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Living room wall decoration ideas

So you just got that new house set up, yet everything feels just a little bland. Well, now’s the time to get things spruced up a bit. By this we mean, putting some life into your living spaces. One way to bring out the spark in your living room is by adding beautiful decorations to your wall spaces.

Wall decors not only add color to your home but also add a touch of class and sophistication. Better yet, you can even do this at a fairly reasonable cost.

But before we go ahead to show you some lovely decor ideas for your living room walls, here are a few things to have at the back of your mind. Size is always important when putting up decorations on your living room wall. Always opt for something big and elaborate that takes up ample space. The decor choice should complement the surrounding structures and interior designs in your living room. Large wall decors are usually expensive, but you can improvise on a low budget and still get something beautiful. When it comes to wall decors, there are no restrictions—anything goes! Don’t be scared to try bold stuff.

1) A Large Painting

You can never go wrong with a large painting covering a broad section of your living room wall. This goes well, especially with a beautiful Scandinavian interior design. It does not matter the type of painting it is. Your wall will always act like a large canvas upon which this painting will play itself out.

2) A Collection of Small Prints and Paintings

You can litter your living room walls with interactive prints and paintings. This option is highly recommendable, especially for a lovely contemporary set up, usually a tiny penthouse apartment. You can play around with a lot of colors to bring out the perfect ambiance. Lastly, this works well on a bright white-painted wall.

3) Get a Giant Flat Screen TV Set

With continuous advancements in TV technology, the market is flush with different kinds of flat-screen LED TVs. What’s more remarkable about this are the break-neck sizes they come in for the average enthusiast’s delight. There are TV sizes that get as much as 200 inches in size. A perfect example is the Samsung “Wall TV,” which measures a whopping 292 inches (that’s over 24 feet or 7.4 meters). As the name ironically suggests, this TV can cover a whole wall section in your living area. So if you have the money to splurge, why not go for something of this nature that gives you twice the value at the one price.

4) Put up a Large Scale Mural

You can put up a size able stick-up mural on your living room wall. Murals are usually easy to implement and change whenever you want. They come in different designs, colors, and shapes, and you can find them at most home interior stores. Large murals enhance the beauty of any contemporary interior design, so it’s a sure bet any day.

5) Try Wall Tapestries

Last but not least, wall tapestries are a great choice, especially when you need to cover a lot of space with a single decor piece. They are also a brilliant way to fragment wall paint color while adding variety and a bit of storytelling to your living spaces. Wall tapestries come in fabric and can feature a broad range of traditional and contemporary print works. It is certainly worth a try!


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How to put modern touches in your home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Today, we take us on  a modern tour with distinction of one of the designs  for a beautifully modern designed house  in an easy and easy way, in which there are no costs or increased costs and burdens, only the required thing and enough, and indeed, the result was more than wonderful, which enables us to quote more than one idea from this design that we will extract From every room we visit in this book of ideas..

Fantastic space

The space that is available in this apartment is ideal for any creative designer, as he can involve more than one room in it and make it serve more than one purpose, especially if the area of ​​the house does not allow such opportunity to be repeated often, and here this is achieved. The designer used all the space in designing a room Living overlooking a kitchen and a dining room with barriers between them that do not block the view, which ensures an increased sense of space and distance from any closure of the view that reduces it.

Simple Anthra and Balanced Colors

The use of neutral colors in the interior and white in the walls achieved the required balance equation in such large spaces that overlap with other rooms so that no alienation occurs in the general landscape of the house in general.

Placing the sofa next to the balcony is wonderful and helps to get out of any feeling of lack of space. It also helps the general climate in the room to improve and rejuvenate, which always makes you feel refreshed.

Living room

The presence of the TV and comfortable seats near it divides the room into two parts. First, the one near the TV, which is far from the official one, and the other official part, which is located towards the balcony and the sofa in it, which is a great way to use the same space in more than one way. 

From that angle, the use of the dining room next to the kitchen appears in a distinctive way and in a small size in line with the general layout of the room

And the number of chairs around the dining room shows that it is suitable for a small family without the cost of extra chairs that are useless, as for the partitions between the rooms, as we noted that they are not completely closed in order to preserve space and also contain shelves to help with storage and to show some decorations and decorations as we note In the blue color of the accessory bottle above it.

And it appears from that picture the extent of the delicate balance between the interior of the kitchen and the rooms that share the space with it, as there is no deviation from the text in any part, and this credit is largely due to the white color next to the ingenuity of the designer.

The simplicity of the design appears in the glass window left as a mirror or dresser in the corridor leading to the bathroom in a beautiful surreal way 

The bathroom

The calm, creamy color without any disturbances or interference is present here, and the large mirror is an approved way to get out of any predicament related to space constraints. It has been used here in an effective and appropriate manner.

How to design a living room for each family member

The living room is usually the largest space in the house and is a common space for all family members. Structurally, it is located in the center and is the first thing you see when you enter the front door. It is a space for rest and communication, and it also functions as a drawing room where visitors stay. But isn’t there a way to make the living room a little more special and fun? In addition to the individual room, if the family members’ tendencies and tastes are reflected in the living room, the space utilization can be further increased. Even if you do the same thing, if the space changes, the atmosphere is changed, which is also effective. In addition, it is possible to create a space for communication where family members gather in one space while doing their own work.

However, the living room is still shared and used for multiple purposes, so a flexible idea is needed rather than a fixed direction. In this case, it is useful to use foldable furniture or multifunctional furniture that includes several functions in one piece of furniture. It is also a good way to divide the space by making a difference. From creative workspaces for telecommuters to media rooms for couch potatoes. Let’s find out the infinite possibilities of transformation of the living room.

Telecommuters: creative workspaces

It is an era where you can work anywhere as long as you have a laptop and Wi-Fi. As the IT industry dealing with intangible content grew, the number of telecommuters also increased. These changes in the office environment are also leading to changes in the trend of office furniture. Most of the office furniture was designed with an emphasis on functionality and was hard and comfortable, but now there is a tendency to change to a comfortable and soft design that is comparable to home use. There are many ideas for space-efficient furniture, such as a folding desk or a desk combined with a storage shelf. To create an environment conducive to creativity, it is also a good idea to use chalkboard paper or chalkboard paint that is easy to write on and erase like a blackboard. Note that there are also magnetic paints that generate magnetism when applied to the wall.

Housewife: storage space

If you are a housewife, you will know. Even if you do housework, there is no end to it, and the tea doesn’t work well. Storage furniture is essential for efficient housekeeping. Recently, as storage furniture that fits perfectly into the space structure, the preferred method is to place it as if it were part of the wall. It is good to use the extra space in the hallway or hallway, but if there is no free space, use the living room space. It is good to choose one that includes a storage drawer in a sideboard or a decorative cabinet, and there is also a form in which a storage space is combined with a sofa. If structural requirements allow, there is also a way to make a small storage room by drilling a wall.

Kids: play area

Even if there is an independent nursery room, the child does not stay in one room. Also, the younger the child, the more often a play space for the child is created in the living room so that the parents can watch the child while doing other work. It is preferred to use materials of various colors and textures for the development of the five senses. There are cases where all children’s things are stored in the children’s room, and thick rugs or mats are laid in the living room to provide only an activity space. It helps.

Naturalists: Indoor Gardens

Plants are deeply embedded in our daily life in various ways, such as those who enjoy cooking with herbs grown by themselves, those who grow plants to create a comfortable indoor environment, or those who have a hobby of growing plants themselves. In addition, diversity is added to the plant interior that reflects this taste. If you are a naturalist who loves plants for whatever reason, consider turning your living room into an indoor garden. Usually, a balcony or veranda is used a lot, but if there is no structure, there is a way to make a small greenhouse by building a glass wall by the window. It is also effective to record the wall if you want a production that blends more naturally with the space rather than this separate structure.

Collector: Display Space

Among the static hobbies, collecting is probably the largest proportion. Whatever the object, collecting gives the joy of possession. Perhaps the completion of this collection hobby is the display. If you use the boring living room wall as a display space, you can get an interior effect at the same time as storage. Collectibles aren’t something you take out often, so it’s okay to use display furniture that fills up to the ceiling. If it is an open space with no boundaries in the living room, kitchen, and hallway, dividing the space by properly demarcating it with display shelves is also a commonly used production method.

Musician: performance space

Musicians usually have a separate studio for storage of musical instruments and soundproofing, or when making a studio at home, use soundproofing in a small room. If there is space in the living room, how about using it as a performance space? It’s a good choice considering that the home party culture is trending recently, and music is not always missing from the party. If you create a performance space with a slightly larger difference, it can be staged as if it were a stage.

Couch Potatoes: Media Room with Nice Sofas

Couch Potato refers to a person who eats potato chips while watching TV while lying on a couch, and it refers to a lifestyle that enjoys TV or movies at home rather than receiving new stimulation outside. There can be no greater happiness for a person who carries out a arduous task outside. If you don’t have a media room for audiovisual hobbies, use your living space to create a media room. A storage system for storing various media such as AV systems, CDs and DVDs, and a comfortable sofa are essential. It is good to choose a product that focuses on comfortable functionality, such as a comfortable sofa with a footrest or a sofa that can be placed upright and reclined when necessary.

How to decorate the entrance to your home correctly | Gurgaon | Noida

The entrance to the house is the first meeting between your guests and the design of your home in the interior of it, as it is often the leading to all  the main rooms that occupy the largest area of ​​your house and appear directly in front of everyone entering or leaving the house, today we will present you with  a group One of the models that we think has made good use of the entrance with inspiring ideas to appear in the desired way, which we all aspire to, through simple additions and influential notes.

1- Use mirrors

In the entrance to your house, which is located in a relatively narrow space, you have to use tools to reduce the feeling of distress as much as possible, and one of the most important factors that lead to this purpose are mirrors, as they reflect vision and light and thus make there a feeling of curiosity to look at them and focus on them and what they reflect, so The mirror is an indispensable factor in the entrance to your narrow house.

2- Ornamental plants

Use ornamental plants in the entrance to the house to add some joy, pleasure and welcome in front of all the guests. Yellow vessels and plant significantly.

3- Practical application

Your house may be practical in all its spaces and you want to use every meter in a more functional way, but with a little beauty, so you can use a console with a chair that allows you to put on and take off shoes and wait before the door of the house, it will be practical to the maximum degree because the console In that case, it will serve as a closet and a vital piece of furniture that you use every time you enter or leave your home.

4- Let the space do the talking

If the entrance area is large and leads directly to the group of overlapping rooms without dividers, you can make the corridor a clean and spacious area that enjoys order and luster by designing it with floors that are not separated with the rest of the surface overlooking it and similar walls with it as well so that it looks like an entrance to the room itself, not the house.

5- Take a break

We may need moments of rest before entering the house or waiting when leaving it, so designing a simple session with a chair and a small table will be encouraging for you to renew your energy and remove worries before starting your life inside your home naturally. 

6- Lights and accessories

Dim lights in corridors and entrances that do not have natural outlets on the outer periphery are very effective, especially when you make good use of those lights and shed them on accessories that express taste and embody real arts.

7- Natural plants

Instead of ornamental plants in small spaces, you can take advantage of the entrance in a different way by defining a few meters in its middle to be a small garden and plant the plant in it that has a clever smell and an attractive shape that suggests welcome right in front of the door.

8- Paintings

The paintings in the entrances are considered classics of elegance, but you have to choose a really attractive painting and not any painting to occupy the place, try to choose a painting that expresses calm and welcoming, as well as has colors that go with the color of the furniture and the neighboring rooms.

9- Welcome rugs

One of the simple things that carry with it welcome and beautiful meanings by choosing a rug for wiping the feet bearing a phrase that expresses this in front of the entrance to the house, taking into account that it matches the color of the entrance and its personality.

10 – Hanging bags and coats

Right in the entrance, you can design on one of the walls a metal shelf with hooks that allow you to hang bags, coats and hats on it, and it is a very functional way, especially if you are a fan of forgetting your things before going out, as it is a good way to remember all your belongings and personal needs.

11- shelves

The idea can be more creative and not come to mind, why not make the entrance a place for storage by designing a wooden shelf next to the door in the most unused place in the house and we put storage boxes on it to store what we want to provide many other storage opportunities inside the house and rooms.

12- colors

Use colors, whether in accessories or in flowers that you use to decorate the entrance to the house, especially if those colors express joy and calm at the same time, such as orange, yellow and green.

13- desk shelves

For something that calls for a lot of contemplation, why not the entrance is the place of your hanging library, hang wooden shelves parallel to each other in the entrance to the house, and make them the same color as the walls, and then put books and frames on them in a decent and coordinated manner.

14- Floors and walls

Make the floors and walls in the entrance distinctive, especially if it is spacious and has a good area and natural separations between it and the other rooms. 

15- Hanging console

If you have a space problem, hanging the console by steel screws and the separate design of its components allows you to save space greatly, as it will not need legs or places to put the chair, only hanging cabinets and a mirror in a distinctive modern way.