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Teen room

Before you know it, your children have entered the teenage phase. Not always the easiest period when it comes to parenting, but if you make sure that your teen has a nice place of his own in your house, it can certainly keep the atmosphere good. Have you ever considered what it takes to furnish such a teenage room in a fun and attractive way? Be sure to discuss this with your child, but in the meantime we are almost certain that our ideas will also be very popular with him or her.

Which style is best for a teenage bedroom?

The above question is actually very easy to answer. Because actually, the modern style is the only real solution for a beautiful teenage room, whether it’s a boy’s or girl’s room.. There is certainly some eclectic variety in that area, but modern is what appeals to most teenagers by far. . And as children of this time, that is not so strange of course! It is quite logical that they are not so eager for an overly frumpy nursery… It is very important that you take their hobbies, interests and personalities as a starting point. Pop stars, football idols or other sources of inspiration can ensure that you have a nice base. But on the other hand, something like this shouldn’t dominate too much. We are almost certain that you and your child will find the ideal balance!

Modern wall decorations

When furnishing a room, the walls must first be in order. In a teenage room, just like in any other bedroom, you will need to tackle the walls first. Do you choose wallpaper or do you paint the wall in a nice color? The wishes of your son or daughter are very important, but do not opt ​​for an overly striking color. It could just be that after a few months they are already quite faint and you don’t feel like having to get started with that room again. If the walls themselves are in order, then it is important to dress things up a bit with posters, paintings and other things. A whiteboard can also be very useful so that your child can keep a diary on the wall. And there are many other fun things to think of that you can decorate the walls with. Also pay close attention to the floor: we would advise against fabric flooring: laminate with a nice carpet is a better idea.

Most importantly, the furniture for a teenage bedroom!

The most important thing for a teenage room is to look for the right furniture. What do you need in that area and what will it cost? We know how to put you on the right path in both areas. A modern bed is of course the most important starting point. Now that your kids are moving into adulthood, you can’t come up with a childish bed anymore. Perhaps there is room for a double bed, because that gives them the feeling that they are also treated as equals by you. And don’t forget a little nice matching bedding in the same style as the room. But there are other pieces of furniture that are indispensable for the teenage bedroom. An office for example. Be sure to invest in this because your child must be able to study in a good way. You can get a desk from around €50, but for the better ones it’s best to spend a little more money. And that certainly applies to the office chair! You also need a good closet for the clothes. Also think of shelves for books, CDs and DVDs. A sitting area with a sofa or nice chairs is also a very good idea.

Lighting in the teenage room

If the walls are in order and the furniture is in place, there is another important point that should not be forgotten: the lighting. Of course, a general light point in the room is important, but you need more than that. A handy reading lamp for next to the bed and of course a good lamp for the desk so that you can also study well in the evening. Also, don’t forget the mood lighting. It should also be a bit of fun in the place where your teenager will spend a lot of hours.

Small Teen Room Ideas

A nice spacious bedroom is nice for your teenager, but that luxury is not always available. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an interior designer to furnish a small room in a nice way. That is why at the end of this overview we will give you some ideas to make a small room fun. Choose a bed that can be extended into a double and that you can also use as a sofa. That way you don’t kill two but three birds with one stone! And also make sure that you use the walls to hang cabinets and shelves. By the way, before you start decorating, choose a light color and some mirrors on the wall: that will also make the effect a lot more spacious!


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