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  • Window types | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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Window types | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Best Interior Designer near me

Apart from an opening in a wall or a wall, a window is the connection of the interior with the exterior, the exhaust pump towards other landscapes, an exit or an entrance, an escape, the secret place for a declaration of love, or the corner of daydreams. A window connects us and frees us and can become the main element of a space. But also a novel, a short story, a feature film. Don’t underestimate it. The window has a lot to offer.Window types | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Best Interior Designer near me


Window types

The windows can be classified according to many criteria. The most common are:

According to the frame material Of the window or profiles, the windows can be made of wood, aluminum or PVC (the most popular materials). Wooden windows are ideal for homes with a rustic style. However, we can frequently find them also in urban areas and in modern buildings. It is a very insulating and beautiful natural material, which also provides a cozy and warm feeling in the home. In the past we had to sand and varnish our wooden windows, but today it has been significantly improved and it is not necessary to sand, but to apply a product directly. We recommend that you ask the manufacturer to receive more information. On the other hand, PVC ones have evolved a lot in recent times, they work very well against acoustic insulation and also offer a great variety of colors.

According to the opening way we can speak of casement or casement windows; swing doors; tilt and turn; sliders; oscilloparallel; pivoting; folding; guillotine; and fixed. The latter are those that cannot be opened and consist of a fixed glass that is generally placed between interior rooms. The others depend on the axis of rotation. To choose one type of opening or another, take into account the space you have left in the room when you open the window and what atmosphere you want to create on the other side. For example, if you have little space, the ideal in a bedroom is to put sliding windows, but if you have something else, you may want to put the tilt-and-turn ones, which allow you to open the hole 100% or also leave a top slot when you want to ventilate in winter. In small balconies it is sometimes interesting to place folding windows so as not to waste the interior or exterior space; and in industrial-style homes you can think of placing a sash window between the kitchen and the dining room, thus creating a kind of bar in your own home.

Exceptional windows. Each country, due to customs and especially the weather, has a characteristic type of window. For example, Venetian windows, which are those that have shutters, generally made of wood and colored, as a protector against sunlight. The rice paper windows, used in China and Japan, which use this material for its great resistance to climatic changes. Rice paper is used not only for artistic but also constructive and design purposes in windows, blinds, lamps, and even clothing. French windows are those sash or sliding windows that have a grid, usually white, made with the profiles.

How long does it take to install a window?

Before placing a window you have to take into account several aspects:

First, if the old window can be repaired or it is better to replace it entirely. On the other, what requirements do you ask of the new window (high thermal insulation to reduce air conditioning costs, high acoustic insulation, what level of security do you ask of the windows …). Then, the type of closure, according to what we have commented in the previous point. And finally, the aesthetic you are looking for: a rustic style window, something more modern and colorful, a strong and durable industrial style window, etc.

After these decisions, the time has come to order the window from a supplier according to the style and the necessary measures, a process that can last between 3 or 4 weeks until you have it. And finally, the installation, which requires qualified personnel to fit the frame well on the wall or wall, consciously protects the glass during assembly to avoid damage, and leave a good finish on the walls.

Window accessories

With accessories for windows we refer above all to the curtains that cover them, to the blinds, to the shutters and even to the awnings. Any solar protection both inside and outside. Each country has its fashions and habits. If you notice, in Spain we are a lot of curtains, while in the Nordic countries they are less afraid of losing privacy and prefer to feel connected to the outside, almost shouting to the world that they have nothing to hide. Other accessories can be the accessories that decorate our windowsills, which are sometimes on the outside (if we have blinds), or inside, if we don’t have them. In the latter case, the windowsill can be used to place flower pots, candles or even cushions, thus creating a cozy bench.

What is best for my window: curtain, blind or blind?

Well, as always, it will depend on the characteristics of the room, but also on the location of your house and the way it is built. Sun protection in Spain is a very important factor if we think about saving energy costs for air conditioning. It must be taken into account that during the summer, the use of air conditioning is responsible for the 11% increase in national electricity consumption. Which is summed up in an extra 30 euros in the electricity bill for a flat with two appliances? That is why it is necessary to look for aids that reduce the incidence of the sun, thus reducing energy consumption.

We look with the protectors that the sun does not directly touch the window, which is the hole where the heat enters. For this, there are design strategies such as the overhangs or the setback of the window itself. As protective complements, there are two groups to choose from: exterior protectors, such as awnings or blinds, and interiors such as blinds or curtains. The former are better because they prevent the sun from hitting the glass directly. The latter are ideal in winter because they prevent the heat from leaving the house.

You also have to think about the size of your room. If it is small it is better to put short and light curtains. If it is larger, you can opt for curtains that occupy the entire height of the room. Also, think that curtains in summer are usually opaque to prevent the sun from entering, and in winter we look for the opposite, we want all possible light to enter, but without giving up some privacy.

Maintenance and installation of windows

Depending on the type of window that is so, it will require one maintenance or another. As we said at the beginning, wooden windows require more care than PVC or aluminum windows. In addition to the profiles, you should pay attention from time to time to the state of the glass and the joints between the frame and the wall. Also clean the glass constantly and immediately repair small damages that the glass may have. And for all this, do not forget to contact one of the window experts that you will find in the Interior A to Z catalog.

Window types | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Best Interior Designer near me

Windows | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR| Best Interior Designer

When building a new home or renovating a home, you will need to consider many of the following factors in order to place an order with an architect and contractor for the best window system.

1. To build windows

About window design

– Window design can determine air circulation. Windows should be designed so that they can be fully opened. In which the type of window opens to the outside is the best, because it saves a lot of space inside the house, besides when opening the door facing out, it will help push out a stagnant amount of air inside. In addition, according to the concept, it also means career advancement for the owner.

-The location of the window can determine the ventilation situation of the whole house, the house has a slightly larger south side door, and a small window on the north side, the air will circulate quite well, ensuring the house. Fresh air all day and night.

Many people have the notion that to increase the air circulation in the house, they should make as many windows as possible. However, this is a misconception because too many windows will produce too strong air circulation, thus damaging not only human health but also adversely affecting the fortune of homeowners. Therefore, in one direction, there should only be two windows at most.

Towards the window direction

The window of the house is the path connecting the space inside and outside the house. Therefore, it is best to arrange the main window in the Southeast direction, warm in winter and cool in summer.

However, from the scientific aspect, you must first see clearly the distant scenery outside the window; If the scene is not good, then even the Southeast window is not reasonable. Cases of unfavorable windows include: Windows opening in the South direction, if you see objects such as corners of the house, dry trees, sharp rocks, and antenna wires will cause health problems for people.

The window is covered by a neighbor’s house, making it impossible for people inside the house to open their eyes, called “unusual monsters” ie vitality and wealth do not come, of course, which is detrimental to the homeowner In addition, Large windows facing a long and straight road with a lot of traffic is also not good because it greatly affects human health.

How to renovate bad windows

– In case the window must be arranged in the West, Northwest or Southwest direction, the roof should be covered outside the window, to avoid direct sunlight from the West. In addition, west-facing windows should not be too wide and must have window blinds to block the sun. In the past, the west-facing window was called “Ly ghost gate” (inner demon door), indicating bad omens, probably because this window in the summer must directly suffer from hot air, and in the winter, it must be subjected to direct heat. Cold air.

-The ancients believed that the Northeast direction belonged to the “Demon Gate” (outside demon door), so the window should not be opened in this direction. From a scientific point of view, the northeast wind brings moisture, which is easy to get wet in the house, and it is bitterly cold. If the case is forced to bloom, the window should be a little small, and the curtain must be attached.

-If the window is facing the evil omen as mentioned above, the following measures can be applied: use thin curtains to separate the scene, so that light and wind can continue to enter. Bamboo blinds, or plastic shutters. On the window sill should put some flower pots, plants, make people’s eyes stop at these close scenes, the scenes with murderous intent outside the window will be blurred. Go.

2. Window selection criteria

Windows are an important element in every home, connecting people with their surroundings. Currently, there are many types of windows and each type has its own characteristics, suitable for each home and each user’s personality. When deciding which type of window to use, it is necessary to carefully study the geographical direction, the ventilation and light needs of each room, the architectural form inside and outside the house to get the optimal window.

Another point to note is that no matter what type of window, there should be an umbrella or a water barrier to protect the window and prevent rain from entering the room. Windows can be classified according to the following criteria:

According to function use

Illuminated windows: glass doors or other materials through which light can penetrate. Windows of this type should be used on walls facing North, Northeast or South – directions that are less affected by the harsh summer sun. Should be used with curtains, blinds to adjust the amount of light accordingly.

– Windows blocking light: solid panel doors (wood, metal, plastic), with shutters (fixed or flipped shutters). This type of window should be used on east and west facing walls. Shutters are very popular because they both block the sun and let the wind breathe. For east and west, it is best to use windows with both glass and shutters.

According to structure

Horizontal hinged opening windows (windows that open like doors): are the most common types of doors, which can consist of one or more wings. This type has the best ventilation and provides a lot of light into the room. Should be used in directions with good views.

– The window opens outwards (hinges at the top, opens out from the bottom): good ventilation and avoids rain from entering the room, suitable for high-rise apartments without umbrellas.

Horizontal sliding window: the door slides horizontally on a sliding rail, the maximum ventilation area is only half the area of ​​the whole window. The horizontal sliding type has the advantage of not taking up space, not being affected by the wind, suitable for rooms on high floors.

– Fixed windows: only for light, cannot be opened, often used in large spaces, beautiful views, or at high altitudes.

-The window rotates around the center axis of the wing: there are two types, the horizontal axis and the vertical axis. Vertical shaft rotary type is used a lot, has good ventilation and is very suitable for modern architecture.