cold and heat.

A gathering place that is always remembered

Maybe this was the home of your parents or grandparents where you grew up and spent your childhood. We can bring back memorable times through rustic interiors like this.

Interior Designer Service

Of course, the row of home interior designs above is enough to inspire you. Don’t just cheat, you also need to know how to apply it at home. The key lies in the combination of interior themes, furniture models, and layout.

For maximum results, you will need the help of a professional designer. Provide an overview of the interior design of the house you want in as much detail as possible, so that the designer can determine the best pattern. Regarding price, interior designers will set rates based on their respective policies.