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Modern apartment decorated in neutral colors

We take you on a quick tour inside a modern apartment in neutral and warm colors and perfectly divided, with the right furniture and lighting.

The use of white, the modern design of the furniture or the warmth imposed by the wood led to a charming interior with a Mediterranean spirit. Do you want to know them? Keep reading!

open concept

The starting point for our path could not be another. The Entrance The importance of the space allocated to the hall is manifested in the abstract aesthetic dimension, and as we shall see stopping in the successive rooms, the Mediterranean style identity marks are key keys to its charm.

But the apparent simplicity of the installation allows for another appreciation of the project’s distinguishing feature: an open-plan design in which the interconnection of spaces is fundamental to the captivating character offered by the collection.

Functional and modern kitchen

From the entrance itself you can access the kitchen, the first space entity of the room after a simple welcome, the visitor receives. As mentioned in the previous photo, from the  open kitchen, it is a modern stage, yet it has the charm of Mediterranean kitchens.

The glossiness that white is preferred along with black, the color nuances that bring the intense red color of the refrigerator or the chosen wall patterns are some of the attractions.

dining room

The essence of the Mediterranean is revealed in the dining area which on the other hand, shares with Scandinavian style a taste of simplicity and the eternal combination of white and wood. A simple set of table and chairs, planned with modern but discreet lamps, forms a decorative bet of this area for culinary delight which, on the other hand, serves as a division between the kitchen and the living room, all distributed on the same surface.


Together with the presence of the dining room, other details allow us to guess the transition between the integrated spaces in the room and the change in the light wood pier that holds the table and chairs of this first stage and also extends through the living room, which is also connected to the balcony through a generous window that ensures the entry of light natural.

As in the previous photo, the timber ceiling is stunning with exposed beams, and one of the primary keys to the proposal’s allure, does not escape the viewer’s point of view.


The photo shows the details of the balcony, the external space connected with the living room, kitchen and dining room, and it seems to become an extension of the interior. Despite its small size, every detail has been taken care of as much as possible, providing a small set of furniture based on the table and chairs, which is the most alluring, and the flooring chosen for the floor is reminiscent of the patterns we saw in the wall covering the kitchen, thus giving continuity to the decorative suggestion of the interior beyond walls.


Abandon most of the social areas in this modern house from the core of the Mediterranean, and enter the area designated for rest. The bedrooms are another clear example of the commitment to the luster and purity of environments. This first, calls for a simple composition in which just a bed and closet are enough to create a fresh and inspiring atmosphere which undoubtedly leads to small details such as pillows or a plant that adds a chromatic counterpoint to a white-dominated decoration

The same premise of minimalism is present in the other bedroom, although in this case the textiles chosen to cover the bed in the form of a bedspread serve as a note of color. However, the commitment is kept to light tones, and even uses the same Scandinavian-inspired lines we saw on the living room coffee table and bedroom nightstand. The clear wood in the soil brings warmth to the environment, which is seen as a whole, as relaxing and inspiring.


The house occupies two bathrooms, one complete and one in the form of a toilet. The first of them, and this is what we see in the picture, gives the novel a certain chromatic to sand tones both on the floor and in the borders that extend through the shower area, infiltrating the decor to add a touch of elegance on the whole. However, white remains the dominant color, an option that adds to the indicated lighting and nuances, and creates a sophisticated atmosphere.

In terms of hygiene, its reduced dimensions do not prevent it from having a functional and attractive design. In order to save the hindrance that we imposed being a small bathroom, the people responsible for the project chose a simple sink and toilet, all in white, as well as white walls, ceilings and floors, thus enhancing a certain visual capacity.


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