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Interior Design ideas for Kitchen

White is neutral and versatile, able to combine well with all types of styles, interiors and furniture. But we are sure that adding color is a great decorative solution.

Today we go to the kitchen and show 6 alternatives to escape the classic white walls. In different ways, with color, you can add more personality to the kitchen and still maintain interior decoration trends.

  1. Chalkboard wall

How to add a special style to the kitchen walls? One way is to paint a wall like a slate! Although it is a small part, this type of coating will make your kitchen absolutely versatile and fun.

When you combine this painting with a single tone on the other walls, you have a beautiful setting, with a strong personality in a simple space.

  1. Strong and bright colors

The strong and bright colors are always a good alternative for classic white walls: be it the trendy tones or even the most delicate, there is nothing better to stop an up in your kitchen than the use of bright colors.

Forgoing neutral colors, especially when kitchen furniture is basic, gives your kitchen a pleasant contrast, with a focus on combinations that are always in vogue. Another element that will promote the success of the kitchen is the right and well-directed lighting.

  1. Colored tiles

Tiles decorated according to tradition or in a modern way leave the monotony of white walls in the kitchen away. With different colors, shapes, patterns and finishes on the tiles, your kitchen will be much more special.

  1. Industrial style

The industrial decoration, with a cruder finish, such as burnt cement, on the wall provides a fascinating effect on the kitchen, bringing interesting imperfections and modernity to the environments.

  1. Small tablets

Tablets in the kitchen will always be in fashion. Fans of the genre have never stopped using them, and design trends are changing, slowly rediscovering it as a glamorous and functional alternative, as it is easy to wash.

The mixture of small tiles in some areas has a great visual impact and can also bring more color to the space.

  1. Wallpaper in the kitchen?

Wallpaper in the kitchen? Of course! Choose a washable one and exercise your imagination to find your favorite that matches your kitchen decor. You can use it only to cover the wall behind the sink, or throughout the space.

This type of coating is ideal not only in neutral environments, but also in more eclectic contexts. With the wallpaper pattern in mind, you will also be able to create pleasant contrasts with the floor.


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