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Mid Century Nursery Design Ideas

Especially in the first year, you will spend a lot of time in your child’s kindergarten. It is therefore important to consider your own design preferences when designing a child’s room. Parents who love retro will find lots of fun and inspiration in a mid-century modern nursery! With a vibrant colour palette and fun prints, mid-century modern is a style that inherently combines comfort and function, which is definitely a must when designing a child’s room! Nurseries are the perfect place to add colour to your home! For a mid-century child’s room design, you can opt for very bright colours—green, teal, or yellow—or opt for a more muted neutral or pastel palette, or opt for a graphic black and white palette. Any of these colour palettes would look great with mid-century modern style! Furniture is the best way to set the tone for a mid-century child’s room design. There are a lot of great mid-century modern cribs out there, and many of them can even be converted into toddler beds! Choose a bed in white, oak, or birch to really bring mid-century style into your home. Match the finish of the bed to the finish of the dresser or changing table. We love the idea of ​​combining a mid-century modern dresser and simply adding a changing table so you can keep using the dresser even when your baby is out of diapers. And be sure to invest in a comfy, modern rocking chair or rocking chair for late-night snuggles and feedings and afternoon and evening book reading! Choosing mid-century modern furniture for your bedroom is a good investment, as the style of the furniture will grow with you. So while you’ll obviously need to convert a crib into a bed at some point, other pieces like a mid-century dresser and bookcase can easily be moved into a child’s, teen’s, or toddler’s room without feeling dated or too young. The clean, timeless aesthetic of this piece of furniture will keep your room fresh throughout your childhood! So you really get a lot out of this style of furniture. The mid-century modern style is also a style that pairs well with other design styles. So as your child grows and develops their own style, their room can grow with them without having to completely change the decor and content of the room. Mid-century style blends easily with minimalist, rustic, glamour, and industrial styles, but it can truly harmonise and interact with virtually any design style. Once the furniture is on the floor, lay out a soft rug for prone time and playtime. We love mid-century baby shaggy rugs, but you can also opt for a flat-woven style with a fun, colourful pattern. You can also add colour and personality through wall art. Choose fun graphics with lots of colour because kindergarten is no place to be too serious!