What does the perfect media room look like? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi

What does the perfect media room look like? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi

For a true film lover, a media room cannot be missing in his or her home. Can’t wait for the latest movies to hit the cinema? Then think about creating a media room in your home. There are many possibilities for your own media room. Whether it is a large or small space, or a transformation of your living room or another room: you can design a media room in your own way.

Nice for a Sunday afternoon with family and friends or just cozy with your partner on a cold winter evening. What you have to think about is what kind of screen you want, what kind of furniture and especially what style you want to apply. Fortunately, you are not alone in that regard: Interior A to Z helps you on your way with everything related to your own media room!

Where can I find ideas and inspiration for a media room?

You can find lots of ideas and inspiration on the internet. You could also call in an expert and of course you can go to Interior A to Z. It is important for you that you have an idea of ​​what kind of media room you want to create and, above all, which space you choose for it. Do you want a separate room or are you planning to integrate the media room into an already furnished room?

This is where Interior A to Z comes in handy: we give you many examples of houses in which a media room has already been set up. You can be inspired by this and then develop ideas about the haws and what’s of your own media room. If you have a good idea of ​​your plans and your budget, you can immediately start making your own media room a reality.

How do I get started with my media room?

Depending on where you have your media room in mind, there are many options. Whatever the space, in most cases you will need to purchase a projector and a screen.

In addition, the room where your media room will be located should not be bothered by annoying background noises that can disturb you when you are watching a movie. It may therefore be necessary to insulate the room well in advance. Another aspect that deserves the necessary attention is the lighting in the room. When you watch a film, the lighting should be kept to a minimum, but before and after the film it is nice that you have good lighting in the room.

You can think of spots with a dimming function in the ceiling and nice lighting on the wall. The furniture is also very important: you naturally want to be able to enjoy your film comfortably. You can also think of a fridge for some drinks or even a small bar. Is the space a bit too small for a projector? Then choose a nice large flat television screen. Whether you opt for a projector or a TV: a good sound system and DVD player are of course also indispensable!

What color is best for my media room walls?

Wallpaper with all kinds of motifs is definitely not recommended for a media room. It is best to choose a dark and even color. Dark walls absorb light the best and therefore provide the least distraction when you’re watching a movie. Before you or a painter starts working with a paint roller, you should of course consider whether the wall also needs to be insulated.

Another option is to opt for an insulating covering, so that you no longer have to paint the wall. In that case, keep in mind that the acoustics in the room itself remain good! Are you unsure about the choice of color and possible insulation, especially if it concerns a large room? Find a professional via Interior A to Z who can advise and help you!

What kind of floor should I install in my media room?

The type of floor you install in your media room depends on the arrangement of your cinema furniture. If you opt for a grandstand setup, it is best to choose a fabric floor covering. If the floor remains flat, a wooden floor or laminate floor can also be applied.

For the best acoustic effect, it is recommended to lay down a fabric floor covering. You could opt for the same type of material if you are also going to upholster the walls. But of course it remains a matter of taste; you are the one who determines the final appearance of your media room!

What kind of technical equipment do I need for my media room?

A good media room is of course equipped with the most modern home cinema set. We have just given you some more tips on how to handle the equipment in space. Purchasing equipment and furniture is generally the most expensive part of setting up a media room. So make a good budget in advance so that you know exactly how much you will have to pay for the furnishing and decoration.

With your budget, also keep in mind that you are setting aside some money for the future: equipment can break down at some point and you will have to buy new ones. However, it is often the case that with some additional payment you can take out a very long warranty period. In the case of equipment for your media room, this is certainly recommended; this extra expense can come in handy at some point.

Are there any more specific tips for furnishing a media room?

The furniture is something that you obviously have to pay the necessary attention to. First, you need to know approximately how many chairs you think you will need. You can opt for real cinema seats (including the holder for your drink!), but maybe ‘normal’ comfortable seats will suffice for you too. Furthermore, as already mentioned, you have to think very carefully about the right lighting for the room.

What is also recommended is to take a remote control for dimming your lighting. It is very annoying that first the light has to be dimmed and then you have to walk to your seat in the dark… The cinema screen is the most important, but you can of course choose to brighten up the room a bit further by means of movie posters or beautiful photos that have something to do with movies or movie stars. What can also come in handy is a cabinet or shelves on which you can store all your DVDs. And don’t forget a closet or a small space where you can put the important equipment. Do not forget about good ease of use!

Finally, you can of course opt for a bar: you can then serve drinks to your family and other guests. And to top it off, of course, you have to provide the popcorn and then the movie can really start!

What styles are there when it comes to furnishing a media room?

you know that a media room can have a very elegant and chic look. ‘Real’ cinemas can therefore have a very diverse design and style, so you can of course choose the style for your media room yourself. To help you on your way, we have listed some important styles for you.

The modern media room:

A modern-style media room may be most like the movie theater as you know it. A businesslike and sleek design where the focus is really on the film itself. But that does not mean that you can of course give it your own twist. Beautiful sleek furniture and design lighting can give a very personal twist to your media room.

The industrial-style media room:

An industrial-style media room is very suitable for people who like a more rugged interior  . Opt for an appearance with brick walls, some robust lamps and nice solid chairs and it’s as if you have transformed a beautiful old factory hall into a cinema!

What does the perfect media room look like? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi


Perhaps the coziest is a country – style media room. Very suitable for a family! In smaller home theaters, this style can come in very handy. In this case, it does not hurt at all to opt for somewhat lighter upholstery on your chairs.


Need more inspiration and ideas?

You have already received a lot of information in the field of media rooms/home cinemas. However, you may still be left with pressing questions. First, take a look at the many examples of media rooms offered by Interior A to Z. Inspiration sometimes needs a push and Interior A to Z is happy to give you that push. Read this text again later. Do you have the idea that you still can’t quite figure it out? Then look for an expert who can help you. You can think of, for example, an interior architect or a designer. And for questions in the field of equipment, you can of course always look for a specialist in the field of equipment. Interior A to Z is also happy to help you in your search for these professionals!

What does the perfect media room look like?