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Different ideas for lighting different rooms of your home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

If you are excited to discover a variety of ideas to help you choose different light sources for your rooms, then this tour will be very fruitful for you!

1- Lighting in different layers

Naturally, every room of your house requires different layers of light, which is central lighting usually in the middle of the room ceiling and is represented according to the picture shown in the chandelier made of a group of colored crystal balls.

As for the second layer, it will be in the form of roof spots, as is the case here, or with roof rafters, side spots, or appliques. Another source that is not to be underestimated is natural lighting based on sunlight.

2- Wooden pendants

Three beautiful wooden pendants hang around a curved gypsum board ceiling belonging to a semi-rectangular wooden dining room flanked by four contemporary leather seats.

3- The blinds

The most suitable option for home offices is always the blinds, as they rest on the table to provide a specific light spot that helps the user to accomplish his work clearly.

  1. Chandeliers

The chandelier here may not be clear in all its details, but we can notice the idea of ​​its design, which is similar to the shape of copper sconces, but it is suspended from the ceiling of the living room.

  1. Small luminous balls

If you do not have enough space in your bedside table to place dimmed bedtime lamps, long pendants suspended from the ceiling with thin ropes can be an ideal option for you as shown in the displayed photo.

Cool Ideas for Kitchen Appliances

Some small touches may be the most prominent mark in your kitchen design or renovation, so we will try to reach together for some touches that will increase the tools of change in the form and design spirit of your own kitchen simply, as we will present us with about 10 kitchen design ideas that seem Each of them has a distinctive sign that will amaze you and fascinate all your guests.. It also gives you an opportunity to organize appliances inside the kitchen, as small spaces have become a common problem in cities, which increases the idea of ​​the small size of the  kitchen , and here we have brought you the appropriate ideas for how to organize it inside.

Tiles for kitchen appliance panel

Tile, dashboard and kitchen are three terms that appear in the same sentence often and that is, ceramic, is one of the simplest materials to maintain and clean, two highly appreciated qualities in the subject at hand. Tile for kitchen utensils is one of the most traditional alternatives, although over time all kinds of designs have proliferated, not limited to flat motions, committed to enriching themselves with textures and finishes that imitate other materials.

Its resistance to changes in temperature or humidity is another essential aspect when considering this coating among kitchen appliance panel ideas.

Classic imbued with modernity

To imprint a unique personality without giving up the benefits that tiles provide on your kitchen appliance panel, the right and attractive option is the so-called subway tiles. It has its origins in the early 20th century, at which time its use became very popular as part of suburban paint in major urban areas. Over time, they managed to carve out space in design and interiors, rising as an economical and attractive alternative to a modern kitchen appliance panel with vintage dyes.


Mosaic is, along with tiles and ceramics in general, one of the most frequent formats in kitchen counter top design. A wide range of colors and finishes allow it to integrate perfectly in environments of all styles. It offers a permanent solution to this area of ​​the kitchen, the attractiveness and resistance of which has turned into a very popular option.


Its versatility makes wood a material with many applications that can serve as a coating for a modern dashboard, besides saving pieces of furniture or flooring. Given the special conditions of this room in the house, it is advisable to ensure that the wood in question is treated properly to protect its surface and add unquestionable warmth to the landscape. The correct and most economical alternative would be to bet on the adhesive kitchen utensil board, that is, the vinyl for the kitchen utensil board, imitating the aesthetics of this natural raw material.


If it comes to finding the best alternative to a dashboard in a white kitchen, marble can be a great choice. Its elegance is well known, and as a natural stone, it brings solidity and distinction to the design. To create an atmosphere of exclusivity, a marble dashboard can be combined with a counter top, and even if the dimensions allow it, it is a central island in the same material.

The biggest drawback of this option for a modern kitchen appliance panel is its price as it is higher than other options available in the market.

Brick panels

Exposed stone walls are a true gem in the world of interior design and decoration. Its presence is able to indicate taste for more contemporary trends, in industrial and modern kitchen designs, or evoke the charm of tradition in suggestions of rustic or Mediterranean cuisine.

In these cases, one kitchen appliance panel idea is about enhancing some points, the combination of materials that results in totally unique and attractive designs.

Tempered glass dashboard

Of unquestionable beauty, the tempered glass panels are a modern and attractive option. It comes in different finishes, and just like in car moons, the impact can cause it to break into many small pieces. However, they are ideal for reflecting light and providing brightness so, in a small kitchen, they can be a great option. In the color version, it is a perfect idea for a dashboard in a white kitchen. Elegance, luster and modernity are some of the qualities that this type of glass backslash in the kitchen provides.

Synthetic material

A large part of the proposals for information panels for modern kitchens is present, which provide, in one surface, aesthetics, resistance, safety and price. Synthetic dashboards go by different names although you may have heard of Silestone, Corian, Marble Compac or DuPont… The richness of finishes, colors and textures makes it difficult to find the perfect solution for a kitchen back wall where the absence of joints improves cleaning and maintenance conditions.

Stainless steel kitchen appliance panel

Those who love modern cleanliness and aesthetics will find one of the more tempting options on stainless steel kitchen  counters  . Proponents in many industrial and aesthetic use designs, stainless steel offers great heat resistance and is extremely hygienic. Its main drawback is that it is a material that is easily scratched so it is advisable to be careful. In favor of? In addition to its attractive beauty, brightness and resistance, it is extremely easy to clean.

A touch of creativity

In our review of kitchen utensil board ideas, we can’t miss space for creativity. When you bring spaces to life with their own personality or unique designs, decorative painting, photographs or vinyl can be great allies. As a kitchen back wall lining, it acts as a bridge to imagination, a perfect way.

Differences in meaning between overseas bungalows | Gurgaon | Noida

When you think of bungalows, many people in India may think of mountain lodge-style accommodations such as campsites. However, in reality, bungalows, which are said in India, are considered as a mountain lodge-style house style overseas. Therefore, the bungalows considered in India and overseas are different. Therefore, here I would like to introduce the features and attractiveness of bungalows that are being considered overseas.

What is an overseas bungalow style house?

Bungalows are a style of living originally found in the Bengal region, which straddles India and Bangladesh. One of the characteristics of the house is a detached one-story house with a spacious veranda. This style of home has spread around the world since the early 20th century. Nowadays, single-family, one-story or two-story low-rise buildings with small attics and balconies are called bungalow styles, and are often seen in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Bungalow style house to build in India

This is a bungalow style, but if you think about it in India, it would be a one-story house with a spacious veranda under the eaves. You can also attach an attic light or ventilation window, called a dormer, to the roof to bring it closer to an overseas bungalow-style atmosphere. This style of home will be fashionable and unique, reminiscent of homes in the suburbs of the United States and elsewhere. And you should be able to enjoy an atmospheric life.

Bungalow style advantages and disadvantages

The most distinctive feature of a bungalow-style house is the veranda. The large eaves keep you from getting wet there. On the other hand, you can hit the outside wind and enjoy the feeling of openness. Since such a balcony can be easily moved from indoors, it can be said that it is a room without walls. And it will produce a comfortable life.

However, there is something to be aware of in these bungalow-style homes. It’s privacy. This is because the balcony is easy to see from the outside, which makes it difficult to relax. Therefore, consider protecting your privacy by using trees or outer walls for blindfolding. That way, you should be able to enjoy an open life without being peeped from the outside.

If you want to build a bungalow style house

If you’re considering building a bungalow-style home, why not take advantage of Interior A to Z’s free consultation. So let’s tell you the style of your home, such as the West Coast country style or the modern style that suits your modern life. For these requests, the architects registered with Interior A to Z will give you advice on the house you are thinking of. Then you should be able to realize a bungalow style house that is a little rare in India!

Differences in meaning between overseas bungalows Best Interior Designer near me

Designing a wall kitchen | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Advantages and disadvantages of negative gas stoves and some notes when designing a wall kitchen

A wall-mounted kitchen is a kitchen designed so that the body is submerged under the kitchen counter, also known as the wall, to help increase the usable area and make the kitchen space more open. In homes with modern design, gas stoves are increasingly popular because of the luxury and convenience it brings. Currently, on the market, there are two main lines of negative gas stoves: those that use gas and those that use gas in combination with electricity.

Advantages and disadvantages of negative gas stove


– Gas stove has a variety of models and sizes, so users can easily choose the right type of stove for the home space.

Built-in kitchen is aesthetically pleasing, elegant, luxurious and easy to clean when needed.

– Negative gas stove has more features than negative gas stove; the safety of negative gas stove is higher than positive gas stove because it has a safe gas self-off feature.

– The life of the negative gas stove is high because the components are designed under the kitchen floor, stored tightly, so it is less prone to rust.

– Negative gas stove has the ability to cook up to 20% faster than positive gas stove, less heat is lost to the outside.

– Some models of negative gas stoves are designed with electric or induction cookers to help homeowners have more options when cooking.


– The price of a negative gas stove is relatively higher than that of a positive gas stove.

– Higher installation and repair costs due to more complex requirements.

– Because the negative gas stove is installed under the kitchen floor and fixed, it is difficult to move when necessary and must follow the size of the available kitchen drawers.

– Negative gas stove consumes more gas due to its larger capacity, faster cooking. Therefore, users need to reduce the fire to suit the needs of use to save gas.

– Some types of negative gas stoves are ignited by electricity, which causes inconvenience when power is lost.

Some types of materials used for gas stove tops, their pros and cons

– Stone: This material is increasingly chosen by gas stove manufacturers because of its many advantages such as high durability, many colors and patterns, and low cost. However, the face is very easily stained and discolored, so it needs to be cleaned and sanitized regularly

– Tempered glass: It can be considered that this is the most common material used to make gas stove products because it is durable, easy to clean and has a modern design that helps to increase the luxury beauty of the kitchen space. The disadvantage of tempered glass is its high cost.

– Iron, stainless steel: These are two materials that are rarely used today, although the price is quite cheap, but they do not bring a luxurious look to the space. Moreover, metal is also susceptible to rust due to the impact of grease and salt when cooking.

Some notes when designing a wall kitchen

To have a beautiful and modern kitchen space, families should consult  experts and pay attention to the following points:

– It is possible to design a wall-mounted gas stove with the dining table to save space and family members can also enjoy food right after cooking.

– Take advantage of the space below the gas stove as a kitchen cabinet or a place for a dishwasher.

– The color of the kitchen surface should be selected in harmony with the color of the kitchen counter top and the overall space.

– Furniture in the kitchen such as refrigerators and cabinets also need to be arranged reasonably and synchronously to create a unified whole.

– It is recommended to design the tip near the window to take advantage of the light when cooking, to prevent the smell of food from entering the house and to be able to cook while watching the scenery outside.

– Should divide the areas in the kitchen: cooking, cleaning and storage and need to optimize the efficiency of these 3 areas with reasonable designs.

– Lighting is an important factor in the kitchen because this is not only a cooking space but also a family gathering place, so the lighting system needs to be fully installed and cozy.

– Finally, the kitchen floor needs to be made of anti-slip materials because it is difficult to avoid water drops during processing. In addition, the floor needs to be easy to wipe and clean. Natural stone with a slightly rough surface is a great choice for the kitchen.

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